Cheap Holidays To Zante In 2023/2024


Zante, also known as Zakynthos, is home to one of the most photographed sites in Greece, Shipwreck Beach. You will be enchanted by this place’s beauty, parties, culture, and adventure.

Yes, Zante is quite famous for its party scenes and, of course, the lush green landscapes. That is why many tourists visit this favourite destination in the Ionian Islands. The stunning beaches, clean Mediterranean water, charming towns, and wildlife will take your breath away.

Be sure to get the authentic taste of Greece. To get cheap Zante holidays, choose the all-inclusive packages and get the best deals. With the best packages, you can discover miles of coastline in the south along with the National Marine Park, where you can see the famous loggerhead sea turtles.

Loggerhead Turtles Of Zante & Unique Wildlife Experience

What is one of the best things that you can do in Zante? Well, swimming with the turtles! You can visit the islet of Marathonisi, also known as Turtle Island and one of the most vital areas for the endangered turtle species. 

There is no doubt that Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Greece, especially for nature and beach lovers. If you want to look closely and have a unique wildlife experience, add Zakynthos to your bucket list. So, let’s find out what this place holds for you. 

Where is Zakynthos?

zakynthos sunrise

Zakynthos, or Zante, is a small island in the Ionian Sea on the west side of Greece. This stunning island is known for having beautiful beaches, all-night party spots, bars and clubs, fantastic restaurants, and various cheap and affordable accommodation options. 

And one interesting fact is that around the world, this turtle island is where you can be guaranteed to see some fantastic wildlife and ancient creatures. In fact, not only tourists but scientists also have a great interest in the place.

These turtles are known as loggerheads due to their appearance’; they have enormous heads and a pointed beak. The adult loggerhead turtle can grow up to 45 inches and weigh around 352 lbs. 

If you look at their shell, it is magnificent golden brown, and their skin is brown and yellow. If you have seen other turtle species while diving or snorkelling, you will be amazed by the unique appearance of these loggerhead turtles. 

Reasons To Visit Zante


Is Zante worth visiting? It is worth visiting if you love stunning beaches, mind-blowing views of olive groves, sky-blue Mediterranean waters, and magnificent natural sights. Just a few kilometres from mainland Greece, you will be welcomed with gorgeous beach views and the best nightlife with bars and clubs. 

In addition, you can also visit the rustic hill villages in the beautiful countryside, take cliff walks and visit secluded cloves. So, are you tempted? Or do you need more reasons? Well, then check out why a trip to Zante holidays is a memorable experience. 

Enjoy The Vibrant Nightlife

If you are a party person, the resort of Lagana will be perfect. Lagan is one of the opt destinations and a popular place for holidays. You can dance the night away and join the beach parties. 

So, it is not wrong to say that Lagana is one of the wildest destinations in the Ionian Islands. There are varieties of bats, cafes, and some famous names such as Zeros and Megaclubs of Rescue.

And if you are looking for something with a family-friendly party scene, you can visit Zante Town and enjoy your family holidays. There are several fantastic cocktail bars and tavernas to meet with local Greeks. 

Also, several popular Zante holiday resorts will let you enjoy the turquoise water, gentle waves and endless days of deep-blue skies and sunshine.

The Best Beaches

What can Zante offer? Amazing beaches, of course. You can soak up in the sun on Kalamaki Beach, go to Banana Beach and explore fun activities for the explorers, and visit Porta Roma and explore some hidden coves. Zante has something for everybody.

Several Historical Sites

History buffs can visit several historical sights, such as Bohali Castle overlooking Zante Town. You can learn about Venetian history or, if you wish, go in the evening and enjoy the enchanting sunset. So, it works as a perfect romantic holiday too.

Must For Watersport Lovers

Zante’s east coast of the island provides the opportunity for anyone who enjoys watersports, just like banana boating, water skiing, etc.

Enjoy The Natural Wonders

Zante has impressive natural wonders; you can dip into the sea and enjoy the beautiful wonders the sea has to offer. For snorkelling lovers, Cameo Island is one of Europe’s top places to enjoy the below-the-sea wonders and swim with sea turtles.  

Enjoy The Cultural Hotspot

Visiting the lush countryside will take you to the world of Greek culture; You can see the mountainous and calm village and explore Greek culture. The town is charming, full of vineyards and olive groves.

Best Time To See Loggerhead Turtle

Loggerhead Turtle

The best time when you have a high chance of seeing these magnificent species is between May and October. One interesting fact: In 2018, scientists encountered around 1460 nests, which means that although these species are rare, their numbers are increasing.

According to scientists, Loggerhead turtles are the most endangered turtle species. When you visit the sea, you can see several volunteers and staff giving out pamphlets to tourists and educating them.

The best time to visit Zante is during summertime; also, you can enjoy the sandy beaches on a warm sunny day. 

Where Can You See Turtles In Zante

Loggerhead Turtle in Zante

Do you want to see the turtle laying eggs? Or do you want to see the eggs hatching? Or do you want to swim with these magnificent creatures? 

The answer to this question is Laganas Beach. Loggerhead turtles also have nesting grounds and habitats on other beaches, but they are most frequently found in Lagana Beach. As you have seen above, you have the best chance to see the endangered loggerhead turtles between May and October. 

Also, remember to head out with a snorkel and a mask when you go swimming to see these turtles. The most vital part is to keep your distance from the turtles and respect them. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Spotting The Turtles

turtle in zante

When you look at these turtles, you can see their hard shells, and one might feel they are invincible. While these enormous animals with hard shells may seem nearly indestructible, they are quite sensitive creatures. 

They can easily be stressed out or injured if you’re not careful while you’re around them. Their nesting habitat is vulnerable, and even though their number is increasing, they are still considered endangered. Remember to keep these suggestions in mind. 

Book A Tour

You can take some tours that will take you to see the turtles and some other sights, including drinks and lunch. Also, booking tours are affordable, and you can explore some incredible locations. 

Do Not Litter The Beach

One of the major threats to the existence of these turtles is plastic and other litter. Keep the beaches clean to ensure these turtles have a safe journey from their nesting ground toward the sea. This way, the turtles will not consume harmful substances, and their digestive system will be free of toxic debris. So, remember to clean up after you leave the beach.

Do Not Turn On The Lights Of Your Devices

Loggerhead Sea Turtles’ have compassionate eyes. When the eggs hatch, the baby turtles use the moon’s light to find their way to the sea. So, ensure that your devices are not emitting bright lights. And if you are taking photos, do it without the flash. 

Say No To The Bonfire

Several tourists without the knowledge can go to the nesting ground of the turtles and have a bonfire. However, this is not a good idea. So, before you decide to go on a sandy beach and enjoy a bonfire, check out that it is not the nesting ground. 

Keep The Boat Speed Slow

You must ask the driver to slow down if you are taking a boat trip and the drive is fast. There have been instances where the turtles have been injured by speeding boats on the boat trip. 

Reach Out To Sea Turtle Conservation Center

You can always reach the conservation centre for help if you are in doubt. 

What Are The Best Beaches In Zante?

Agios Nikolaos beach

The Zakynthos coastline has no qualms about what beaches it chooses to have. If sandy beaches have plenty of facilities, you’ll want to visit Tsilivi Beaches and Agios Nikolaos beaches. 

The waters are shallow, making them suitable for families with young ones. Do you need to visit lively beaches? Then it should be Lagana – a beautiful beach filled with beach bars, lounges, and parasols.

Banana Beach is ideal for a peaceful and quiet place by the sea. Also, remember to see the shipwreck beach and its beautiful cove, which is only accessible by boat.

Top Things To Do In Zante

Zante is one of Greece’s top island destinations; however, you can indeed have cheap Zante holidays within your budget. Zante offers several activities: beaches, historical sites, and charming towns are the top five things you must do when visiting this popular destination. 

Reach Navagio Beach/Shipwreck Beach

Shipwreck beach

It is one of the most visited sites in Greece. Soaring white cliffs surround the beach, and you will see sandy coves that provide a perfect picture-perfect backdrop. It is also known as smugglers cove. You must explore the shipwreck ruins, which serve as a unique experience for beach lovers. 

Tsilivi Waterpark

Tsilivi Waterpark

You must scream down the fantabulous slides for the water babies, or you can race your friends and all the family on the multi-slide. And for the little ones, there are larger-than-life toys and a pirate ship that will keep them happy for hours.

So, visit the Tsilivi beach and the waterpark to get in the spirit of the summer Zante holiday. 

Admire The Zakynthos Town 

Zakynthos Town

In Zakynthos Town, several cobbled streets look like a maze filled with modern and Venetian-style buildings. You can shop at Alexander Roma if you are into designer clothes. If you want a beautiful view, go to Agios Markos Square. 

Apart from these, several attractions are there for your enjoyment. For example, you must visit the Cultural Centre and Byzantine Museum in Solomos Square. You can also visit the Solomos Church, the Catholic Church of St Mark and the Solomos Museum. 

If you wish to explore Zakynthos town and learn more about its history, you can take the Tourist Train and let the fun begin.

Anafonitria Monastery

Anafonitria Monastery

It is a Byzantine monastery built in the 15th Century. It has great historical significance. If you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the town and the buzzing atmosphere, you must visit the peaceful atmosphere here at this monastery. Also, you can learn about the history of its clock tower and crumbling walls. 

Snorkelling And Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Zante

Zante is beautiful above the land and beneath the sea. As beautiful as its land is, the sea is magnificent too. You can explore the underway ancient wrecks, caves, and of course, the sea turtles. 

Must-Visit Natural Wonders

Marathonisi Island

Zante’s landscape is spectacular and diverse; it has golden sands, beautiful scenery, blue wares, etc. Some locations are a must-visit if you want to soak in the beauty of nature:  

  • The National Marine Park: This marine park is on the south coast, and the sandy beaches have around nine hundred to two thousand turtle nests yearly. This park has a lively nightlife, stunning beaches, and family-friendly hotels and resorts; it is a perfect mix of tourist delights and natural beauty. 
  • Marathonisi Island: It is a tiny island, also known as Turtle Island; it is so because it has a shape similar to a turtle. There are high chances that you will spot turtles either in the sea or you can find their traces on the golden sands. 
  • Sunsets: Sunsets always look beautiful, but there is something magnificent about the evening at Zante. For romantic holidays, find a perfect spot around the Keri lighthouse or get a taverna and enjoy the view.
  • Xigia Beach: This beach is covered in small white pebbles cover the beach at Xigia. Also, the nearby sulphurous source gets released into the sea, giving the sea a milky effect. It is believed that the sea has some therapeutic effects, so why not give this wonder of nature a chance? 
  • Blue caves: Blue caves stretch from Agios Nikolas to the Skinari cape, and you can reach them here by taking boat rides. Everything turns blue after it enters the water, including people too! 

How To Reach Zakynthos

You can reach Zante by aeroplane or by car. You can also take a ferry through the port of Kilini. There are direct flights to Zante, especially during summer. One can get direct flights from Athens to Zante.

Also, there are direct flights from other parts of Europe too. You can pick it as your stopover, depending on your departure country. 


Summing up, Zante has incredible sunny weather, spectacular beach areas with golden sand, and an attractive and warm atmosphere that attracts visitors of all sorts. Zante town is about the Ionian Sea, legendary nightclubs, long nights in music bars and lazy days on sandy beaches. 

Apart from seeing and swimming with the magnificent loggerhead turtle, there is so much that you can do. You can enjoy thrilling watersports like water skiing and discover hidden gems and histories.

So, book your stay at hotels in Zante, hit the Greek island, and be ready to have a vacation you will cherish forever. 


Can Zante be a family holiday?

Yes! The sandy beaches, soft sands, beautiful countryside, gorgeous beaches, shallow crystal clear waters, and family-friendly hotels in Zante are perfect for families. 
The wildlife and adventure activities, such as boat trips, and go-karting, will excite the kids. Kalamaki and Tsilivi Beach are best for a family holiday. 

What months are best to visit Zante?

The climate can be hot, and it has hot and long summers from June to October. So the best months are May and October. The hottest months are July and August; however, since it is time for summer vacations, you can see a crowd of beach lovers.

Is Zante a good party holiday location?

If you are looking for fantastic bars and clubs and want to enjoy the nightlife, you will love Zante, and your holiday search for a party town ends here. 
From all-night clubs to boat parties, this town has everything. From a relaxing atmosphere to the hustle and bustle, Zante covers all holiday types.