Cheap Holidays In April 2024: Discovering The Historic Castles Of Sintra, Portugal

Sintra in Portugal could be the ideal destination for your cheap holidays in April. Wholesome and cheap holidays in April, from classic palaces and architectural pieces belonging to European Romantic architecture to surfing waves and the beach of Praia da Ursa to great hiking trails, a Sintra April holiday has it all.

If you decide to ditch the beach destinations of Costa Del Sol (Spain) and the Canary Islands (Spain), start looking for a cheap holiday in the forests or mountains. 


Cheapest Sintra Holidays: April Holiday Deals

Apart from the architectural marvels that Sintra offers, the enchanting landscape and the pleasant April climate make Sintra a worthy location to visit for the Easter holidays before the summer season.

Tips To Find Great Holiday Deals

Booking Flight Tickets Early

Look for flight-inclusive holidays; sometimes, travel agents book the best flights when you travel cross country, say from Portugal to Spain.

Flight tickets may be in high demand during easter falls, so read all the booking conditions to remain financially protected while planning the holidays. Finding great deals on flight tickets lowers the total price you pay for your holiday.

Book ATOL Protected Holidays

Also, ensure that you buy tour packages that are ATOL protected. ATOL scheme or ATOL protection ensures that all your money is well protected when you make a deposit.

Buy All Inclusive Holiday Packages 

Buying all inclusive holiday packages with an ATOL-certified travel agent makes a huge difference in the total cost of the trip. Look for travel agencies that give coupons or offers all year round. 

Many travel agencies offer great April holiday deals and offers. They calculate the charges per head after excluding infants. 

Book Homestays 

Bed and breakfast deals allow you to enjoy homestays in idyllic locations. However, if you are keen on staying in hotels, travel agencies have packages that include affordable motels and luxurious hotels.

Buy Tickets For Local Transport

Depending on the location, you should hire transport that safely transports you to your final destination. On a beach in Spain, you usually look for an appropriate yacht. But in hilly destinations like Sintra, you need trains or taxis. 

Book all the vehicles from a travel services listed company so that your journey is safe, you comply with the local laws, and the total price you pay is not exorbitant.

Locations For Your April Holidays

Visit Pena Palace In April

Pena Palace is one of the most popular places people visit during the April holidays. The palace, surrounded by lush green forests, offers a rare mix of natural beauty and the splendour of royalty. 

The palace was built in the twelfth century but got ruined by an earthquake. It was later restored by King Ferdinand the Second. The palace is well-connected, and you can take your whole family to Pena Palace on one of the fine sunny days. 

There are free child places in Pena Palace, and there is a lot that your child can learn. So Sintra should be one of the city breaks to educate and enlighten your child.

The admission fee for the palace is around fifty pounds per family. If someone has visited Pena Palace before, take the necessary travel advice from him to avoid the summer rush. Also, have adequate financial protection while making payments for the tickets.

Visit Monserrate Palace In April

If you are interested in witnessing a fusion of Gothic, Arabic, and Indian architecture during your child’s school holidays, you must visit Monserrate Palace. The palace served as a summer home of an English millionaire who loved to travel.

The garden at Monserrate Palace is full of exotic plant species. Apart from the garden, the music hall, the Beckford waterfall, etc., all make your Easter holidays memorable.

Visit Castelo Dos Mouros 

The Castelo Dos Mouros, or Moorish castle, involves a small hike. But if you travel with kids, you can get advance car booking done, from the old town. 

Some opportunities are also available there that allow you to climb the ancient castle wall; the view from the lookout tower makes the entire April holidays worthwhile.

Quinta Da Regaleira

The gardens of Quinta Da Regaleira were constructed to hide a network of tunnels. The inverted towers in the palace are accessible via a spiral stairway. The palace, the Chapel, the park surrounding the palace, and the extensive and enigmatic tunnels are all open to visitors.

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Final Words On April Holidays In Portugal

A Holiday in April away from the beaches of Spain or coastal towns like Costa del Sol can give a memorial holiday. The mountains of Portugal can be relaxing and pleasurable so it is best to explore the most beautiful destinations in Sintra and make the most of April holiday deals. 


What are the best holiday locations in Europe in April?

Some popular holiday destinations in Europe in April include Portugal, Barcelona, Rome, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Paris, and Santorini.

Why are these locations considered the best in April?

These locations are considered best in April because the weather is generally pleasant, with milder temperatures for outdoor exploring. Additionally, these destinations offer an array of attractions, cultural events, and historical landmarks to enjoy.

Why is Portugal a great place to visit in April?

April is an excellent time to visit Portugal for several reasons. The weather is mild and pleasant, with temperatures averaging 18-20°C (65-68°F) and sunny skies. It’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities and relax on the beautiful beaches of the Algarve. Portugal’s Easter celebrations add cultural richness to your experience. Moreover, visiting in April means avoiding the summer crowds, allowing for a more enjoyable and authentic trip.