Best Hostels In Rome 2024: Cheap Rome Hostels

Your adventure to Rome deserves an equally exciting abode! Get ready as this article guides you through 7 of the best hostels in Rome, tailored to many travellers, including budget backpackers, digital nomads, party-goers, families, and solo female explorers.

Unearth the hidden allure of The Alessandro Palace Hostel & Bar or indulge in the colourful quarters of YellowSquare and The Beehive, applauded as the cream of the crop. Expect more than just a standard stay, with these value-packed accommodations offering dazzling bars, practical communal kitchens, snug beds, organised walking tours, and vibrant social events. They emerge high on affordability, location, facilities, and overall quality, even against Rome’s grandeur. As a cherry on top, you’ll find handy tips on maximising resources such as Skyscanner,, Safety Wing, and Insure My Trip.

Hence, making this your one-stop destination ensures you experience Rome without a hitch.

1. Alessandro Palace Hostel & Bar

rome Alessandro Palace Hostel Bar

Ideal for budget travellers and party-goers

At the heart of Rome, Alessandro Palace Hostel & Bar awaits you – its lively atmosphere makes it an ideal choice for both the penny-wise and party-goers. Famed for its vibrant social scene, this is your go-to place for a cheap stay that doesn’t skimp on the fun.

Location and nearest attractions

Located centrally, you’re just a short walk away from many must-visit attractions. The impressive Roman Forum, the splendour of Vatican City, and the sheer beauty of the Trevi Fountain are all within easy reach!

On-site facilities and amenities

It is about more than just location with Alessandro Palace Hostel & Bar. Its rich array of on-site facilities includes a fully equipped bar, ideal for starting a night of fun and mingling, and a thrifty on-site restaurant for when you work up an appetite.

Pricing per night and booking information

Prices per night range significantly based on the season and chosen accommodation, but you can typically expect to pay between 15 EUR and 40 EUR. Always make sure to check their official website or give them a call to secure the best deal.

What makes it unique

What sets Alessandro Palace Hostel & Bar apart is its blend of affordability, social atmosphere, and central location. It’s a haven for budget travellers and party-goers alike, offering a memorable stay without breaking the bank.

2. YellowSquare

rome YellowSquare Hostel

Ideal for digital nomads

Whether you’re globe-trotting whilst managing your online venture, YellowSquare stands as your hub in the heart of Rome. Renowned for its coworking spaces, this is your pit stop for a balance of productivity and leisure.

Location and nearest attractions

Based centrally, you’re always close to the action. Attractions like the Pantheon and Spanish Steps are just minutes away, allowing for perfect lunch break exploration.

On-site facilities and amenities for productive remote work

YellowSquare’s facilities are attuned to your needs. The fully furnished coworking spaces outfitted with high-speed Wi-Fi assure uninterrupted productivity. But it’s not all work – there’s a lively bar for your downtime and meeting fellow digital nomads.

Pricing per night and booking information

Prices vary based on season and room preference, ranging from 20 EUR to over 50 EUR per night. Early booking is recommended to secure the best possible deal.

What makes it one of the best hostels in Rome

YellowSquare bags the title for one of the best hostels in Rome for its modern blend of work-meets-play atmosphere. It’s a space driven by the digital age and designed to accommodate the lifestyle of the modern-day nomad.

3. Hostel Trastevere

rome Hostel Trastevere

Ideal for young travellers

High in spirit and tuned with the pulse of youth, Hostel Trastevere is the place for young adventurers seeking a taste of Rome in its raw and beautiful form.

Location and nearest attractions

Situated in the heart of the Trastevere district, famous for colourful nightlife and picturesque streets, it serves as a gateway to Rome’s rich tapestry of traditional eateries and local markets.

On-site facilities and amenities

Though rich in Rome’s old-world charm outside. Inside, Hostel Trastevere is a modern sanctuary. It boasts clean, fresh dorm rooms, a satisfying breakfast spread, and a bustling bar for the vibrant Roman nights.

Pricing per night and booking information

Prices here vary from 25 EUR to 50 EUR per night, depending on season and accommodation type. Early bookings are encouraged to secure excellent deals.

What differentiates it from other hostels

The spirit of youthful freedom and its location in the captivating Trastevere neighbourhood make Hostel Trastevere a genuinely unique choice among Rome’s hostels. Essentially, it’s where traditional Rome meets the lively energy of the youth.

4. The Beehive

rome Hostel The Beehive

Ideal for solo female travellers

Recognised as a haven for solo female travellers, The Beehive has a warm, nurturing environment where you can feel secure and comfortable whilst meeting like-minded adventurers.

Location and nearest tourist hotspots

In the heart of Rome, you’re just a handful of steps away from sprawling attractions such as the Roma Termini and National Roman Museums.

On-site facilities and amenities

The Beehive boasts serene dorms, an inviting lounge, and a charming garden and hosts enriching yoga classes, all crafted to ensure a tranquil stay.

Pricing per night and booking information

Prices typically range between 30 EUR to over 50 EUR, fluctuating based on the time of the year and chosen room. Early reservations are recommended.

Reasons for its popularity among female travellers

With its elegant balance of community vibe, tranquillity, and security, The Beehive appeals to female travellers seeking safe accommodation options that foster strong personal connections.

5. Roma Scout Center

Roma Scout Center Hostel

Ideal for budget travelers

Are you aiming for an economic stay in the heart of Rome? The Roma Scout Center should be high on your list.

Location and nearest attractions

Based in Rome’s centre, you’re a few minutes away from popular locales like the Villa Ada Savoia and Museo Storico dei Bersaglieri.

On-site facilities and amenities

The Roma Scout Center offers well-maintained rooms, a buzzing common area, a handy vending machine, and even organises fun activities – making it a truly remarkable place for frugal travellers.

Pricing per night and booking information

Budget-friendly prices average from 20 EUR to 40 EUR per night. To get the best bang for your buck, book early.

Unique features of Roma Scout Center

Its affordable price range and communal atmosphere set the Roma Scout Centre apart. For budget-conscious travellers, this spot provides the best of both worlds.

6. The RomeHello Hostel

RomeHello Hostel

Ideal for families

Perfect for family bonding and activities, The RomeHello Hostel promises a stay that’ll be etched in your family’s memory for years.

Location and nearest family-friendly attractions

Conveniently located and within close proximity to family-friendly sights such as the Galleria Borghese and Bioparco di Roma, it offers an opportunity to create engaging family moments.

On-site facilities and amenities for families

Well-equipped family rooms, a fun play area for the kids, and an inviting common area for evening family gatherings make The RomeHello Hostel a top choice for your family stay in Rome.

Pricing per night and booking information

Depending on room type and season, prices typically range between 20 EUR to 60 EUR per night. Book early to secure the best possible deal for your family.

What makes it a favourite family hostel

With its family-centric amenities and welcoming atmosphere, it’s easy to see why The RomeHello Hostel is a beloved destination among those travelling with little ones.

7. Palladini Hostel

palladini hostel rome

Ideal for all travellers

All-encompassing and universally appealing- whether you’re a solo adventurer, a budget traveller, a digital nomad, or even a family, Palladini Hostel offers you a matchless stay.

Location and nearby attractions

Its prime location is within minutes of Rome’s famed attractions, such as the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore and the Colosseum.

On-site facilities and amenities

Palladini Hostel’s offerings are an assortment of comfortable bedrooms, a sociable lounge, and a communal kitchen ready to accommodate all Hostel offerstraveler needs.

Pricing per night and booking information

Nightly rates float around 15 EUR to 45 EUR depending on the season and selected room type. To get the best deals, it’s suggested to book in advance.

Distinctive features of Palladini Hostel

Palladini Hostel differentiates itself with its multifaceted appeal, effective in accommodating a myriad of traveller types, and its warm, inclusive atmosphere.

Travel Materials for Consideration

Skyscanner for finding cheap flights

When planning your journey to Rome, Skyscanner can be your best companion. It helps you uncover the cheapest flights to suit your budget. for easy accommodation bookings

Booking hostels can also be a breeze with It offers easy navigation, extensive availability, and flexible booking options to ensure a smooth start to your Roman adventure.

Insurance providers Safety Wing and Insure My Trip for travel insurance

If safety is your concern, companies like Safety Wing and Insure My Trip can care for your travel insurance needs. With a range of plans to suit various travel styles, you’re sure to find one that fits.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Hostel

Travelling is no small adventure, and choosing where to stay can broadly impact your experience. Here’s what to consider:


Keep in mind your budget. It’s the determining factor to balance comfort and price.


Choose a centrally-located hostel to minimise transport costs and maximise sightseeing time.

On-site facilities

Check for free Wi-Fi, communal kitchens, comfy beds, lockers, and laundry facilities to ensure a comfortable stay.

Social environment

If you’re a social butterfly, look into hostels with a vibrant social scene and communal spaces.

Overall quality

Finally, check out photos and read reviews to understand the hostel’s overall quality and reputation.

Additional perks of Staying in a Hostel

Staying in a hostel isn’t all about a shared dorm or privileged location; it’s also about the added extras!

Communal kitchens for cooking

When you stay in a hostel, you often have access to fully-equipped communal kitchens – perfect for saving money on dining out.

Comfortable beds for quality sleep

Remember to consider the comfort of a good bed – it can significantly affect your overall hostel experience.

Walking tours for exploring the city

Many hostels offer free or cheap walking tours – a splendid chance to get to know your surroundings and mix with fellow travellers.

Social events for meeting fellow travellers

From themed parties to nightly pub crawls, these social events can enhance the fun of your stay while allowing you to meet new friends from across the globe.


In summary, the best hostel in Rome depends entirely on your unique travel preferences. Whether for work or leisure, solo or with family, on a dime or ready to splurge – Rome has a locale ready to welcome you. Regardless of your choice, a blend of affordability, location, on-site facilities, social environment, and overall quality, along with some added perks, should guide you towards making the perfect choice. Happy travels!