Cheap Amsterdam Holidays 2023/2024

Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities not just in Europe but also in the world. This popular dream destination is ideal for travelers seeking scenic beauty, extravagant modern art and architecture, picturesque streets, a vibrant floating flower market, and much more.

A paradigm of contemporary art and the city of the exceptional artist regarded as the father of modern art, Vincent Van Gogh, Amsterdam boasts historic art galleries, museums, age-old city centers, buzzing markets, a wide variety of authentic street food, and lively nightlife. 

From coffee shops to picturesque canals and floating flower markets, the mesmerising river Amstel to the historic Jewish Quarter, and the open-air theatre, the beautiful city of Amsterdam has so much to offer. Besides its major attractions like the Van Gogh Museum, the Royal Palace, and the Anne Frank House, you must make the most of the city by exploring its local cafes and popular markets.


A Shopper’s Guide To Albert Cuyp Market

For instance, the Albert Cuyp Market is a must-visit for it is diverse and one of its kind in the entire Europe.

You can plan cheap Amsterdam holidays and make unforgettable memories to cherish for life.

A Shopaholic’s Dream Destination: The Albert Cuyp Market

Albert Cuyp Market

Indeed a dream destination for shopaholics, exploring the Albert Cuyp market is a must when you visit Amsterdam. Named after the famous 17th-century Dutch painter, this market is recognized worldwide for its exquisite variety of street food, cloth and jewelry shops, fruit and vegetable shops, fish and poultry, souvenir shops, and many others. This massive market is crowded with tourists and locals year-round and never fails to captivate with its variety of products and polite shopowners.

The market is situated in a very convenient location and is easy to reach via public transport like buses and trams. Albert Cuyp market is located at the heart of the De Pijp district, also recognized as the ‘Latin Quarter’, and is an ideal destination to witness a diverse food scene and sellers from different communities.

There are about 300 stalls, and more than 50,000 people come to explore the market during the weekends. The Alber Cuyp market is the heart of the cosmopolitan city and must be a part of day trips mandatorily. 

From buying the most unique and fashionable clothing at Euro 50 to trying the most delicious stroopwafels for only 2 Euros, there is so much to eat, explore, and enjoy in this fantastic market. According to the locals, the price of items in this market is way cheaper than elsewhere, so exploring it is a must. 

The best part about Albert Cuyp’s market is its multiculturalism. From trying lip-smacking Vietnamese rolls from the food stalls to buying traditional Dutch costumes and accessories, there are so many things to do before you go visit the nearby attractions.

Enticing History Of The Albert Cuyp Market 

Albert Cuyp Market 

Surprisingly, the Albert Cuyp market is 100 years old and opened publicly in 1905. Initially, the market was relatively small and became the gathering point for pushcart owners. Interestingly, the market only opened on Sundays in the initial years, and as it gained more popularity, it started to grow in size. 

During the early 20th century, the makeshift market was set in De Pijp, intending to attract the working class. Soon, Albert Cuyp became a hub for culinary lovers and bargainers. Today, the market has become an important tourist spot, attracting over 50,000 visitors during peak seasons.   

How To Easily Reach?

The routes to reaching the Albert Cuyp market are very convenient. You can easily take buses, trams, and metros to get here. You can travel to the market via Centraal Station or opt for bus lines from Schipol, Station Zuid, Uithoorn, Gein etc. The nearest metro station to the Albert Cuyp is De Pijp, and the market is just a short hop from the station, situated at a 3 mins walking distance. 

In other words, buses, trains, and trams are well-connected to the Albert Cuyp market. While most people prefer taking metros from the Amsterdam Centraal Station, others love to explore the beauty of narrow streets. 

There are also rental bike options to avoid traveling in crowded public transport. You can also opt for the car hire services straight away from the Amsterdam airport; these services can also be included in your holiday deals. 

What Things To Buy?

Amsterdam City is a great place to plan the most fantastic weekend breaks. Amsterdam holidays are complete with ts Albert Cuyp market is an eclectic mix of modern and traditional fashion, modern paintings, homewares, unique gifts, authentic local and international food, and so much more.

You may also use the Amsterdam city card to make some payments. Some of the best things to buy here are: 

  • Traditional Dresses And Jewellery
  • Souvenirs
  • Fresh Vegetables And Fruits
  • Winter Clothing
  • Shoes And Socks
  • Variety Of Street Food

Traditional Dresses And Jewellery

Traditional Dresses And Jewellery

The Albert Cuyp market boasts a wide variety of traditional and vintage clothing. The best part about shopping here is that you can indulge in endless bargains and pick the best collections at unbelievably cheaper rates. The market is also a fantastic place to explore eye-catching jewelry pieces that include a mix of vintage styles and cheque collections. 


amsterdam magnets

Your Amsterdam holiday is complete if you can take home some souvenirs. The little souvenir shops have various gift items like fridge magnets, miniatures of popular architectures, keychains, and much more. 

Fresh Vegetables And Fruits

fruits and vegetables on albert cuyp market

Locals recognise Albert Cuyp market as the hub of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can buy the most fresh and vibrant carrots, apples, mangoes, olives, mushrooms, avocados, and whatnot from local farmers to big shop owners.

If you love to snack on vegetables and fruits, you get the best quality products in this market. 

Winter Clothing

winter clothing

Many people plan their Amsterdam holidays during winter because the city’s beauty during snowfall is inexplicable. People always seek the best Amsterdam holiday deals during winter to shop the best winter clothing collection and enjoy lip-smacking local food.

 If you visit Albert Cuyp market in Autumn and Winter, you can explore the best winter clothing you have ever seen. 

Shoes And Socks

If you love fancy shoes and adorable socks, the market also has a wide variety of them. You get to try everything from everyday casual wear to winter shoes and socks. 

Variety Of Street Food

cheese, steet food at amsterdam

When it comes to visiting Albert Cuyp market, the street food options are endless. You can try different flavored chocolate, and hot roasted nuts, feast on the juicy chicken roast, try out different varieties of cheese from various stalls, and, most importantly, take advantage of the smoking hot stroopwafel, which is very popular here. You can also try popular local foods like herring, kibbling, and poffertjes. 

What Are The Best Timings To Visit?

The vibrant Albert Cupy market is open from 9 am to 5 pm, six days a week. The market is most crowded during weekends, and if you want to experience fewer crowds, only visit during the summer months.

This is because, during summer, the weather is warm and clear, and both tourists and locals love exploring the varied collections of shoes, clothing, jewelry, and street foods in the market. 

Most tourists consider early August an ideal time to explore Amsterdam city and the popular market. August is a great time to grab some of the most fabulous winter collections and gobble some smoking hot fresh food from the stalls. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate getaway, an all inclusive holiday in Amsterdam is the perfect option. Amsterdam, known for its picturesque canals, rich history, and vibrant culture, offers a plethora of attractions and experiences that cater to all types of travelers.

What Are The Popular Attractions You Can Visit Nearby?

It only takes two to three hours to explore the entire Albert Cuyp market. After you are done shopping, you can visit some of the most popular nearby attractions. You can plan cheap Amsterdam holidays and make the most of it by exploring its top attractions like:

The Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum

Undoubtedly, this museum is Amsterdam’s most precious treasure. Getting an opportunity to explore the masterpieces of Gogh is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

From the artworks made in his initial days to his masterpieces like ‘The Starry Night’ that made him the father of modern art, the Van Gogh Museum shares the unique experience associated with the painter’s life, his struggle, and his posthumous fame. 

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House

There is hardly a person who has not read the autobiography of the young Jewish girl who tried her best to portray the horrors of wars, the massacre of Jews, and the constant fear of death.

The Anne Frank House is among the most popular holiday destinations in Amsterdam. That stands as a museum depicting the life of despair of the diarist Anne Frank. The museum was established in 1957 and, to this date, remains the most famous building in Amsterdam. 



Originally founded in 1798 in The Hague, Rijksmuseum was later moved to Amsterdam and, today stands as an epitome of wealthy Dutch history. This museum is one of the reasons why people from across the world visit Amsterdam.

You can explore breathtaking pieces of art and many antique dolls and sculptures deeply connected to Dutch history. 

The Royal Palace

rolay palace in amsterdam

The most prestigious architecture situated in Dam Square, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, is open to the public on specific days. The palace gives tourists a glimpse of the lifestyle of the Dutch royal family, who continue to impact the lives of commoners.

There are also other attractions to visit in Dam Square, including the Madame Tussauds Museum, the New Church, the National Monument, and many others.  

The Museum Quarter 

The Museum Quarter 

The cultural center is where you get to witness the three most important museums of Amsterdam and the entire Netherlands, the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum, and the extraordinary Van Gogh Museum.

At Rijksmuseum, you can witness the best of historic Dutch art at the Stedelijk Museum showcases a beautiful blend of modern and vintage art. 

What Other Things Not To Miss When In Amsterdam? 

When taking city breaks and day tours in Amsterdam, some of the things you cannot miss are: 

Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival

The breathtaking light festival takes place during the winter, and this year, it will begin on the 30th of November and last till the 21st of January, 2024. Tourists from worldwide love to visit Amsterdam, especially during the light festival, as the city’s beauty is at its peak during this time. Amsterdam hotels and restaurants witness the most number of crowds during the festival. 

The Floating Flower Market

The Floating Flower Market

A floral paradise, this most fragrant and vibrant market is one of its kind and is visited by tourists throughout the year. Visiting this floating market is a part of every tourist’s Amsterdam holidays, for it is one of the most beautiful places to visit. 

Ride in Europe’s Highest Swing 


The A’DAM Tower, situated in North Amsterdam, offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience through Europe’s highest swing, known as the A’DAM LOOKOUT.

This tower is 100 meters high and can be easily reached from the city center through various routes. 

Keukenhof Gardens 

Keukenhof Gardens 

The ideal place to take a peaceful stroll amidst tulip fields, the Keukenhof Gardens is breathtakingly beautiful and is also recognized as the ‘Garden of Europe’. This garden is spread over 32 hectares and is at its best during the time of Spring. 

Explore The Jostling Nine Streets 

9 steets

If you want to witness Amsterdam’s beauty at most, then ditch Amsterdam Central and come to Nine Streets to take a picturesque, unforgettable walking tour. Everything you see on these streets, from doing some vintage shopping to enjoying a peaceful stroll by the canals, is ideal for capturing Instagram-worthy pictures. 

Breakfast At Local Coffee Shops Near Famous Canals 

cafe near canal in amsterdam

Imagine beginning your day with breakfasts at cafes near the picturesque canals of Amsterdam; for locals, enjoying breakfasts at scenic locations like these is a regular thing.

You, too, can make the most of your Amsterdam holidays by enjoying picturesque breakfast scenes at local coffee shops by the canals.  

Enjoy A Romantic Date At Dine al Fresco 

Dine al Fresco 

Amsterdam’s restaurants are praised for their vintage and ultramodern decors and extravagant menu combining local foods and international cuisines. Enjoying a romantic date with your loved one at the Dine al Fesco can become a lifetime memory to cherish. This restaurant is famous for its mesmerizing views overlooking the Amstel Canal and outdoor dining options.  

Before You Bid Adieu!

Before you take a leave and carry a mind full of fresh and vibrant memories to the Schiphol Airport, make sure you have explored all the top attractions, including the historical sights, museums, art galleries, tulip gardens, city center, and historic squares, and have gathered enough souvenirs to gift your loved ones. 

To stay in Amsterdam, one of the best holiday destinations in Europe, and explore the city’s history, modern art, and architecture, research markets, the old center, try some of the most famous dishes, take a thrilling ride on Europe’s highest swing, stroll by the Amstel river, is the best travel decision ever. Amsterdam is the best place to explore cultural vultures, live music, and glamorous nightlife. You can stay in the best Amsterdam hotels, indulge in unforgettable day trip experiences, and witness the Dutch capital how you want it to.