Cheap UK Holidays For Families

Summer holidays, when the whole family takes a relaxing break and goes far off to the mountains, a lake district, or the sandy beaches, are greatly awaited. When you get some time off from your jam-packed schedule, you want to make the most of every second you spend with your whole family. 

The county of Cornwall in the southwestern part of England is an excellent place for a family break. The county has everything from beaches to sea coves, surfing waters, and walking trails. 

However, the walking trails of Cornwall are the most picturesque. Long walks can add to your physical exercise routines and mesmerise you with the rocky, narrow, sometimes rugged trails. 


Best Walking Trails in Cornwall For The Whole Family

Reaching Cornwall: Starting A Relaxing Summer Family Holiday 


Before you set out on a journey during summer, you must plan well. A last-minute cancellation or lack of kid-friendly or outdoor activities can ruin your summer holidays. So book stunning seaside resorts in the summer and look for all inclusive hotels in Cornwall.

In London during the summer months, reaching Cornwall is quite a simple affair. You can take a train from London and reach St. Ives in less than five hours. Also, if you want your family break to be on a budget, you must book the train tickets well in advance. From North Yorkshire, it takes around six hours.

Things To Know When Planning Summer Family Holidays

family holiday

When planning summer holidays in the UK and on the south coast, you must plan well regarding accommodation, escape rooms, kids clubs, restaurants, etc. 

St Ives is a great base for all the road trails, and Padstow has all the facilities like transport and food hubs that your loved ones may need. If you want your kids to enjoy the coast and soak in the Sun, you must pack in sunscreen. And if you’re going to splurge at a fancy restaurant, you can check out the fine dining restaurants at Padstow.

Most family-friendly accommodations have special facilities for your little ones and parks for older adults, and if you wish to have guests over, you may have to inform them in advance. Some of the holiday resorts offer great value for money. 

You can get a fun-filled UK break with all the modern amenities like hot tubs, swimming pools, kid-friendly fun activities, and that too at low costs.

Visiting Cornwall with your children lets your kids explore and discover natural formations (beaches and cliffs) and man-made architecture. If you visit during the summer, you will have a great stay where you can relax and get the best hotel price.

Action Packed Adventures: Family Holiday Parks And Walking Trails In Summer

Trevon Circular

Trevon Circular

The Trevor round hole is truly treacherous. The hole, almost eighty feet deep, is one of Cornwall’s most dangerous yet unique natural formations. The deep hole is created by collapsing of a crater caused by the constant action of sea waves that finally form a cavity. 

The place is dangerous, and the hole is quite unstable, so an action-packed adventure ride at Trevon Circular is a must-visit. 

However, if you are looking for family fun where the whole family enjoys the holidays, you could miss Trevon Circular. But if you are keen to enjoy a trail and feel the thrill of walking in a national park where you can spot quite a bit of wildlife, include Trevon Circular.

If you plan to visit the Trevon Circular during your family holidays, book accommodation in Padstow. Padstow is a fishing town, and you may need stores to shop in, but you can create lasting memories with your kids.

The Camel Trail

The Camel Trail

The camel trail is nearly an eighteen-mile-long area like the Yorkshire Moors. You can hire bikes from Padstow; if you have older adults, you can also hire a wheelchair. The trail is divided into three major sections. 

The first part is from Padstow To Wadebridge, and the distance is around five miles; the second part is from Wadebridge to Bodmin, and the final stretch is from Bodmin to Wenfordbridge.

If you are keen on budget family holidays, you can use the train instead of a car to reach Bodmin. You can buy refreshments from family-friendly restaurants in Padstow and Bodmin if you have kids.

Unlike Trevon Circular, Camel Trail is a family-friendly holiday option that sees a year-round rush.

Polzeath To Port Isaac

Polzeath To Port Isaac

The walk along the beach from Polzeath to Port Isaac has become one of the best walking trails in Cornwall. The ten-mile-long trail is slightly strenuous, but if your kids are somewhat older, it is a fun inclusion to your weekend family holiday itinerary. If you are going with your kids, you can try fun activities like collecting natural materials and playing I Spy. 

The ten-mile journey is moderately long, and if you wish to spend time with your family and have a fun-filled holiday at the same time, make it a point to visit the landmarks on this trail, like the Pentine Point.

The trail includes coastal sections (beautiful beaches, towering cliffs, and secluded bays) and inland regions. The complex landscape guarantees a lovely, relaxing experience, along with moments of adventure that pop up occasionally.

Penzance To Newlyn

Penzance To Newlyn

If you have scheduled your family holidays in the winter months, include the walk from Penzance to the small town of Newlyn in your itinerary. When you arrive at St Ives from London, you head straight to Penzance and complete the fun walk from Penzance to Newlyn on foot.

The route has some of the most breathtaking views you can encounter on your weekend holidays. If you like Victorian art and history, you can head directly to the tropical Victorian gardens and parks. But if you are fond of staying close to nature, spend some time in Penzance.

The walk from Penzance To Newlyn is not very strenuous, and it does not matter if you have kids or older adults in your family; everyone can take this trip together. If you plan to stop at the parks en route, the journey will be long, so it is a good idea to grab a bite at a restaurant in Penzance before you set out.

You can stop en route to Newlyn in several places, and the perfect time to start the trip would be in the morning. So leave your accommodation in Penzance at around eight or nine in the morning to enjoy the trail to the fullest.

Trail To Land’s End Coaster During Summer

Land’s End Coaster

The land’s end coaster is the westernmost point of England, and the splendid sunsets are worth the trip. You will witness some of England’s most stunning summer locations throughout the hike. So if you want to hike and relax with your family, this trek is necessary.

Cornwall: A Summer Family Break

Similar to cheap weekend breaks in the UK, a family holiday where all the family plans in the UK is what exactly you need to overcome the tiredness of a tedious work week. Cornwall is heaven for nature lovers, where the Sun shines bright all summer. 

The location of Cornwall is such that it is well connected to London. The weather is pleasant during the summer, and your children will have great fun on the lovely shores and the geographical treasures they discover. 

Many families in London make it a point to take last-minute UK breaks every alternate summer, and if your family also loves the beach and natural parks, book accommodation in Cornwall.