Cheap Holidays In May 2024

When you think of summer holiday destinations, your mind might wander to destinations such as Spain, Turkey, etc. But what if we say Denmark? Denmark comes alive during the May holidays! With endless and beautiful cycle routes in Denmark, you will be mesmerised by its beauty. 

From cycling to the farthest and most breathtaking places in Denmark to admiring the beauty of Skagen, this European country offers many destinations to explore and some fantastic holiday deals. After all, to enjoy the summer holidays doesn’t mean the place has to have year-round sunshine! Right? 

Cycling around Denmark is loved by Danes, and now you can have this experience too. Below is a list of Denmark’s most scenic bike routes you can take during the summer holidays and find other exciting things to do


6 Most Scenic Bike Routes In Denmark

1 – The Baltic Cycle Route

This cycle route is in one of Denmark’s most breathtaking coastal areas. Interestingly, this route runs in the shape of an eight. You will cover areas such as a small belt bridge and cliffs on the Island of Mon, the archipelago. 

If island hopping is your main game, then this bike route is for you. You can cycle over bridges or take your bike on cycle-friendly ferries, too. You can explore the peaceful, sandy beaches and quiet and calm islands.

2 – West Coast Cycle Route

Are you more into seeing the countryside during this holiday season? If yes, Denmark’s Route 1 is the one you should opt for. The west coast cycle route takes you from the German border in the south to the Skagen northern tip. 

You get to cycle along the unique natural areas and fishing villages by the Wadden Sea, which is home to Denmark’s best oysters and seals; in addition, you can view the towering sand dunes, just like those in Gran Canaria in mainland Spain and Tipperne bird sanctuary.

3 – The Berlin-Copenhagen Route

This cycle path connects two lively cities: Copenhagen and Berlin. You will be greeted with swimming opportunities, unspoilt nature, and other amazing beauties of nature. This bike is part of the Eurovelo 7-cycle route. 

It takes around twelve days to complete this path, divided into three stages; you will also have to take a ferry ride to complete this route. A perfect way to spend your holidays? What do you say?

4 – The Limfjord Route

Limfjord is the largest fjord area in Denmark. It has around 180 km of islands, narrow ports, and bays. You will be surprised to know that several bridges and small ferries connect these islands, and this area was used by Vikings some thousands of years ago.! 

And now you can take your bike and explore the area. You ride over the wooden ridges and flat stretches and view the beautiful landscape.

5 – The Border Route

The border routes cover Northern Germany and Jutland. This trip starts from the North Sea and ends in the Baltic Sea. The bicycle routes take zigzag turns across the Vidå lock border near Højer to Flensburg’s top port.

6 – The Fjord Path

Fjord Path is also known as Fjordstien. You and your bike can explore the Isefjord and Roskilde fjord in the north and the west parts of the island of Zealand. The route is along the coastline, so it is smooth, and the best part is that, for most of this way, the route is car-free. 

Reasons To Visit Denmark In The Hot Holiday Season?

If you are looking for a place to spend your hot summer holidays while on break, Denmark is the perfect destination, and you can get fantastic package holidays deals. 

It is the perfect way to recharge during your holiday, enjoy the sun and have perfectly well-spent family holidays. If you want a romantic holiday, enjoying drinks at a Copenhagen apartment or a hotel balcony as the sun sets for the night is the perfect start. 

If you want to go with your family and kids, enjoy self-catering and home-cooked food in a summer house, or have a beach barbeque fun trip with your friends. And if you are looking for a budget trip, you can take package holidays offering fantastic May holiday deals. Below are some ways you can enjoy your cheap holiday in Denmark. 

Danish Beach: The Best Way To Unwind

When you think of the summer rush and holidays in May, there is a high chance that Denmark will not come to your mind. But you will be surprised that Denmark has several islands to choose from. 

You can pick any gorgeous sandy beach and explore the hidden coves, golden sand, and rolling dunes. You can spend your summer holidays at the stunning beach of Sondervig in West Jutland. One advantage is that there will be fewer crowds and you can easily relax in the sun. 

Are you adventurous? Well, worry not for you adventure lovers; there are several adventure sports available at great deals that you can participate in, such as kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, etc. One of the best destinations for these activities is Klitmøller Bay in North Jutland.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are still deciding on your last minute holidays planning, head towards Denmark! 

Explore The Summer Houses: Where The Danes Stay

During the summer, the residents go to their summer houses to spend their May holidays, be with nature and relax in the warm and cosy sun. Now, you must be wondering what these summer houses are. Well, these are the traditional Danish holiday homes and perfect destinations if you want to get the charm of Danish culture. 

You can find plenty of these houses in some of the picturesque locations. If you book an inclusive holiday package, you can also get many holiday deals on the rent. Renting a summer house is on the bucket list of most people. Are you one of them? Compared to hotels, you will have the place all to yourself. 

Copenhagen: Enjoy the Summer In This Vibrant City

Well, how can you miss this vibrant town? The capital of Denmark is famous for spending the winter holidays. But, this city truly opens up during summers. The beautiful cobbled streets have many cafes, bars, hotels, and restaurants. This city has so much to offer that it is perfect for getaways and cheap holidays in May. 

Island Escape: The Fantastic Escape

Well, are you tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and want to spend your holidays calmly and peacefully? If yes, then it is time for your Denmark Island getaway. 

Do you know the Balearic Islands are one of the most visited tourist destinations due to their magnificent beauty? However, like the Balearic islands, Danish islands will also leave you mesmerised! You can reach these islands by ferry boat and explore the wonders of nature and the cool weather.

Best Destinations For Cheap Holidays In Denmark

Cheap May holidays and great deals are not exclusive to one place, and you can find an abundance of beaches. In Denmark, hotels and resorts offer exclusive May holiday deals and great accommodations all year round. For a more fun-filled experience, you can book an all-inclusive holiday deal; it is a fantastic choice for families for an affordable trip. 

The temperature in Denmark ranges from 20 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius making it one of the popular destinations and a great choice as a warm weather destination. Check out some of the best places: 


It is one of the top destinations in Denmark to visit during the warm summer weather. You can see several visitors, families, couples, and kids enjoying the country’s northernmost point. You can discover some marvellous sea creatures at the beach that your little ones will adore.


Another one of the excellent destinations for your May holidays and city break is head towards Mon with your family. Mons Klint is one of the popular hiking destinations and a great choice to escape the visitors, hot weather, crowds and have some fun with nature.

Jylland West Coast

Jylland’s west coast is famous for its beautiful sights of the long golden grass. It covers almost all the landscape; when the strong Danish wind comes, it looks spectacular and is perfect for holidays in May.

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Summing up

If you want to glimpse the fantastic Scandinavian way of life and enjoy it at an affordable price and budget trip, Denmark is one of the popular destinations you should choose. You can enjoy your cheap holidays with stunning landscapes, fantastic cultural scenes, sunny beaches and vibrant nights.

Also, you can get some great holiday deals for unforgettable cheap holidays in May without affecting your pocket. So, searching for warm weather destinations for your next holiday ends here! Book a hotel, tickets, and be ready to have fun!