Cheap Holidays In February 2024: Winter In The Dolomites, Italy


The Dolomites in Italy are one of those travel destinations that offer breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, sapphire lakes, beautiful valleys, green velvet-like meadows in the summer, and a snowy paradise in the winter.

If you are looking for cheap holidays in February and want to ditch the beach or the crowded island to witness a place with exceptional beauty and serenity, the Dolomites in Italy, undoubtedly, is an ideal place. 

The charm of the Dolomites is incomparable; from spectacular views of the European Alps and thrilling hiking trails to the most luxurious hotels and restaurants with mesmerising views, you can book a perfect flight, food, and drinks-inclusive holiday in advance and make your February holiday the most memorable one.

You can grab the cheapest February holiday deals for Italy and save thousands in your budget.

How Is Winter In Dolomites?

If you have an immense love for snow, mountains, trekking, snowboarding, and skiing, Dolomites is a winter paradise. The breathtaking views of the Italian Alps and the snow-capped valleys are no less than a fairytale.

Tourists who love to explore off-beaten attractions and avoid crowds at the beach or popular hill stations love to explore the Dolomites during winter, the best time to witness snowfall. However, to avoid extreme conditions, planning a holiday in February is the best. February is the perfect time to plan a romantic getaway, a fun group tour with friends, or a peaceful trip with family. 

The temperature conditions in the Dolomites are quite extreme during peak winter. The winter season lasts from December to mid-April, and temperatures range from -3°C to -14°C. You can plan a perfect holiday in winter, especially keep an eye on February holiday deals that can help you save thousands on the entire trip. 

Most Exciting Things To Do In Dolomites In Winter

You can opt for flight-inclusive holidays this February and make the most out of a magical winter in the breathtaking landscapes of the Dolomites. While most tourists plan to take a beach break to relax on the sunny shoes, ditch cold weather, and spend leisure days in hot and humid climates and places with the least enjoyable activities, the real thrill of winter lies in its dense snow and adventure activities. And if you can ditch sunshine and crowds of beaches and the city and travel to the Dolomites in Italy instead, you have a lot of exciting things awaiting. 

A romantic getaway with a stunning backdrop of the Italian Alps covered in glistening snow and the warmth of the bright sun during the day, the Dolomites become a paradise of thrilling and the most exciting activities in the month of December to April. A winter holiday in February can open doors to these exciting activities:

Toboggan Rides

Offering a thrilling sledging experience for the entire family, the Rasciesa Toboggan Run is an 8km long route that allows you to take exciting toboggan rides. It is a great place to enjoy with friends and family and make everlasting memories in your much-awaited February holidays. 

Ski Tours

Booking ski tours in the Dolomites is another excellent way of making the most of your holidays. Italian Dolomites is one of the best destinations in the world to experience a thrilling Alpine ski tour. 

A Thrilling Ride On A Horse-Drawn Sleigh

You can take your family to a fascinating horse-drawn sleigh ride amidst the dense snow to capture the most scenic views. This experience is far more enjoyable than simply relaxing on the sunny shores of a beach. 

Ice Rock Climbing

If you are willing to participate in an extreme winter sport, ice rock climbing in the Dolomites offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You require skills, practice, and courage to join this unique experience.

Indoor Climbing If You Are Afraid Of Heights

If you are afraid of heights and still want to experience the thrill of mountain climbing, many indoor climbing opportunities are available; for instance, the Indoor Climbing Center is the most famous building to train climbers. 

Indulge In Culture Activities 

Whether your hotel arranges a cultural event or you interact with the locals to learn about the diverse culture and lifestyle of the people living near the Dolomites. You can discover nearby museums, churches, and historic sites for an unforgettable experience. 

Few Things To Know About The Dolomites In Italy Before You Go

Before planning an itinerary for your thrilling February holidays, here are some things to know before you go:

  • The Dolomites showcase a diverse culture; people speak Italian, English, German, and Latin here. Dolomites also hosts many enjoyable cultural activities to enjoy with family. 
  • You can opt for financially protected February holidays through ATOL protection. An ATOL-protected holiday provides financial protection in travel bookings, holiday packages inclusive of flights, etc. You must review the booking conditions and travel services listed carefully before opting for an ATOL scheme and ensure to collect an ATOL certificate for proof. 
  • It gets easier to reach Italian Dolomites through the nearest airports, such as Marco Polo International Airport and the Bolzano Airport situated in Venice. The best deal on flights is available all year round.  
  • Dolomites offer an equally enticing nightlife when it gets dark. Outdoor camps offer a once-in-a-lifetime for stargazing. The weather in February is quite pleasing; under the sun and the glistening white snow, the temperature ranges between -3°C to 10°C. And after it gets dark, the temperature drops below 0­°C. 
  • Your Dolomities itinerary must be between 5 to 14 days, not less than that. In this span, you can engage in exciting winter activities, try authentic Italian wine at bars, taste local foods, engage in cultural events, etc. 
  • The Summer season in the Dolomites lasts from June to late October, while the Winter season lasts from December to mid-April. 
  • Several accommodation options include fancy hotels, mountain huts, farm stays, apartments, guesthouses, and campgrounds. 

Bargain Holiday For Each Month Of The Year

Wrapping Up!

Your long wait for a perfect winter holiday can end if you grab the most exciting February holiday deals, pack your bags, and fly to the Dolomites in Italy. You can plan an all-inclusive holiday and grab the cheapest deals. An inclusive holiday plan covers flight fares, food, drinks, hotel, and sightseeing. 

While a majority of tourists wish to visit beaches to soak in the scorching sun and spend a relaxing weekend in the over-crowded beach locations like the Canary Islands or Punta Cana, you can make your winter holidays more memorable and exciting by choosing to visit a place close to nature this February, the Italian Dolomites. 

The place offers luxury restaurants, a hotel with breathtaking views, the cheapest deals on outdoor activities, and much more. The weather can be chilling, but the morning sunshine and the view from your hotel room can warm your heart. 


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