Cheap Holidays In July 2024: 10 Best Hidden Beaches For Sun Lovers

Croatia is undoubtedly one of the best destinations in the world to enjoy an ideal summer holiday. Blessed with natural beauty, rich culture, and happy people, Croatia is praised by tourists worldwide for its breathtaking landscapes, clean and beautiful beaches with golden sands, hot weather with the brightest sunshine all year round, luxury hotels and resorts, exquisite Croatian cuisines, and hidden coves.

A perfect holiday destination; although July and August is the peak season in Croatia, it is an ideal time to witness the country at its best.

Croatia is the best choice if you also wish to plan cheap holidays in July for your whole family or want a romantic break this summer. However, if you want to avoid crowded beach destinations, worry not; Croatia is home to numerous hidden beaches that let you enjoy a peaceful holiday with your loved ones.

Off-beat attractions can let you discover the beauty of Croatia and nearby islands peacefully, even during popular travel times, so take advantage of this opportunity and book an all-inclusive package holiday itinerary today!


Best July Holiday Destinations For 2024

Speciality Of Croatian Summer Holidays

There are numerous reasons to choose Croatia as your ideal summer holiday destination and ditch the expensive and overrated attractions of the Canary Islands, the Greek Islands, the crowded beaches of Costa Blanca, or any other frequently chosen destination in Europe.

Summer is the ideal time to pack your bags and plan an exotic Croatian holiday, and a prior booking can help you grab the cheapest July holiday deals and save thousands on your budget. While most tourists aim to explore top destinations in the country, a fair share is to enjoy equally pleasing summer holidays exploring off-beat beach destinations of this country, especially the hidden coasts and tranquil beaches. 

During the most popular times of the travel season, July to September, Croatia has crowds buzzing in all its popular spots. Whether it is the hotels and restaurants, its beaches, bars, city centre, and markets, you will see happy faces everywhere. The summer season is also a perfect time to enjoy luxury boat rides, scuba diving, water skiing, and many other thrilling activities. There are also many entertainment options, including discos, live music and DJs, pool parties, candlelight dinner parties, and much more. 

10 Best Hidden Beaches That Must Be On Your Croatian Holiday Bucket List

Every year thousands of tourists visit Croatia to make the most of the beach sun and relax with family and special ones. Croatia has the cleanest family-friendly beaches with colours ranging from the lightest ocean green to deep blue.

While some beaches have an impressive white sand coastline, others glisten with golden sands or unique pebblestones. Croatia is a tropical paradise, and if you wish to stay away from crowded locations, here are the best-hidden beaches that will leave you mindblown with their serenity and calmness. 

Stiniva Cove

Also recognised as Stiniva Bay or Stiniva Beach, high cliffs and a mesmerising pebblestone beach surround this hidden gem of Croatia. This beautiful beach is one of Croatia’s hidden gems and includes a crescent-shaped cove.

Stivina Cove is situated on Dalmatia Island and is one of the most famous coves on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. This hidden cove is a great place to enjoy hiking, swimming, snorkelling, and, the best part, exploring untouched caves. 

Pasjača beach

The Pasjača Beach is relatively small and is surrounded by the stony cliffs of Konavle. Situated in the Konavle region, this beach is another hidden gem offering mesmerising views of the Adriatic Sea and blackish-brown cliffs.

The clear water is excellent for swimming in hot weather or relaxing under the sun. The Pasjača Beach is also a part of Dalmatia and is counted among the beautiful hidden beaches popularised quite a few years ago.

Nugal Beach

One of the most scenic hidden beaches to discover in Croatia, Nugal Beach has a beautiful white sand stretch, clear blue waters, and steep cliffs and pine forests surrounding it. This all-nude beach is situated on Makarska Riveria and has a beautiful pebblestone beach.

A trip to Nugal Beach offers a unique experience, for the beach can only be accessed by a 15 to 30mins walk. If you wish to click Instagram-worthy pictures, this beach is a must-visit. 

Divna Beach

If you seek a beach trip that brings you closer to nature and lets you enjoy a perfect time relaxing under the sunshine, Divna Beach is the hidden gem you must head to. If you have planned a trip with families and friends, all will admire this remote beach. Divna, meaning beautiful in Croatian, is an untouched beach where you can spend quality time and expect minor modern intervention. 

You can just admire the beauty of green pine-clad hills and the calm blue waters. The location of this remote beach is quite convenient; it is situated at a distance of just 10km away from Trpanj. There is also a bar, a restaurant, a nearby parking facility, and some onsite restroom facilities nearby. 

Sahara Beach

Situated on the island of Rab, Sahara Beach is a perfect hidden gem for hikers. A hiking trail of 40 mins leads to this hidden gem with a beautiful sandy stretch and calm waters. Because of its difficult access, only a few tourists plan to visit this beach during their holidays in July or August, but this is good news for travellers who love to explore remote, off-beaten beaches.  

Velo Čelo Beach or Golden Bay Beach 

Yet another hidden gem and still an untouched paradise, the Velo Čelo or the Golden Bay Beach, lies between the bays of Stara Baška and Punat and can only be accessed by the sea for stony cliffs and pine forests surround it.

Golden Bay is derived from its unique golden rocks that glisten more under the sun. You can explore some hidden caves and swim in the calm waters here. 

Ručica Beach

If you visit Pag Island in Dalmatia, Ručica Beach is a must-visit. The crystal clear warm waters and the whitish sandy rocks make this beach unique. As there is not much vegetation nearby, you may feel you have travelled to a beach amidst a desert. The turquoise water and the panoramic views of the sandy rocks that resemble dunes are something not to miss. 

Zabodarski Cove

Another hidden beach destination with a white sand stretch, the Zabodarski Cove boasts an untouched beach that is extremely beautiful and secluded from the city’s crowd. Situated in the Kvarner region and the island of Lošinj, Zabodarski is a 19-minute walk from Ružmarinka Beach and offers a few accommodations and food options.

The route to reaching Zabodarski is quite adventurous as the road sometimes gets bumpier. However, the breathtaking view you get to see is worth the hard work. 

Beritnica Beach

Situated in Metajna Village, Beritnica Beach is the most unique beach in Croatia. This hidden gem is surrounded by rocks and cliffs and is said to be a perfect getaway for romantic couples as it is very secluded.

The pristine water and beautiful shoreline make Beritnica one of the most painted beaches located on Pag Island. You may not be able to enjoy a full range of water activities here, but the stunning views you see are incomparable to any other hidden gems in Croatia. 

Sakarun Beach

The last one on the list, Sakarun Beach, is situated in Zadar County and boasts the most scenic coastline. This beach is located on Dugi Otok Island and can be easily reached by ferry ride from Zadar.

The beach is safe for kids; families can enjoy a great time together, sipping refreshments and soaking in the sun. You can also enjoy a whole lot of water activities here. 

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Wrapping Up!

Exploring Croatia’s hidden beaches is a great option than visiting any other crowded city in Europe and repenting later. Several flights fly to various parts of the country so you can land in the most convenient town that brings you closer to the hidden gems.

As July sees the most tourists, your Croatian holiday can be more relaxing and wholesome if you choose off-beaten paths, so grab the latest July holiday deals to plan your upcoming summer holidays with a unique experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Pick one of our cheap July holidays and enjoy discounts on hotels, resorts, water activities, flights, food, and other events. 


Are there any cheap holiday destinations in Europe in July that offer a beach experience?

Yes, several cheap holiday destinations in Europe in July offer a beach experience. Some popular options include the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, the Algarve region in Portugal, and certain parts of Greece, such as the islands of Crete and Rhodes.

Are there any European countries that are particularly affordable to visit in July?

Several European countries can be particularly affordable to visit in July. Countries in Eastern Europe, such as Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary are known for being budget-friendly. Additionally, some Baltic countries like Lithuania and Latvia offer affordable travel options.

What are some lesser-known European destinations that are cheap to visit in July?

Some lesser-known European destinations that can be cheap to visit in July include Montenegro, Albania, and North Macedonia. These countries offer beautiful landscapes, historical sites, and affordable accommodations compared to some of Europe’s more popular tourist destinations.