Cheap Holidays To Morocco 2023/2024

Situated in North Africa, Morocco is one of the best holiday destinations in the world and is a paradise for travellers who love deserts, camel trekking amidst sand dunes, snake charmers, fantastic beaches, bustling souks, and tasty treats. It can also be considered an ideal romantic holiday destination. 

There are numerous reasons to visit Morocco, but the most significant one is its mesmerising heritage sites like Mellahs and Synagogues that are steeped in rich Jewish history and are considered popular destinations across the globe. These popular sites are visited by thousands of tourists yearly, for Morocco also has travel-friendly weather all year long with moderate summers and mild winters. 


A Jewish Heritage Guide To Mellahs And Synagogues

Planning cheap holidays in Morocco

Chefchaouen Morocco

Planning cheap holidays in Morocco is a fantastic way of spending fun time with friends or loved ones. Morocco is a perfect desert, mountain, and beach holiday destination simultaneously; it has cheap flights from all parts of the world, is excellent for travelling any time of the year, and is home to some of the top-notch hotels and restaurants.

Follow up to know what makes Morocco so popular and what are the best all-inclusive holiday plans and destinations you must include in your Morocco holidays bucket list.

Geography Of ‘The Land Of Tolerance’

Map of Morocco

Recognised as one of the most tolerant and diverse Arab nations, Morocco has a unique, blended culture, numerous vibrant streets, and architecture that are incredibly photogenic, mesmerising views of the high Atlas mountains, the great Sahara desert, and equally enticing beaches.

Morocco is situated on the coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It shares a beautiful coastline in the North and the West, while it has desert areas in the East and the South.

The uniqueness of Morocco lies in its diverse geographical conditions. It is, therefore, also recognised as a ‘cold country with a hot sun’. If you cannot decide whether to plan a trip to the beach to go surfing, take camel rides in the desert, or admire the views of the mountains, Morocco has all of them. It boasts a diverse scenic beauty that is bound to leave you spellbound. 

What Makes Morocco So Popular Among Tourists Worldwide?


Morocco is one of those cheap holiday destinations praised for its vibrant architecture and heritage sites, the warm hospitality of the people, the diverse geographical locations and religion, the beautifully planned cities, the bustling crowds in the souks, and fantastic weather all year round. Morocco has a special place in the heart of Jewish travellers for its rich history and magnificent synagogues that are indeed architectural masterpieces. 

Morocco Movie Destination Attractions

The movie ‘Casablanca’ and the song by Nash and Stills, ‘Marrakech Express’, also greatly influence the country’s fame. Tourists worldwide come to Morocco to try its authentic Mediterranean cuisines, such as meat stews known as ‘Tajines’, exotic vegetables, fruits, spices, the special Moroccan mint tea, and much more. 

Tourists also praise Morocco for its carpets, lanterns, and the remarkable variety of cats with an aura of royalty that you would love to pet. Also, the most exciting part, many destinations in this country, like the city of Essaouira, Atlas Studio in Ouarzazate, and Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah also served as the shooting spot for the popular series ‘Game Of Thrones’. 

Planning Morocco Holidays: Popular Heritage Sites You Must Visit (Synagogues And Mellahs)

Morocco is a Jewish paradise with numerous synagogues, mellahs, and cemeteries. The towns of Marrakech, Fez, Casablanca, and Agadir have the best Jewish architecture and the most Jewish population. A great way to have a glimpse of Jewish history and lifestyle is to explore these popular sites. 

Temple Beth-El in Casablanca

Temple Beth-El in Casablanca

One of the best synagogues of Casablanca, the Temple Beth-El is the most treasured historic site of the city. Most Jewish people live in Casablanca, and there are about 30 synagogues, but the Temple Beth-El has the most special place in people’s hearts. The synagogue’s impressive glass windows deserve a special mention. 

The Lazama Synagogue in Marrakech

The Lazama Synagogue in Marrakech

Marrakech is another vital city to witness synagogues, mellahs, and cemeteries. The Lazama Synagogue is among the most renowned sites in Marrakech and is situated in the historic Mellah quarter located in the city centre. This synagogue boasts the largest cemetery in Morocco and is loved by tourists for its tranquillity. 

Jemaa el Fnaa in Marrakech 

Jemaa el Fnaa in Marrakech 
Jamaa el Fna market square, Marrakesh, Morocco, north Africa. Jemaa el-Fnaa, Djema el-Fna or Djemaa el-Fnaa is a famous square and market place in Marrakesh’s medina quarter.

Situated in the Medina quarter, the Jemaa el Fna square is a place of great historical importance. This is the main square of Marrakech and is always lively and vibrant. This square also offers mesmerising views of the Atlas Mountains and serves as the main market square. 

Chaim Pinto Synagogue Essaouira

Chaim Pinto Synagogue Essaouira

One of the two surviving treasures of the Jewish community in Essaouira, the Chaim Pinto Synagogue, was built in the 18th century and depicts the names of the famous Rabbis of the city. When visiting Essaouira and exploring its diverse culture, visiting this synagogue is a must. 

Ibn Danan Synagogue in Fez

Ibn Danan Synagogue in Fez

Dating back to the 17th century, the Ibn Danan is one of the most preserved synagogues in Fez, situated in the Mellah district. This synagogue boasts arched doorways, spectacular tiles, and impressive Islamic designs. Surprisingly, Ibn Danan is one of the oldest synagogues to exist in North Africa. 

Jewish Mellah in Marrakech 

Jewish Mellah in Marrakech 

Said to be the second oldest Jewish quarter in the country, the Jewish Mellah or also the Hay Essalam (former name), is the best Jewish neighbourhood to shop, eat, and witness architectural beauty. The ancient yet vibrant lanes of the Mellah are incredibly photogenic and have an aura of peace and royalty. 

Fez Jewish Cemetry 

Fez Jewish Cemetry 

Recognised locally as ‘Sol Hachuel’ and ‘Lalla Suleika’, the Fez Jewish Cemetry is another stunning piece of architecture with great religious importance. This cemetery showcases a beautiful blue-painted tomb that is said to have belonged to Solica, the eponymous female martyr believed to have been executed in 1834.

As Fez is one of the oldest Jewish-living cities in Morocco, you can ask the locals and know more about this captivating age-old tale of female sacrifice. 

Other Interesting Things To Do In Morocco

Other than visiting the Jewish treasures of Morocco, there are many other exciting things to do and make your trip a lot more fun. 

Visit The Vast Medina of Meknes 

The Vast Medina of Meknes 

Popular among tourists for its magnificent forts and mosques, the vast ancient Medina in Meknes has a lot of religious importance. It is one of the most-visited open spaces in Meknes, including markets, breathtaking architecture, vibrant mosques, winding alleys, and gigantic 17th-century gates. These places are a paradise for history enthusiasts and those who admire architectural beauty. 

Buy the Best Leather Goods and Spices in Souks

Spices in Souks

The best way to utilise your bundles of Moroccan Dirham is to explore its local souks or markets and buy the best souvenirs to cherish for life. Each city of Morocco has many renowned souks where you can buy carpets and rugs, authentic Moroccan jewellery, traditional dresses, home decor items, lanterns, musical instruments, and many other souvenirs to carry back home. The exotic souks of Morocco are also an ideal place to try out some local food, mainly the traditional like Tajine, Harira, Kefta, and many others. 

The Moroccan markets are also recognised for their exquisite variety of leather items like shoes, slippers, bags, belts, etc. These markets are also a perfect place to collect gorgeous silver jewellery. 

You can buy pure Argan oil from here if you are seeking some exotic and aromatic spices and essential oils. If you are looking for names, Djema el Fna, Souk Chouari, Souk Attarine, Souk Dhabia, Souk Derb Omar, Souk El-Henna, Souk Labir, and Marche Central Rabat are some of the most renowned names. 

Pamper Yourself with Authentic Moroccan Beauty Treatments 

 Beauty Treatments 

Morocco is also a fantastic place to gift your skin the most authentic beauty treatment ever. Moroccan beauty treatments are recognised for using organic ingredients like Argan oil, Olive oil, Rhassoul clay extracted from volcanic rocks, and many other plant and fruit extracts. You can learn about Moroccan beauty secrets and include them in your daily skincare routine.  

Calm Your Cravings with Lip-Smacking Moroccan Sweet Pastries 

sellou dessert

Morocco is also a paradise for sweet lovers. You can try a variety of sweets here, from layered pastries to traditional sweets like Sellou, Meskouta or the Moroccan lime cake, Basbousa, Baklava, and so much more. 

Visit the Surfer’s Paradise Taghazout Beach Near Agadir City  

Taghazout Beach

The unparalleled beauty of the Atlantic Coast is best witnessed at Moroccan beaches. Taghazout Beach is a surfer’s paradise and offers remarkable views of the Atlas Mountains. Besides surfing, you can also engage in other fun activities like horseback riding, biking safari, Jeep Safari, and camel riding. 

Take A Camel Ride Through The Breathtaking Sahara Desert 

Camel Ride

Camel rides through the breathtaking desert is one of the must-do things in Morocco. The thrill of riding a camel amidst gigantic dunes is a unique experience to cherish for life. Especially when you are riding on the world’s largest desert, that feeling is incompatible with any other travel activities. 

Enjoy A Fine Dining Experience With Scenic Views Of the Atlas Mountains 

Atlas Mountains 

Plenty of restaurants in different cities of Morocco offer breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains. Some of the most notable restaurants offering luxurious dining experiences include Agafay Luxury Camp, Agafay & Atlas Restaurants, Atlas Prestige Restaurant, The White Camel Restaurant, Kasbah Angour, and many more. 

Start Your City Break Journey With Refreshing Mint Tea  

moroccan mint tea

Mint tea is a speciality of Morocco; it is aromatic, refreshing, detoxifying, and brings in the best, energetic mood to start a day. 

Best Time To Visit

Although Morocco is said to be an ideal year-round destination, the country witnesses moderate to high summer and mild winter conditions. The early springtime of March and April is the perfect time to explore Morocco in moderately warm weather. During the day, travellers can face troubles with the scorching sun, but the temperature drops and gets colder at night. 

If you wish to avoid the humid temperatures and the scorching heat, autumn is the perfect time for planning a holiday. The months of July, August, September, October, and November witness the most number of tourists as the weather is most pleasant. You may need help finding the perfect accommodation, such as booking a top-rated hotel during peak seasons. So, it is wise to consider early booking conditions and grab the most exciting deals. 

Some Tips For Travelling To Morocco

There are many to-do’s before you go to Morocco to enjoy a fun trip with loved ones. Travel advice and some expert tips can help a lot when travelling to an unknown destination for the first time. Before planning your Morocco holidays and taking city breaks, you must consider the following travel tips: 

  • Stick to modest clothing, especially when visiting religious places like synagogues, mosques, and cemeteries. Locals in Morocco, whether men or women, love to wear covered dresses, so you must remember not to wear provocative dresses. 
  • Take special care of your belongings, especially when visiting the markets. Be aware of pickpockets. 
  • You can opt for a financially protected travel scheme like the ATOL protection scheme to enjoy more security on flights and travel. 
  • Try greeting people with the right hand because Moroccan locals consider the left hand unclean. 
  • We take off our shoes when entering the homes of locals or any religious place. 
  • Kissing on cheeks and hugging is not an appropriate way to greet Moroccan locals. This can only be done with people of the same sex. 
  • Taking permission from locals before capturing their pictures. 

What Are You Waiting For?

morocco sahara desert

Haven’t you booked your tickets yet? Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to witness mesmerising beaches, Synagogues, historical sites recognised by UNESCO, famous beaches, and breathtaking views of the Sahara Desert.

Final Words Of Wisdom

From captivating beach destinations, surfing, camel riding, and exploring Jewish history, Morocco is a great place to witness cultural diversity and unity. This small North African country has so much to offer, making your trip the most memorable one. The towns of Marrakech, Agadir, Essaouira, Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, and Meknes are a trove of Jewish history and are worthy of all praise.