Cheap Holidays In August: Best Time To Visit The Lavender Fields In Provence


The charming region of Provence in the south of France is well known for its breathtaking lavender fields, which cover the surrounding countryside in vivid shades of purple and blue. Provence is amongst the best destinations to take a trip with the whole family.

This summer, head on to Provence to have fun. Provence is one of the best destinations for your family getaway. It will make the best August holiday.  Tourists worldwide have been lured to these lavender fields by their alluring beauty and delicious aroma, making it an ideal location for nature enthusiasts and photographers. 

However, scheduling the vacation is essential to getting the best August holiday deals for these family holidays. If you are looking for a getaway during the school holidays in August, this is the right place to enjoy the full grandeur of Provence’s lavender fields. Getting hands-on ideal holiday deals is even more essential.

This post will discuss the excellent times to visit the lavender fields in Provence to experience nature’s magnificent work of art at its very best.

Best Time To Visit The Lavender Fields In Provence

august, best time to visit lavender fields

Provence doesn’t have a year-round lavender season; it has the best August holiday deals to grab. The latter week of June to the beginning of August is when one may view the plants in bloom at their best. It would be the best summer holiday for your family. 

Peak bloom usually occurs in mid-July; however, depending on the amount of rainfall, this can change from year to year. Make it to your bucket list for the August holidays to get the best lavender viewing. Several variables determine the ideal time to have fun in the Province’s Lavender Fields this holiday season.

Blooming Season: Holiday Deals


Late June To August is the blooming season. Flowering can start as early as May in regions with moderate summers and winters. A second flush of flowers follows in June, and a third one of color follows in the late summer or fall.

The ideal time to see lavender blooms in August. If you are heading for a summer holiday late in June, the lavender fields of Provence reach their peak of colour, and they maintain this spellbinding show through August. The view is spectacular in this destination. The areas turn into a stunning sea of purple throughout these months, highlighting the peak season.

Sunshine Deals

lavender fields

It’s the perfect time for nature lovers and photographers to capture picture-perfect pictures in the sunshine. In this sunshine, the lavender’s vivid hues make an enticing contrast with the lush vegetation. They offer the best backdrop for a loving photo with your family. The precise blooming time might change slightly based on weather conditions, so paying attention to forecasts and local updates for the most up-to-date information is better.

Lavender Festival In Sault: August Holidays

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Visit the beautiful hamlet of Sault, which is one of the popular destinations in Provence. Viewing them in the middle of August for a genuinely immersive lavender experience. It is one of the best attractions to discover and have a great time.

A yearly Lavender Festival honours the full-swing lavender crop in this charming village during August on a hill. It appears best under sunshine and is the best part of your trip. The kids will enjoy the most being in this town, and hence is a popular choice for a trip with families.

The festival offers the chance to create lavender flowers while enjoying exciting music, parades, and local crafts. It is perfect for August holidays. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet people, learn about lavender production, and eat delicious foods infused with lavender, such as honey and ice cream.

Beating The Crowds: Summer Holidays

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While the peak season from early June or late August presents an alluring image, it also draws many people, making specific lavender fields in full swing congested. Get attractive August holiday deals to get the best cost on hotels and to indulge in activities at this time. 

Visit at the beginning of June or late August when one wants a more relaxing time among the aromatic blooms. It is perfect for summer holidays. The lavender fields are still lovely in these off-season months, and one may have a quieter, more personal experience with nature.

Weather Considerations

A Mediterranean climate prevails throughout Provence. The weather is marked by warm summers and moderate winters. Temperatures can climb during the hottest part of the day in  August, making it rather desirable.

Plan the late afternoon or early morning visits to prevent the heat. Remember, in summer, drink plenty of water and use sunscreen and a hat to shield yourself from the sun. 

Based On The Point Of Visit Of Provence-August Holiday Deals

lavender field

There are several optimum times to visit the city based on what one wishes to see. Provence is a fantastic place to travel to at any time of the year. To ensure one can experience the lavender fields, experts advise travelling between mid-June and mid-August when one wants to see them. 

Mid-June is the best time to visit to escape the crowds for families. Mid-August is the busiest month for family holidays because the French flock to Provence for their yearly vacation.

For travelling during the tourist season, experts advise visiting the city between April and September, with June, May, and September being the ideal times to go. Because there are fewer travellers, the weather is pleasant, and one may explore Provence!

When one is keen on visiting this area outside of the peak travel season, it is best to do so from mid-October through early November. This is because it can be somewhat rainy and with families and kids it might not be the best time to do it. The weather can be a little chilly in the city for the remainder of the year, but it’s still perfect for people who like cooler days for greater walking comfort.

Where Is The Best Place To See Lavender In Provence?

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Even though the area has lavender fields, several locations are ideal for viewing the sight at its peak season. The Drôme, Haute-Alpes, Alpes-Maritimes, Vaucluse and Alpes de Haute-Provence are the central growing regions for lavender.

One has a choice of over 1,000 kilometres along a Lavender Route that passes through the developing regions in these departments. There are distilleries, farms, and shops to explore along the road.

Depending on the climate and elevation, different types of lavender bloom at various times. Get budget-friendly August holiday deals for the whole family these holidays. Call tourist information centres to learn where to travel on a specific day.

Below are some of Provence city’s best-kept secrets and the most picturesque destinations to see the lavender in all its splendour.

The Valensole Plateau- The Lavender Paradise 

Valensole Plateau

One of the most popular destinations and a gorgeous city to visit lavender in Provence is, without a doubt, the Valensole Plateau. This large area of lavender fields in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department is one of the other destinations that reaches as far as the eye can see, producing an incredible purple landscape. The peak flowering period lasts from late June to early July, the ideal time to explore the Valensole Plateau. 

By using good holiday deals, one will get a fantastic sight and a price too. The view will always remind visitors of the sight of lavender fields merging peacefully with golden wheat fields and olive orchards.

Sénanque Abbey – A Serene Lavender Sanctuary

Sénanque Abbey

The Sénanque Abbey is amongst the destinations that is tucked away in a remote valley close to the village of Gordes that provides an enchanting backdrop for admiring lavender in a serene atmosphere. The Cistercian monks built the abbey, which is noted for its spectacular architecture and lavish landscaping.

The abbey was built in the 12th century. The abbey can be seen in a picture-perfect setting amongst the lavender blooms in July when the lavender in this area usually blooms to its fullest. To understand more about the intriguing history of the monastery and its lavender growing methods, visitors can also take guided tours.

Luberon Regional Nature Park – Lavender Amidst Natural Beauty

Luberon Regional Nature Park

In the city of Provence, the Luberon Regional Environment Park is amongst the destinations that is a haven for environment enthusiasts and an alluring place to see lavender fields these holidays. In addition to gorgeous lavender fields, the park is filled with lovely hilltop villages and historic ruin sites. Remember it can be hot in certain parts of the city, which is best to find beforehand to avoid any hassles.

Gordes and Roussillon are particularly well-known for their picturesque lavender scenery. During the blooming season, plan a leisurely bike ride or drive through the park to get treated to a visual feast of purple and scenic vistas highlighting the area’s natural beauty.

Plateau De Claparèdes – Off The Beaten Path

Plateau De Claparèdes

The Plateau de Claparèdes is a hidden gem for tourists looking for a quieter and not as crowded lavender experience. A lesser-known site provides magnificent lavender fields in a tranquil environment close to the village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Traditional stone cabins and old oak trees dot the terrain here, adding to the place’s rustic allure. It is advised to go in late June or early July to get the best lavender views and enjoy the peace of this pristine location.

Bargain Holiday For Each Month Of The Year


Travelling to see the Provence lavender fields these August holidays can become an extraordinary experience that will engulf one in the area’s unmistakable beauty and timeless allure. Always try to get the best hotels and avoid hot parts of the city to make your trip pleasant. 

Each minute spent among the fragrant lavender fields is going to leave an imprint on one’s heart, whether you head during the peak flowering season, which runs from late June to late August, go to the Sault Lavender Festival, or choose to go on a peaceful getaway in early June or late August. Choose the best time to cut down on costs and get good deals on hotels. Capture the spirit of Provence and allow the calming scent of lavender to fill the soul with peace and joy.