TUI Holiday Deals, Flights & Cruises 2023/2024

Formerly known as Thomson Holidays, TUI or Tourism Union International, a global tourism and travel company. TUI operates from its website, stores, app, and call centres, offering the best deals on vacations and destinations at your doorstep.

Whether you are looking to book a hotel, flight, beach getaway, resort, or take city breaks, TUI has incredible offers. They also have membership and packages that help you take the dream holiday.

Cheap TUI Holidays Deals 2023/2024

The best holidays combine fun, relaxation, and experiences while not being too heavy on the pocket. Following are the best offers by TUI holidays for hotels in the upcoming year:

TUI Summer Holidays 2023

This option to book your holiday with the best travel company comes with low deposits in various destinations such as Turkey, Spain, and Cape Verde. Right from enjoying a beach under the sun to a perfect romantic dinner at night for adults, these holiday packages have you covered.

TUI Summer Holidays 2024

With more than half a million choices, booking your dream holiday for the summer of 2024 just got easier. Whether you want to relax on the beaches of the Canary Islands or land directly into the modernity of London Gatwick, you can find a deal here.

The top destination holiday offers for Summer 2024 include:

  • Ibiza, Spain
  • Universal Orlando Resort
  • Sal, Cape Verde
  • Caribbean Coast, Mexico

TUI Winter Holidays 2023

TUI’s winter 2023 packages offer the best hotels and packages for top destinations, giving you more choices on where to spend your Christmas break. With these offers, you can explore Egypt’s long history, experience the majestic northern lights in Iceland, or take your kids to Disney World Resort.

TUI Winter Holidays 2024

If you want to relax under the sun in the winter of 2024 without burning a hole in your pocket, visit the TUI Holidays website and book your nights. From city breaks to luxury beaches in Barbados, these packages have the best plans for a toasty winter.

The top places include:

  • Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
  • Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Costa Rica
  • Negril, Jamaica

Take The TUI Holidays Cruise

TUI runs Marella and river cruises when you want to visit multiple destinations simultaneously. Perfect for adults and families alike, TUI has a range of offers on their cruises.

Marella Cruises

From the Mediterranean to Caribbean shores, Marella cruises cover 140 places with the best facilities on board. These include entertainment, all-inclusive dining, cinemas, and hotel stays.

If you book your seat now, you can grab the summer and winter 2023 discounts on the best 7-nights cruises. 

River Cruises

Including your flights, transfers, and meals, TUI river cruises start from different cities, exploring a mix of cultures on their way. You can visit Budapest, Vienna, Durnstein, and the like with these offers.

Sail on majestic waterways with TUI for the perfect luxury experience. Ideal for both couples and families, these cruises are currently on sale. 

The best of summer 2024 cruise offers include:

  • Adriatic explorer
  • Ancient icons
  • Treasures of the Mediterranean
  • Cosmopolitan classics

If you are looking to take a cruise this winter, you can opt for:

  • Stateside discovery
  • Idyllic islands
  • Canary flavours
  • Aegean escape

TUI Flights Bring Your Dream Closer

TUI runs its 737 Dreamliners that make long-haul vacation days more comfortable. Operating from 21 regional airports, TUI flights are highly accessible, both physically and financially.

With TUI’s inexpensive packages, you can visit the Caribbean, Colombo, Spain, and cross-off places from your bucket list. The Dreamliner 787 is the perfect luxurious flight for kick-starting your vacation.

You can also join TUI’s premium club if you are a frequent flyer and take advantage of the low prices. You can grab the last-minute summer flight offers to Greece, Portugal, and Turkey.

On the other hand, you can check the website for flights on sale till the spring of 2025 and plan your 2023-2024 vacation accordingly.

Plan Your Next Dream Trip With TUI Holidays

TUI constantly runs great offers to help you escape the daily routine. If you don’t have a destination, TUI’s massive range of vacations can help you discover the best places across the globe. 

Apart from the deals page of TUI, you can take a sneak peek at the following curated vacation packages that TUI has to offer:

TUI Long Haul Adventure

TUI long-haul deals have your back if you wish to go to faraway, exotic lands. With a wide range of options, these long-haul holidays cover destinations with more than 6 hours of flying time away and where you can spend at least 7 nights.

These packages offer much more choice on the properties and whether you want rooms for adults or kid-friendly rooms.

TUI Last Minute Holidays

Getaways are best taken when they are needed the most, without having to wait for months.  You can avail of a late deal from TUI’s collection of last-minute holiday offers, including low prices on rooms, transfers, and other bookings, flying you out within six weeks.

You can plan your last-minute holiday to Greece, Turkey, Spain, Tenerife, and anywhere worldwide while saving money. 

TUI All-Inclusive Holidays

TUI’s all-inclusive holidays cover everything, from flight booking to accommodation. Herein, the charges for food, drink, and transfers are covered, so you don’t have to pay for anything at the property.

These packages help save money when spending multiple nights at your destination, whether in Mexico, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else. Popular destinations include Cancun, Florida, Jamaica, and Mauritius.

TUI Magic Life Hotel Collection

The packages presented in this collection include beachfront locations, various activities, and hotels suitable for kids, making them the first choice holidays for families. You can also book romantic getaways at all-inclusive hotels for a couple of adults.

TUI Blue

The TUI blue hotels are a mix of modern luxury and local culture, perfect for city breaks and getaways. With options for families, adults, and couples, TUI holidays under this category offer hotels and restaurants with live cooking and regional flavours. 

Additionally, they provide guides with tips to make the best of your holiday. You can also opt for self-catering and arrange adventures and sports.

In Conclusion

TUI is nothing short of a vacation factory that keeps spewing out itineraries, vacation inspiration, and the best deals for embarking on your dream trip. Whether hotel accommodation, flights, or a complete, all-inclusive trip, TUI offers some of the best.

If you plan to take a trip this winter or the upcoming summer, TUI is running amazing offers for 2023-2024. This is the right time to grab the heavy discounts and treat yourself and your family to an all-inclusive, planned tour to whichever part of the world you wish to explore.