Best Hostels In Prague 2024: Cheap Prague Hostels

Planning your next trip to the charming city of Prague? Your lodging will play a significant role in creating the perfect travel experience. This informative guide details a variety of renowned hostels that offer tremendous value for your money.

From the luxury of Sophie’s Hostel to the homely vibe of the family-run Travel & Joy Backpackers, the social hub that is Downtown Hostel, to the tranquil setting of Little Quarter Hostel – there’s something to cater to every travel style and budget. Also, we touch upon some other worthy mentions like Hostel One, The MadHouse Prague, Old Prague House, The RoadHouse Prague, Sir Toby’s Hostel, and PLUS Prague.

Each is unique in its own way, some tucked within the vibrant city centre, others boasting unique perks like swimming pools or daily events. You’ll also find a breakdown of prices into three ranges for easy comparison. Your dream stay in Prague awaits!

1. Sophie’s Hostel

Sophies Hostel prague hostel

Sophie’s Hostel is an excellent pick if you’re seeking a sophisticated and contemporary vibe.

Location of Sophie’s Hostel

Conveniently located in the lively heart of Prague, Sophie’s Hostel offers quick and easy access to many of the city’s main attractions.

Amenities at Sophie’s Hostel

Upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted by helpful and welcoming staff ready to assist you. The hostel’s modern and aesthetically pleasing furnishings add to its upscale ambience.

Pricing and value for money at Sophie’s Hostel

Sophie’s Hostel might be priced slightly higher than other options, but the additional cost is returned in high-end quality and amenities. The value for money is commendable, considering its locality, facilities, and services.

The atmosphere and events at Sophie’s Hostel

The atmosphere at Sophie’s is warm, friendly, and somewhat upscale, with various events scheduled regularly. These enjoyable happenings contribute in making your stay exciting and memorable.

2. Little Quarter Hostel

Little Quarter Hostel prague

Looking for a serene atmosphere and spacious environment? Little Quarter Hostel could be the place for you.

Location of Little Quarter Hostel

Little Quarter Hostel can be found nestled in a quiet part of town, giving you the space to relax and unwind away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Amenities offered at Little Quarter Hostel

In addition to spacious lockers to safely stow your travel gear, the hostel boasts a gorgeous roof patio with breathtaking views.

Pricing and value for money at Little Quarter Hostel

Offering a calm, quiet atmosphere and a range of amenities, the Little Quarter Hostel provides exceptional value for money.

The atmosphere at Little Quarter Hostel

For those who appreciate a tranquil setting and an unhurried pace of life, the peaceful atmosphere at Little Quarter Hostel will be a fitting choice.

3. Travel & Joy Backpackers

Travel & Joy Backpackers Hostel prague

If you’re yearning for a taste of authentic Czech culture, consider staying at Travel & Joy Backpackers.

Location and unique features of Travel & Joy Backpackers

Centrally located, Travel & Joy Backpackers is a passionate, family-owned hostel that prides itself on delivering an authentic local experience. One of their key attractions is the on-site Czech restaurant.

Amenities at Travel & Joy Backpackers

Apart from the customary amenities, you enjoy an on-site Czech restaurant serving delectable local food you shouldn’t miss.

Pricing and value for money at Travel & Joy Backpackers

While the price range falls at par with many other hostels, the unique cultural experience it offers makes it great value for money.

Type of travellers ideal for Travel & Joy Backpackers

Travel & Joy Backpackers suits those looking for a cultural immersion and authentic Czech cuisine within their accommodation’s premises.

4. Hostel DownTown

Hostel DownTown prague

If meeting fellow travellers is a priority, you’ll love Hostel DownTown’s friendly environment.

Location and vibe of Hostel DownTown

Hostel DownTown sits in an accessible part of Prague, near the city’s most famous landmarks. Its bustling location mirrors the vibrant atmosphere within.

Amenities at Hostel DownTown

Offering a variety of amenities, this hostel adds something extra with free city & castle tours, pub crawls, and cooking classes.

Pricing and value for money at Hostel DownTown

From 250 to 450 CZK per night, Hostel DownTown offers a blend of social engagement and city exploration, making it an enticing option for adventurous guests.

Social activities at Hostel DownTown

The hostel is well recognised for organising many social activities that serve as perfect icebreakers among its guests. From city tours to cooking classes, there’s always something stirring at Hostel DownTown.

5. Hostel One

Hostel One prague

Location of Hostel One

Conveniently located, Hostel One is a stone’s throw away from numerous attractions and amenities that make your exploration of Prague easier and more enjoyable.

Amenities at Hostel One

Hostel One boasts a variety of amenities that make your stay comfortable and convenient.

Pricing and value for money at Hostel One

Prices at Hostel One fall into the mid-range category, but the convenience of its location and the range of amenities offered makes it an excellent value for money option.

Social activities and vibe at Hostel One

The hostel often organises social activities, creating an inviting and vibrant atmosphere for guests who enjoy being part of a community.

6. The MadHouse Prague

Hostel MadHouse Prague

The MadHouse Prague offers a different take on the hostel experience, making it a unique pick among the various options.

Location and unique features of The MadHouse Prague

The MadHouse Prague can be found embedded within the city’s core, promoting exploration and discovery. Its unique and somewhat eccentric design sets it apart from other hostels.

Amenities at The MadHouse Prague

The MadHouse offers all the standard amenities with an added fun, funky twist in their implementation.

Pricing and value for money at The MadHouse Prague

Prices at The MadHouse fall into the higher end of the scale, but its unique experience adds value that can’t be quantified.

Type of travellers ideal for The MadHouse Prague

The MadHouse is ideal for travellers who enjoy unusual experiences and walk the road less travelled.

7. Old Prague House

Hostel Old Prague House

For those seeking traditional charm and historical vibes, step into Old Prague House.

Location of Old Prague House

Old Prague House is strategically located in the city’s historic centre, immersing you in an area enriched with Prague’s rich heritage.

Amenities at Old Prague House

In addition to standard amenities, Old Prague House offers a welcoming and authentic experience of Prague city life.

Pricing and value for money at Old Prague House

Reasonable pricing and a dose of historical charm make Old Prague House an excellent value-for-money choice.

Atmosphere at Old Prague House

The atmosphere at Old Prague House is relaxed, friendly, and charmingly historical, offering a delightful experience for those who appreciat old-world charm.

Bonus Prague Hostels To Consider 

Additional hostels are The RoadHouse Prague, Sir Toby’s Hostel, and PLUS Prague. These hostels range from the high-end luxury to family-friendly or budget-oriented. Each offers varying levels of social activities, making your stay in Prague more enjoyable and exciting.