All-Inclusive Amsterdam Holiday In Apr 2024

Are you tired of your daily routine? Do you want to lay in the sun, explore unexplored places, read your favourite books, and cook delicious meals without keeping track of time? Well, there are many more reasons to love a holiday!

A holiday is the best time to spend time with your loved ones or yourself, immersing in new cultures, tasting delicious cuisines, and meeting new people. It helps you make new memories and relaxes the body, mind, and soul. Every once in a while, a person must take an Amsterdam city break, whether for some days, a week, or even a month, to do what they love without worrying about deadlines.

So, if you need clarification about which country to explore during the upcoming vacations, let us help you.

All Inclusive Guide To Amsterdam’s City Breaks

Out of all the places you can visit this year, the cosmopolitan city of the Netherlands is the perfect choice. Amsterdam is a famous holiday Amsterdam all inclusive destination known for its many museums, charming cafes, and antique shops. There are so many top sights to check out in this vibrant city that boasts unparalleled cultural heritage, aesthetic art, stunning historical buildings, notable museums, and an elaborate canal system.

Amsterdam is the residence of the Anne Frank House and is popular for its rich culinary scene. The city’s open-air live music culture is ideal for youngsters who want to cut from the routine and appreciate canal-side cocktails. It is perfect for couples wishing to just lay in the lush greenery during summer while listening to romantic music. The oldies can also know the city’s past while exploring its antique shops and art galleries.

If you have decided to visit this vibrant yet beautiful city during the upcoming holidays, here is an Amsterdam holiday guide for your next vacation. It will help you manage your time most efficiently while learning about Amsterdam’s elaborate civilisation and the city’s history.

Let’s Explore the Ultimate Reasons to See this Vibrant City

You have a few holiday destinations in mind, and Amsterdam is among them. But you are still deciding which one to visit for day trips. If you are also in this dilemma, here are some reasons to help make the decision easier.

A City of History and Culture

anne frank house

If you are an architecture or history lover, you will enjoy exploring this city. It is full of gorgeous hidden courtyards, historic cafes, and canals. You can learn much about the capital by staying in the city, even for only a few days.

Here are some must-visit incredible historical sites in the heart of Amsterdam to check out:

  • Anne Frank House: No vacation is complete until the explorer has visited the Anne Frank House. It is a well-known gallery narrating the history of the Jewish diarist.
  • Westerkerk: It is a Renaissance-era holy place where Rembrandt was laid down. But there’s a much better excuse to see this fantastic place. You can mount the 278-ft spire inside the church for breath-taking vistas of the entire capital.
  • Royal Palace: It was built in 1808 as a residence for the Royals. But when they left the place, it was turned into a museum and was opened for the general people.
  • Albert Cuypmarkt: It is a famous street market built in 1905. It is open for people throughout the week, except Sunday. It is the ideal spot for travellers to partake in authentic Dutch culture vultures and taste Dutch cuisines.

A Lazy Day in the Park

Vondelpark Amsterdam

Do you want to relax and lay in the park all day? If that is what you want to do this summer, visiting the Vondelpark is a must. Spread around 47 hectares of green space, it is the highlight of Amsterdam. It was built in 1865 as ‘Nieuwe Park’ but was renamed later with the addition of several gardens, ponds, playgrounds, and pathways.

If you are travelling with family, you can enjoy a range of family-friendly amenities, such as biking, skateboarding, dining, open-air theatre, and other public events here throughout the year. But during the summer months, it turns into a fairground with bouncy castles, games, and diverse food scene concession stands.

There are over 30 parks in Amsterdam besides Vondelpark. It includes Hortus Botanicus, which has a unique collection of over 4000 plant species, and Sarphatipark, which are just a short hop to the bustling yet enticing Albert Cuypmarkt. It is a tiny oasis of green, the ideal stop for a rest.

Nirvana of Museums

Van Gogh museum

Do you love learning about the past of a site? Or simply interested in its cultural, artistic, scientific, and historical artefacts?

Whatever your motivation is to see the gallery of a distinct city, it is a great spot to befriend people from different parts of the world, discover ancestors’ lives, and broaden your horizons. The exhibits of art galleries offer informative and visual explorations while teaching, inspiring, and connecting different communities.

Out of all spots in the world, Amsterdam is a museum nirvana!

And the pleasing news is the top three famous museums of the capital are located in the same District, including:

  • Rijksmuseum: It is a respectable gallery displaying the authentic artistic works of Dutch and famous works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Van Gogh. Although it was shut down long ago, it was re-opened in 2013 for tourists.
  • Stedelijk Museum: If you love modern art, this museum must top your list of must-see places. It is a stylish gallery imitating a massive bathtub.
  • Van Gogh Museum: If you also love the Dutch post-impressionist specialist, include this museum in your must-see list. As its name suggests, it displays the massive works of the painter.
  • Rembrandt House Gallery: If you wish to find out the residence of the renowned artist from 1639 to 1660, visit this museum.

Delicious Foods to Try


You can relish an unusual dining experience in the capital, as it is against foodstuffs and waste. Almost all the chefs here save leftover meals from the stores and turn them into delicious meals everyone can enjoy. Whether a local or a tourist, you will appreciate eating Dutch meals and learning how they are made.

Amsterdam also offers waterside wining and dining. It is among the many summer-time pleasures that you must not miss. You can sit on the outdoor cafe terrace or in one of the best Amsterdam’s restaurants or bars while enjoying the city’s massive floating terraces.

Here are some of the best snacks and meals to taste in Amsterdam:

  • Poffertjes: It is a squishy, small pancake to make up for the perfect after-meal snack. These tiny morsels are prepared in poffertjes utensils and consumed with sugar and butter for the ultimate taste.
  • Bitterballen: It is a famous meal served in pubs and usually with a jar of chilly beer.
  • Stamppot: One of the famous dishes made of mashed potato, carrot, and onion and served with sausage and meatballs.
  • Stroopwafel: A thin waffle dish served with caramel or chocolate syrup.
  • Ice-cold Beer: Since the Netherlands is the largest beer supplier in the world, it will satisfy you with the taste.

Explore the Cafe Culture

cafe in amsterdam

When we talk about eateries and cafes, nothing can replace the ambiance of Amsterdam city creak. But these cafes are more like pubs than coffee shops where you can enjoy live music instead of mild ones.

If you want an authentic experience of Dutch culture, go to a brown bar or cafe. It is an old Dutch eatery with stunning brown wood, gorgeous lamps, and a pleasing atmosphere. These cafes are popular destinations among locals to enjoy a delicious fresh mint tea or a pint of beer with a deep-fried snack. Dutchies of all ages come to these places to relax after a long, hectic day.

If you want to immerse in the Dutch culture vultures without rushing, visit its popular and cute cafes.

Connect with the Dutch Culture

Amsterdam Roots festival

Immerse into the Dutch culture, especially during the summer months, by being a part of the Amsterdam Roots Festival, which plays sounds worldwide. If you are a culture lover, you can enjoy opera, music, dance, and theatre during the month-long Holland Festival.

You can join the exuberant street parties that celebrate Gay Pride at the end of July. The Uitmarkt and Amsterdam light festival is another perfect time to explore the city’s historical culture in August. It marks the beginning of the Netherlands’ cultural season, with over 2,000 artists performing citywide.

Explore the Cute-as-button Canals

Amsterdam canal cruises

If you are interested in an all-inclusive holiday in Amsterdam to explore the less well-known part of the Dutch city and want a traditional tour of its waterways, buying a canal boat excursion is the most suitable option. Since Amsterdam is a lovable city connected through a grid of canals, witnessing the city from a ship is a new adventure.

It will illuminate Amsterdam’s past, thus giving you exhilarating and educational knowledge. But do not take the large canal expeditions as they will exceed your budget. 

Instead, rent a personal boat at an affordable rate. Compared to big ships, smaller ones give a more private excursion of the capital, especially if traveling for a romantic spa holiday with a spouse during weekend breaks.

How To Easily Reach?

  • By Airplane: Amsterdam is well-connected with the rest of the world. The Amsterdam Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, around 15kms far from the main city. Popular flights operating from here include Air France, British Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, and US Airways. You can go for a car hire to reach the hotels in Amsterdam.
  • By Train: The city also has a highly efficient train network linking it to neighbouring cities, such as the UK, Paris, Brussels, London, Frankfurt, and Berlin. The high-speed rail connectivity to the Dutch capital is ideal if you want to explore its scenic countryside.
  • You can take the Eurostar from London (and change to Brussels) to reach Amsterdam within 7 hours. If you have arrived in the city via aeroplane, you can board a train from Schiphol airport to Amsterdam Central Station.
  • By Car: Amsterdam is accessible via car as well if you are coming from a neighbouring city. However, it might be a long, hectic drive if you are coming from a faraway place. Although the Netherlands has a well-maintained and state-of-the-art road network, driving into the city center is not the best way because of poor parking facilities.
  • By Bus: Public transport is the most economical and convenient way to reach the city. The buses run from Amsterdam to various international cities as well. You may also take trams, ferries, and metro to get around the city.
  • Don’t forget to buy a City Card online for free travel on buses, metro, and trams at certain times. It will also give you a free tour of museum quarter such as Rembrandt and the Hermitage, and discounts on some restaurants.
  • By Cruise: Since Amsterdam is an extensive maritime port, you can take a cruise that stops at the port. It is a unique and luxurious way to reach the city center while enjoying the scenic ocean views.

Where to Shop in the City?

As a tourist, you might feel overwhelmed, wondering about the fantastic place to buy things at affordable rates in the city. Since Amsterdam has many supermarkets and cute little shops selling antiques, it can be confusing where to buy. So, if you get a kick out of browsing the shopping and floating flower market, here are the top ones you must visit.



It is the city’s largest flea market, just a short hop ferry ride away from the Amsterdam Central Station. Although you must pay a small entrance fee to enter the market, it is worth the visit, as you can find shocking bargains here among the 750 stands.

9 Streets

9 Streets Amsterdam

Out of all the shopping places in the city, this intimate shopping area known as De Negen Straatjes (The Nine Streets) takes the top spot. You can either take a taxi or ride a bicycle to the place.

However, it is best to ride a bicycle to get to the spot as the picturesque canals connecting the canals are filled with one-of-a-kind boutiques, stylish cafés, and art galleries.

Nic Nic Design

Nic Nic Design

It is a popular vintage fashion thrift store selling the most fascinating products at reasonable rates in the heart of Amsterdam. It was founded in 1993 to satisfy every collector’s craving. From stocks to antiques and accessories, ranging from lamps, glasses, and ceramics to furniture and gifts, Nic Nic has something for everyone.

While these pieces are rare, others are kitsch, beautiful, funny, or unique. Since the shop has various colourful options, you can easily find something that suits your liking.

De Hallen

De Hallen

It is a cultural city centre in a converted industrial building in Amsterdam Oud-West for fashion, art, and food lovers. If you are a cinema lover, you can experience the latest independent releases whilst soaking up Amsterdam’s heritage at Filmhallen. It is an impressive cinema complex with nine screening rooms.

De Hallen also boasts a cultural and architectural food market lined with stalls of top-notch diverse food scene, including burritos and bars from the city’s most famous kitchens. Outside these cafes, you can find various stalls selling black garlic, handmade jewellery, cutest stationery, and wall art.

Ten Katemarkt

Ten Katemarkt

It is a famous outdoor neighbourhood market selling delicious street food and nick-nacks. In this open-air market, you can eat tasty food while buying daily groceries at affordable rates. It lies next to ‘De Hallen’ and is open throughout the week, except on Sundays and public Amsterdam holidays.

Since it is the busiest shopping street in the city, you must leave early to explore it when there are fewer crowds.

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

Every season in Amsterdam has its pros and cons. So let’s explore which season is the best for you.

June to September

Awakenings festivan in Amsterdam

If you want to make the most of Amsterdam’s romantic scenery and mild weather, June to September is the best time to visit Amsterdam. During the warm weather, you can enjoy outdoor activities and open-air events, such as:

  • Performing arts extravaganza at the Holland Festival.
  • Calmer but beautiful Open Garden Days.
  • Pride Festival in early August to enjoy a party atmosphere.
  • Pop by Taste of Amsterdam to taste the best Dutch cuisine.
  • The electronic music festival, Awakenings is in late July for EDM lovers.
  • Amsterdam International Fashion Week and Jordaan district Festival in September.

October to February


If you are a budget traveller, this is the best time to visit Amsterdam as you can enjoy budget-friendly Amsterdam hotels at beautiful locations. Since October in the city is a whole cosy mood, you can enjoy the Warm, toasty colours that erupt across the parks and gardens.

  • Shorter waits for restaurant tables and emptier museums.
  • Ice-skating rinks are popular destinations in December.
  • Museum queues and downtown areas are sparse in January.
  • Tulpendag – a tulip season, displaying thousands of tulips.

March to May

King’s Day

Although these months are unreliable due to the rainy season, the views are scenic, and you can enjoy top attractions with fewer crowds.

  • DGTL – a three-day techno festival to enjoy open dance.
  • King’s Day – the biggest street party of the year in orange outfits.
  • Visit the famous Bloemenmarket to buy fresh-cut stems and kaleidoscopic petals.
  • Peek clamber around windmills and watermills during National Mill Day in May.

What Other Things To Do When In Amsterdam? 

As a tourist in Amsterdam, you can do many things here. Besides munching on delicious meals and exploring the art and culture of the city, here are a few more things to enjoy here:

Dance the Night Away

clubbing in amsterdam

If you love a lively nightlife, don’t forget to check out Leidseplein, which has the top clubbing venues in the city. Among the various options, Chicago Social Club, Sugar Factory, and Melkweg are the most popular. If you arrive here in June, you can enjoy the Awakenings event, considered the world’s best techno festival by EDM lovers.

Relax on the Urban Beaches

urban beach amsterdam

Besides lush greenery, beautiful architecture, cute cafes, and picturesque canals, Amsterdam holiday spots include urban beaches too. After a long day of exploration, if you just want to lie on the sand, watching the sun go down with a can of beer in your hand, this is where you should go! It is a fantastic place to laze on the hammocks or rejuvenate yourself with a volleyball match.

Among the top urban beaches in the city, Blijburg aan Zee on the IJburg island complex and Supperclub Oasis are the best. People from all corners of the world, whether individuals, family, or friends, come here to enjoy campfires, DJs, and live music.

Enjoy the Private Garden Views

private garden in amsterdam

Amsterdam offers Europe to tourists in its best shape. As soon as you get here, you will be welcomed by the constant ring-ring of bicycle bells, the wonderful Dutch humour, many museums, and picturesque canals. But nestled in these majestic facades and tucked in between canals are some of its finest private gardens.

These private gardens welcome the public in June during the Open Garden Days, where you can wander among Greek sculptures and ornate trellises, sit on Moroccan benches, and witness modern art in the leafy green havens.

Hop on a Two-wheeler

riding a bike in amsterdam

Counted among the top bike-friendly cities in the world, Amsterdam has a galore of bikes. Its cycle paths and bike lanes are spread over roughly 500 miles, making biking the most convenient way around the city. If you’re here for the first time, we suggest renting a bike from any rental company for a day rate. You can also sign up for a guided bicycle tour.

Explore the Hidden Courtyards

Begijnhof Amsterdam

You can find numerous historic hidden courtyards all around the city. These buildings were built by wealthy aristocrats for the poverty-stricken people. Among the most popular courtyards in the city, The Begijnhof is the largest and most famous one.

You can locate this courtyard even if you have been to Amsterdam only once. It is a beautiful place that provides a respite to the tourists from the crowd.

Wrapping Up

It might seem futile to some people to spend money on travelling, but it is the best way to feel alive and appreciate life. So, take weekend breaks and try the Amsterdam holiday this season. Book the tickets, pack your bags, and note things to do before you go. Don’t think so much, as it will lead to analysis paralysis.

Once you’re done with the arrangements, you will feel good.
Travelling is the perfect way to improve your mental health as it calms down your negative thoughts and reduces stress. If you have any Amsterdam questions, do let us know.