Best Hostels In London 2024: Cheap Hostel London

Gear up to explore London with a memorable stay in the city’s top 8 hostels as recommended by HolidayUnder100. Undoubtedly, the experience is set to fit every traveller’s needs.

Ranging from the budget-friendly Walrus Hostel to the family-oriented Park Villa, the vibrant Wombats City Hostel for solo female travellers, and the lively St. Christopher’s Village that never sleeps. Don’t forget the feathered bed experience at Barmy Badger and the classic Georgian stride at Park Villa.

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So, dig into the heart of London with comfort, style, and affordability.

1. Walrus Hostel

london Walrus Hostel

Are you a budget-savvy traveller or digital nomad looking for a great place to stay in London? Look no further than the Walrus Hostel. Located in the city’s heart, this hostel is just a stone’s throw away from iconic attractions like Parliament and Big Ben. With its typical Old English theme, the hostel exudes an air of classic British culture that blends wonderfully with the energetic vibe of its vicinity.

Moreover, staying at the Walrus Hostel won’t dig a hole in your pocket! This budget-friendly hostel offers some great discounts, especially for its guests at the on-site pub. You can enjoy a pint of traditional English ale without worrying about your wallet. Whether working on your laptop or exploring the city, Walrus Hostel is an excellent choice for any budget traveller or digital nomad.

2. Park Villa

Park Villa london Hostel

Prepare for a luxurious family stay at the charming Park Villa boutique hostel. Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Mile End Old Town, this hostel proudly represents Georgian Regency-style architecture. Surrounded by serene beauty and plenty of open spaces, it offers a tranquil retreat away from the bustling city life.

Park Villa takes great pride in maintaining a clean and inviting atmosphere — essential for any family stay. The structure of the building and the aesthetic interiors ensure a memorable lodging experience. Whether you’re a local exploring London or a tourist, Park Villa offers a comfortable and neat place for families to enjoy a peaceful stay.

3. Wombats City Hostel

Wombats City Hostel london

Wombats City Hostel stands out as a haven for solo female travellers. The hostel’s location is unbeatable, just a few minutes walk to major attractions like Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and City Hall. It’s housed in a refurbished sailor’s home, which lends it a touch of historical charm.

Want an active stay filled with exciting activities? You’re in luck. This hostel organises numerous engaging activities to keep its guests entertained. Besides the fascinating backstory of the building and the rich history it carries, the excellent refurbishment features render it both safe and comfortable for solo female travellers.

4. Generator Hostel

Generator Hostel london

Generator Hostel is every modern traveller’s delight. Situated near King’s Cross Station, its location makes it easy to travel around the city. It is affordable and offers top-notch facilities and services that ensure a pleasant stay, ranging from a spacious common area to free Wi-Fi.

The hostel has a distinctive modern design, an inviting ambience, and multiple options for food and drinks. You needn’t go far for a gastronomic adventure with a bar and restaurant on-site. Generator Hostel is ideal if you’re looking for affordability without compromising comfort and convenience.

5. Astor Hyde Park

Astor Hyde Park Hostel london

If you’re a party animal who also loves being in close proximity to museums and attractions, Astor Hyde Park is the perfect place for you. This hostel is just a short stroll from Hyde Park, plus it’s close to several major museums, perfectly blending party, culture, and history.

The vibe at Astor Hyde Park is entirely electric, thanks to its warm social features that encourage meeting new people and making friends. If you’re in town for a party, their party amenities and events will ensure you always have a bright moment.

6. St. Christopher’s Village

St Christophers Village Hostel london

Nestled near the Borough Market, St. Christopher’s Village offers the dual delights of partying and market visits. Its vibrant structure and design provide an enjoyable atmosphere for guests who like to sparkle at a party.

With an outdoor terrace and regular events, there’s never a dull moment for the partygoer. The comfortable pod-style beds provide excellent sleeping comfort after a long day of sightseeing or partying.

7. Hostel One Notting Hill

Hostel One Notting Hill Hostel london

Hostel One Notting Hill is many travellers’ favourite choice for an overall hostel experience. It offers exclusive freebies like homemade dinners and hosts numerous activities that boost its friendly social atmosphere. If you enjoy a well-rounded hostel stay, this is the place for you.

8. Barmy Badger

Barmy Badger Hostel london

Sleep enthusiasts make some noise for Barmy Badger! At Barmy Badger, your sleeping experience will be top-notch, thanks to their quality memory foam mattresses and super cosy pillows. Add to that reading lights, USB plugs, and power sockets for every bed — your comfort is their priority.

Resourcing and Travel tips

Found the perfect hostel? Now, let’s help you plan the journey. To aid you in managing your travel budget, we have a comprehensive budget guide to Europe that will help you spend wisely while experiencing the best the continent offers.

Knowing the ins and outs of booking accommodation and flights can go a long way in ensuring a smoother travel experience. Similarly, having adequate travel insurance is critical for any unforeseen circumstances.

And if you want to save money, various companies offer amazing discounts and deals on travel and food experiences.

Trip to London: Tips and Suggestions

Your London adventure is on the horizon. Here are some recommendations for your flights and bookings. Prioritise your safety and convenience with travel insurance. And remember, with smart savings and well-timed bookings, you can experience all of London without stretching your budget. It’s time for an unforgettable conquest of London.