Cheap Holidays In December 2023: A Christmas Markets In Europe Guide


December holidays are one of the best things in the entire year. And UK December is best known worldwide. This festive season is marked by holidays, delicious food, and unlimited family fun. Additionally, the new year’s fun is exhilarating! 

So, what are your plans for this December? Even Christmas is arriving soon! If you need clarification, we have a complete guide on Away Holidays. How about visiting Vienna in this December holiday? This city in Austria transformed into a winter paradise completely. Also, there is one more perk of visiting Vienna in December. You will get attractive December holiday deals by which you can enjoy your cheap holidays in December to Vienna. 

Vienna is also known as a romantic getaway destination. The stunning beaches, the winter sun, and the relaxing weather make it a perfect place for kids, adults, and elderlies. Not just this, the Christmas Markets held in December make Vienna one of the best destinations.

Best Christmas Holiday Destinations In December

Christmas Markets In Vienna

December is a combination of holidays and festivals. And when both of these come together, there is fun, happiness, laughter, and lots of shopping. What could be better than visiting the famous Christmas markets in Vienna? These markets not only have all sorts of modern items but also unique products that reflect the city’s authentic culture, customs, and history. The handcrafted treasures and exquisite delicacies are like the cherry on the cake! 

So are you excited to be at these lovely colourful December markets in Vienna? Let’s look at some of the famous ones in the town.

Christkindlmarkt at Rathausplatz

The Christkindlmarkt in Rathausplatz is one of Vienna’s most renowned and significant markets for Christmas shopping. This market has a magical atmosphere nestled against the majestic City Hall Rathaus backdrop. The glistening Christmas tree, covered with twinkling lights and ornaments, is the market’s focal point and highlights that the December holidays are near. 

Over 150 kiosks sell fine handicrafts, wooden toys, pottery, and delicate decorations in this place. In short, you can have a nice day trip to this spot, exploring plenty of fancy varieties here. Don’t forget to enjoy classic Austrian dishes such as roasted chestnuts, traditional pastries, and spiced mulled wine here. After the sun sets, you will also find live music and cultural events in this market, which adds to the joyful ambience.

Belvedere Palace Christmas Market

Belvedere Palace market is a popular choice among many tourists visiting Vienna. Do you know why? It is because this market oozes elegance and charm! Also, this market is held against the stunning backdrop of the Belvedere Palace. What a view to watch! The historical setting, mixed with the creative flare of the sellers, will surely be an unforgettable experience for you.

Many people visit this market and browse stalls to get great deals on high-quality crafts, artwork, and artisanal products. While drinking hot chocolate and eating Austrian specialities, meander around this market’s wonderfully lighted garden path. Prefer going to this place at noon as it is slightly empty, and you can roam around peacefully. 

Christmas Market at Schönbrunn Palace

The Schönbrunn Palace Christmas Market offers a royal and majestic backdrop amid the imperial gardens of the Schönbrunn Palace. Yet another fancy place in the city! The ideal time to visit this market spot is during the sunset. When the sunshine hits the backdrop of the palace, it is a sight to watch! 

Returning to shopping, visitors may experience a range of traditional and modern crafts in this market, from handcrafted jewellery to delicate glassware. Spend a good time here with the scent of freshly made pastries and toasted almonds. It permeates the air and creates a welcoming environment. This market also has free child places where children can ride the carousel and participate in seminars. 

Spittelberg Holiday Market

Take a nice city break and head to the famous December market in the lovely Spittelberg area. The best part about this market is that it provides a more personal and bohemian environment. The beautiful sunshine, the use of natural elements, the white sands, and the nearby beaches makes Spittelberg unique among all.

Cobblestone streets flanked with brightly coloured Biedermeier-style cottages provide the scene for an unforgettable shopping experience. The Spittelberg Christmas Market showcases handcrafted jewellery, textiles, and artwork by local artists and designers. You can also find stay hotel nearby this market where you can relax after a long shopping getaway.

Above all, take advantage of the opportunity to explore the winding lanes and find hidden gems in this creative and attractive market of the UK.

Freyung’s Altwiener Christkindlmarkt

This ancient December market dates back to historical times. It was established in 1972 and is a must-see for all tourists. You may find infinite traditional artisans and craftspeople here who sell anything from nativity displays to traditional attire. 

With its historical setting and traditional wares, the market is noted for its nostalgic charm, sending visitors back in time. From hotels to kiosks in this market – all truly depict the history of Vienna. So, explore the rich cultural legacy maintained inside this charming market and get inspiration to experiment with something new this December holidays.

The WinterMarkt At MuseumsQuartier

Having a December holiday in Vienna and not attending the Wintermarkt at MuseumsQuartier is a big crime! This market is a must to shop for Christmas items this December holiday. The market lane has unique modern art pieces, designs, and winter celebrations.

This market puts a new spin on the typical December market with current design goods, fashion, and unique crafts. Indeed, you can gather more inspiration for Christmas from such destinations. For instance, you can explore the newly launched outdoor installations and more.  The market’s contemporary and cosmopolitan ambience differs from Vienna’s traditional marketplaces.

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In Conclusion

Initially, Vienna was just known for its fishing village, white sand beaches, and Caribbean vibe – but now the Christmas markets in Vienna have made this city more popular. Not that you can only shop from this place, but also celebrate a Christmas with your friends and family that you cherish all life.  

Also, the historical items and some fancy festive wear are the particular highlights of these markets. Each of them offers a unique experience that you must try. So, whether you are just looking for gifts to give your friends after the December holiday in Vienna or traditional handicrafts to decorate your home this Christmas – these markets provide something for everyone!  

So, book your flights to Vienna this winter, plan your trip, and stroll in the December markets this holiday. Don’t forget to explore the nearby canary islands, Riviera Maya, spend some time on the beach and let this festive season be the best for you.