Cheap Holidays In June 2024

There are several reasons why Croatia has been declared the gem of the Mediterranean vacation. This peaceful nation is an ideal destination for planning cheap holidays in June to enjoy with your loved ones and make unforgettable memories to cherish. 

Although it has grown in popularity recently, Croatia is a paradise for travellers who love the beach, the bright hot sun, luxurious boat trips, romantic beach-side dates, the tropical climate, lip-smacking food and flavorful breakfast beside the blue lagoons. 

Croatia’s 1244 islands and the picturesque Adriatic Sea make it the perfect destination for island hopping. With some preparation, organisation, and planning, it is possible to experience family holidays on a budget and create the perfect June holiday itinerary. 

Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of this tropical paradise during your vacation in June. 


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How To Experience The Best Of The Croatian Islands On A Budget

Avoid A Package Tour

Making travel arrangements is essential for keeping costs low in Europe destinations like Croatia. It entails researching which islands to check out, where to reside, how to move from one island to the next, and everything else you need to do to enjoy your holidays in full swing. If you can plan city break destinations independently, you get many options to save on budget.  

Find The Correct Time To Travel

Because of the sunny weather, warm water temperatures, and frequent ferry transit, early summer is the most popular period to visit Croatia’s coast. Budget travellers should avoid July and August holidays owing to higher lodging rates.

Opt for off-season months like May, June, or September, with lower tourist numbers and costs instead of the peak season. Check multiple sites for cheap holidays in June and explore the islands by flying to prominent coastal places and then to the islands. 

Knowing which airport to choose while entering and leaving the island can save time and money by arranging a return flight from a different airport.

Set Time Limits In Big Towns

The one wandering in Croatia should focus on larger port towns like Pula, Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik. For budget-conscious travelers, consider spending less time in cities like Dubrovnik.

Opt for a day’s bus excursion to Krka National Park, an hour’s drive from Split, for a unique combination of wildlife, waterfalls and sunshine.

Choose The Correct Islands

The length of your holidays will influence your decision on which islands to explore. A shorter holiday reduces the number of islands seen. It means those islands must be closer together and may need to be more accessible from mainland ports or arrival centres.

It can be done in two ways:

  • Planning your transportation to Croatia and deciding where to stay, i.e. south, north, or centre of the nation, and then choosing islands accordingly.
  • Choose your islands first, then plan your arrival and departure flights accordingly.

Some of the best places you could visit are as follows:

  • The most popular islands for travelling between Split and Dubrovnik are Korcula, Hvar, Mljet and Brac. Hvar is an excellent destination with amazing resorts to party until dawn and spend money. 
  • Korcula’s medieval settlement is famous in the whole world. The central town has historically dominated the scene with its cobblestone passageways, modest alley cafés, and beachfront resorts. Korcula is also less expensive than the majority of the other islands.
  • Dubrovnik, Zadar and Split are of great value for students offering them various offers and discounts. 
  • Mljet, a calmer island and national park, is an excellent place for the June holidays with its charming settlement of Saplunara.
  • Explore other Croatian islands like Pula, Sibenik Kvarner, Zadar, Brijuni, and Kornati for a perfect holiday getaway.

Consider student discounts like the International Student Card (ISIC) and staying with a local through Couch surfing or purchasing a Croatia pass for deals.

Explore The Islands On Your Own

It is simple to arrange for transportation between islands via ferry. However, motor trips can be costly, and some islands don’t allow vehicles. To book car or passenger ferry routes, visit Croatia Ferries, Jarrolinija, Bookaway and Krilo. 

Plan if you want to travel in June and save money. Plan early to go far during the busy season, as only many ferry routes and seats are available. Early booking can prevent a hole in your pocket. Tickets for ferries can be purchased at any of the ports.

Be Wise To Choose The Optimum Transport Wherever Possible

When visiting Croatian islands, there are various ways to get around, including car rental, local bus, rental scooter, bicycle, taxi, or walking. 

  • Car travel is generally allowed on the islands but can be expensive. Group travel and splitting of the costs can be an easy solution to this problem. 
  • A local bus is a good option for budget travellers, especially during summer. Take a Flixbus trip, which offers Wi-Fi, power outlets, and comfortable seating.
  • Bicycles are also an excellent option for fitness and travel during your June holidays. 
  • Taxis can be limited and expensive but can sometimes be the only option.
  • Rent a scooter as your primary form of transportation, as roads form a loop.
  • Walking is an excellent option for budget travellers, as many Croatian islands offer hiking opportunities amidst the sunshine. Take free walking tours in Dubrovnik and Split, which offer a chance to learn about the area’s history and customs. 

Get a tourist card for free rides on public transit and discounted admission to attractions like museums and the zoo. 

Get Your Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential for a budget-friendly travel experience in Croatia. It protects against injuries, sickness, robbery, and trip cancellations. All bases are covered in case of an emergency. It ensures your budget is not affected. 

Know What To Carry Along

To pack the right gear, consider the following five basics:

  1. An excellent camera
  2. Good walking shoes
  3. A good guidebook
  4. A metal water bottle
  5. A good backpack

These items will help you capture stunning photos and enjoy the unique experiences of Croatia’s medieval cities. It will cost you more if you have to buy it there.

Get Accommodated Smartly

Save money on accommodation by staying out of the city, such as Gruž or Babin Kuk, rather than in the Old Town. Private apartments in Croatia have grown, offering self-catering options, shared barbecues, and complimentary services like bikes. 

Choosing suitable hotels can save on food costs and make the most of your time in the city. Stay in Komiza, a less touristy, budget-friendly option with great restaurants and a boat to the Blue Cave.

Enjoy A Fine Dining 

To save money while dining in Croatia, consider the following tips: 

  • Choose local seafood at restaurants and bars, such as grilled fish or marred. Avoid the cover charge per person, which usually includes a bread basket. 
  • Incorporate a marred meal, a Dalmatian version of brunch, into your meals. 
  • Snack on burek, a delicious filo pastry pie from a nearby bakery. 
  • Stock up on food and drinks at convenience stores, as eating out can add up quickly on a small island. 
  • Drink tap water, which is entirely drinkable in Croatia. Opt for obina voda instead of bottled water. 

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The Bottom Line

You can ditch Greece, Turkey, Spain, or Portugal this time, as these European destinations are pretty crowded all year round. Croatia boasts over a thousand islands, hundreds of miles of sapphire coastline dotted with historic villages, its bustling capital city, and an undervalued wine region making it one of the top destinations for travellers to visit in early summer. 

With the above tips and points, you can appreciate the country’s splendour, grab the latest June holiday deals to save more on the budget and plan perfect summer holidays with families and friends.