Best Cheap Caravan Weekend Breaks In UK Under £100

Finding cheap last-minute caravan holidays in the UK is easier than you might think, especially if you know where to look. This article will discuss some of the best places to search for new cheap deals on caravan holidays in 2024.

While some low-cost RV parks offer minimal amenities, others feature family-friendly activities and indoor pools. We examine other times of the year, such as summer, when a family of four may stay between £500 and £900 for a week.

So whether you are looking for a last-minute break or just want a cheap deal, set a date and read on for some great tips!

Top Cheap Caravan Holiday In UK 2024

  1. Essex – Uncover the Rich Heritage on Your Caravan Adventure
  2. Hampshire – Explore the Beauty of England’s Stunning South Coast
  3. Devon – Caravan Getaways with Coastal Charm and Countryside Delights
  4. Wales – Unforgettable Caravan Holidays in the Land of Legends
  5. Cornwall – Experience the Magic of England’s Riviera
  6. Dorset – Coastal Delights and Countryside Charms
  7. Somerset – History, Nature, and More
  8. Lincolnshire – Exploring the Charms of the UK’s Hidden Gem
  9. Yorkshire – Best of Both Worlds: Coastal and Countryside
  10. Kent – Rich Culture and Heritage
  11. Lancashire – Family-Friendly Outdoor Adventures

What Are Cheap Caravan Holidays?

Amazing Cheap Caravan View

Cheap caravan holidays can be a great new way to save money while still having a great holiday. There are many different ways to find new cheap offers on caravan holidays, so it is essential to know where to look.

The leading operator of caravan holiday parks in the South of England, Park Holidays, offers these fantastic family vacation deals.

The southern UK coastline is home to over 40 vacation parks, including those in Devon, Dorset, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Suffolk, and Sussex. Another six are found in Derbyshire, Scotland, and Yorkshire.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best places for cheap caravan holidays in the UK. In a nutshell, they are affordable holidays without sacrificing quality or fun.

Often, cheap caravan offers can be found at the last minute, and there are usually many different new special offers and discounts.

Where To Find Cheap Caravan Holidays In The UK

There are many places to search and find new cheap caravan holidays in the UK. One of the ideal ways to save money is to look online, as there are often many different great offers and discounts. You can also save money by booking early.

Another great place to search and find cheap caravans is the caravan holiday park itself.

Caravan holiday parks often offer last-minute discounts, so it is worth checking out their websites or calling them directly.

Additionally, many caravan holiday park destinations have partnerships with local businesses, which means you can often grab up-to-date discounts on things like food and drinks.

Holiday Parks In Essex

If you’re looking for caravans in Essex, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There are plenty of friendly sites to choose from, all of which offer something different.

With 350 miles of coastline and the affectionate nickname “Sunshine Coast,” a stay in one of our Essex caravan parks is a certain recipe for a memorable beach vacation.

While on vacation in Essex, you may select from five great parks and easily reach popular coastal destinations like Clacton-on-Sea, Walton-on-the-Naze, and Mersea Island. There are quaint seaside communities, natural areas, and historic sites to visit if you’re seeking for a quiet vacation.

No matter which park you visit, you will find a wide variety of lodging options, in addition to first-rate services and exciting activities for the whole family. Everything from exciting nightly concerts to kid-friendly eateries.

A trip to Essex with Parkdean Resorts will give you access to all of these and more. Naze Marine is undergoing a major renovation that will result in the addition of several cutting-edge amenities and experiences.

Another beautiful site in Essex is the Beachcomber Holiday Park. It’s right on the beach, so you can enjoy stunning views of the ocean. Essex is also close to all the amenities, so you won’t have to go far for anything.

Caravan Holidays in Essex

Have a look at the many static caravans we have available at each of our sites and find out more about caravan vacations in Essex.

Your choice of outstanding value models, extra-wide, and brand-new caravans will put you conveniently close to the beach and the sun. In some Essex parks, visitors can find brand-new caravans and chalets.

Whatever your needs, there’s sure to be a beautiful site in Essex that’s perfect for you.

Cheap Caravan Holidays In Hampshire

Hampshire’s charm stems from the numerous striking contrasts it offers, both along its coast and in its rural interior. The nautical history of bustling Portsmouth and Southampton, both located in the county’s south, make for an interesting day trip, as do Winchester and its magnificent cathedral, located in the county’s north.

If you go inland, you’ll find vast stretches of peaceful countryside and charming little towns, and no trip to Hampshire is complete without seeing the New Forest.

It’s easy to go away for the weekend to one of Hampshire’s many campgrounds or caravan sites. You may camp out in your own trailer at one of Hampshire’s campgrounds, or you can rent a static caravan at one of the county’s best resorts. You have a wide variety of options for caravan and vacation sites spread out around the county.

Hampshire Caravan Rentals for Private Use

Most of Hampshire can be reached within two to three hours of London by car or rail, making it an ideal vacation spot for those who seek easy access to a wide variety of attractions and activities during their time off.

A caravan trip in Hampshire, home to the New Forest and South Downs, is a wonderful choice. If you’re having trouble finding the right caravan park, you may consult our map of Hampshire, which has markers for all of the campgrounds we’ve featured.

Cheap Caravan Holidays In Devon

uk devon

Some of the best caravan lodges can be found in Devon. The Quay Caravan Park is a great example, with its stunning location right on the waterfront.

The Jurassic Coast is the first natural World Heritage Site in Devon and is distinguished by its stark cliffs, surf-washed dunes, white pebble beaches, stretches of golden sands, gorgeous resorts, secret woodland estuaries, and singularity.

The picturesque landscape has lush green hills, colourful patchwork fields, winding roads, thriving market towns and villages, whitewashed cottages, and mediaeval longhouses typical of Devon.

Dartmoor in the south is home to beautiful untamed landscapes and quaint little towns that seem like they were plucked straight out of a storybook. Exmoor is a northern region known for its magnificent cliffs and untamed heather moorland.

Historic and culturally significant, including sites, stories, and personalities from the likes of Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh through the works of Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Cheap Caravan Holidays In Wales

wales holiday uk

Wales is a location spoilt for choice when it comes to caravan holidays. There are plenty of caravan sites to choose from, all of which offer something different.

Another caravan site in Wales is the Beachcomber Holiday Park. It’s right on the beach, so you can enjoy stunning views of the ocean. It’s also close to all the amenities, so you won’t have to go far for anything.

Whatever your needs, a friendly caravan site in Wales is sure to be perfect for you.

What Do Cheap Caravan Holidays Involve?

When making a direct reservation with Park Holidays UK, your entertainment passes, which give you access to all of the on-site amenities, and the Service Charge (Gas, Electric, and Water) are both included.

Live Performances

Attend a live performance, participate in games, disco, karaoke, or try your luck at cash bingo or the Game Zone. Everyone may find something to like, and even better, everything is included in the price.

Junior Club

The Loopy Club Team is on hand to organize fun and activities in a kid-safe atmosphere exclusively for kids aged 5 to 14.

So whether you are looking for a last-minute break or just want to search for a cheap deal, we offer up-to-date affordable prices.

Accommodations Options

🥉 Bronze Accommodation

Caravans that are spotless and comfy and provide the greatest value for the money. The kitchen is equipped with everything you’ll need for your stay, and there is a TV in the living room.

🥈 Silver Accommodation

If you choose Silver grade, you’ll receive a few more home comforts for not much more. The Silver grade caravans are more recent than the Bronze ones and may have superior specifications depending on the type. You’ll like the minor modifications and the updated furnishings, fixtures, and décor.

🥇 Gold Accommodations

The newest and finest caravans in the parks are gold ones. They provide better comfort, more room, and often higher-quality furniture. They allow check-in as early as 2 pm, provide supplementary heating in the bedrooms, and have a DVD player in the living area. All Gold Plus models are extra wide, and a bed-making service is included in the cost of your vacation.

🏆 Platinum Accommodations

Why not choose something opulent from the Platinum range? The Platinum collection provides all the conveniences of home and more in its lodges, flats, and trailers. They might have luxurious furniture, double glazing, central heating, en-suite bathrooms, and some even have a private sun terrace. They are finished to exceedingly high standards. At most parks, platinum accommodations are now accessible.

Caravan Lodges vs Holiday Lodges

This summer, many people in the United Kingdom are considering staying at home rather than flying to their desired vacation destinations. You can get plenty of information about camping accommodations including touring caravans, static caravans, and vacation lodges with just a few keystrokes.

There are some shared features among them, but there are also significant distinctions.

Defining a Touring Caravan

Travel trailers, or “touring caravans,” are meant to be transported from place to place. The caravan’s aluminum outside shell is typically lightweight and long-lasting.

Traveling caravans are often smaller than stationary ones, but have the advantage of portability.

What is a Static Caravan?

A static caravan is one that stays in one place, usually a campground, for an extended period of time. Statics are intended for permanent placement in a single location, such as a campground or caravan park, and to be moved there just once.

The majority of modern static caravans include central heating, double glazing, and complete kitchens and toilets. Touring caravans need to have their interiors repaired so that they don’t break down on the road, but permanent static caravans don’t move, so they have access to more amenities and creature comforts.

Many caravan lodge facilities come with all the amenities you need, including bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. A lodge is a perfect option for a bit of luxury.

What is a Holiday Lodge?

The similarities between holiday lodges and static caravans are obvious: both are carried to a park and set up there, and both provide more amenities than a moving trailer would.

The primary difference between a vacation lodge and a caravan is that the former often provides a more comfortable and opulent interior that is quite comparable to a real brick-and-mortar house, while the latter tends to be somewhat smaller and more compact. Furniture and fittings in touring and static caravans are often scaled down in size to allow for more people to sleep in each unit.

In contrast, lodges provide the comforts of home with standard-sized beds, baths, fixtures, and furnishings much like any other brick and mortar dwelling.

Unlike a caravan, a vacation lodge may be outfitted with a loft, providing additional room for sleeping and storage. Our vacation lodges are constructed to BS 3632 standards, which is a major differentiator from caravans.

Given that BS 3632 is a residential standard, it denotes that the mobile home is intended for year-round residential usage, much like a traditional house. This ensures that you may enjoy your vacation at the lodge as much as you would in your own brick and mortar house, regardless of the season.
Even though tourist lodges are built to the same standards as park residences, permanent residency is not permitted under holiday park licensing.

To do this, you should look into a residential park that provides its residents with the same freedoms and luxuries that those who own a traditional house enjoy.

Cheap Caravan Holidays Travel Agents

Travel agents often have great packages on new cheap caravan holidays, so it is worth checking with them to see what they have available. Often, they will have discounts on packages which include flights and accommodation.

This can be a great way to save money, especially if you are looking for last-minute caravan breaks.

How To Save Money With Cheap Caravan Holidays UK

There are many different ways to save money on cheap caravan holidays. One of the recommended ways to save money is to look online, as there are often many different discounts.

Save Money With Package Deals

Often, travel agents will have new special deals on cheap caravan holidays, so it is worth checking with them to see availability.

Save Money With Tight Budget

It is important to be realistic about how much you can afford to spend on a holiday. This will help you search for discounts. Remember, cheap caravan holidays don’t have to mean sacrificing quality or fun – there are many different affordable holidays.

Set a date and start planning your next break today and enjoy a great holiday without breaking the bank!

Benefits Of Cheap Caravan Holidays In UK

There are many benefits to taking cheap caravan holidays. Some of the best reasons to choose cheap holidays UK as a destination are that you can save money.

Saving money when choosing a cheap caravan

Saving money is the main benefit of choosing a cheap caravan holiday. Often, you can search for great discounts online, so it is worth checking around before you book.

Additionally, local businesses offer different ways to save money while on holiday.

Saving time when choosing cheap caravans

Saving time is another great benefit of choosing cheap caravan holidays. Often, last-minute holiday deals mean you don’t have to plan your holiday too far in advance.

Additionally, traveling to a caravan holiday park destination is often much easier than traveling to a foreign country, so you can save on traveling distance as well.

Finding Cheap Caravan Holidays Adventure Parks

When it comes to finding a caravan park for your next holiday, there are many different things to consider. One of the most important factors is finding a location that is convenient and accessible.

Another important factor in booking a caravan park that provides a wide range of activities and amenities. This will ensure that you have a fun-filled holiday with friends or family without having to leave the park.

Some of the things you may want to consider for a caravan park include:

  • The location of the park – Is it close to attractions and activities?
  • The size of the park – Does it have enough space for your caravan?
  • The type of accommodation on offer – Does the park have cabins, tents or other premises.
  • Ease of site access availability

Why Choose Cheap Last-Minute Caravan Holidays

When it comes to caravan holidays, there are a few things to take into account.

The first, and most important, is to check the cost. Caravan holidays can be expensive if you don’t do your research, but they don’t have to be. In fact, by opting for a cheap last-minute caravan instead of an expensive one, you can save yourself a lot of money.

There are a few reasons why a last-minute caravan is cheaper than their more expensive counterparts.

Firstly, they are often older and have seen better days. This might not sound like a good thing, but it means that caravans are much more affordable.

Additionally, because they are last-minute holiday deals, the suppliers are often trying to get rid of them as quickly as possible, which means that you can often grab a new deal on a cheap caravan holiday.

So, if you’re want to break away from reality for a fun, affordable holiday this year, consider opting for a cheap last-minute caravan.

Tips For Cheap Family Holidays

When it comes to cheap last-minute caravan holidays with family, there are a few things you can do to ensure the best deal possible.

There are many new different types of cheap family caravan holidays, so you are sure to make a decision that suits your needs.

Another way to save money is to look for cheap all inclusive holidays package deals.

Ultimate tips list to planning your caravan holiday

  1. Plan ahead – if you know when you want to go away, set a date and start planning and booking early. Sometimes the best deal is released late closer to the departure date, but they tend to sell out fast!
  2. Check out a range of different websites – there are plenty of holidays for caravans enthusiasts, so start by checking for late deals.
  3. Compare prices – it’s important to compare prices between different sites, as they can vary significantly.
  4. Be flexible with your dates and destinations – sometimes it’s worth considering a different location or traveling at a different season of the year to get a better deal.
  5. Think outside the box – don’t just go for the obvious destinations, there are plenty of great places to explore in the UK.
  6. Book early, don’t be late – one of the best ways to ensure you get a cheap caravans holiday is to book early. This way you can be sure to set the date and destination from the start.

Dog & Pet Friendly Caravan Holidays

If you’re looking for cheap caravan holidays UK last minute that’s also dog-friendly, you’re in luck.

Many park and site destinations across the UK allow dogs on-site, so you can take your furry friend with you on holiday.

There are a few things to keep in mind with the dog-friendly park. First, make sure to check the park’s policies on pets before booking. Plus, some holiday parks may have size or breed restrictions, or may only allow dogs on certain parts of the park.

Using Caravan As Holiday Homes

Caravan holiday homes can be a great start to enjoying a cheap weekend break, as they often come with some great discounts. Plus, you can enjoy all the benefits of camping in a beautiful environment while still having a roof over your head!

When choosing a caravan holiday home, it’s important to consider your needs and budget. There is a range of different options, from basic campsites with just a few facilities to more luxurious resorts with all the amenities.

Family park facilities

Once you’ve chosen a park location, be sure to check out the facilities on offer.

Most parks have swimming pools, playgrounds, and other amenities for kids and adults alike. And don’t forget to bring along your furry friend – many parks also allow dogs on-site!

Best Self-Catering Caravan Holiday Parks

Several great caravans and park areas in the UK are perfect for a self-catering holiday. Each park normally provides swimming pools, playgrounds, and barbecues, so you can enjoy a cheap break with all the amenities you need.


Planning for such holidays can be great fun but what makes them even better is finding a cheap deal that makes them super affordable!

If you are taking a cheap break then this is the place to come. We list all of the late deals with date availability on cheap caravans holidays.

Important to do your research or not book late. However, by opting for a cheap last-minute caravan instead of an expensive one, you can save yourself money and still have plenty left over for other things like souvenirs!

There are many reasons why hiring a last-minute caravan cost less than their more expensive counterparts: they’re usually older and seen better days; because it’s a late order, the suppliers are often trying to get rid of them as quickly as possible; and finally, they’re much more affordable.

Discover a cheap and cheerful holiday this year, consider opting for a last-minute caravan.