Cheap Holidays To Marmaris In 2023

A paradise, Marmaris is a mesmerising resort town located by the shore of the Aegean Sea. This beautiful coastal town is praised by tourists worldwide for its turquoise coast, beautiful beaches, authentic Turkish cuisine, gorgeous grand bazaar, lively atmosphere, and Mediterranean climate.

Also recognised as the ‘Monaco of Turkey’, Marmaris is a perfect romantic getaway for sun seekers, live music lovers, beach and boat trip lovers, and those seeking travel destinations with abundant nightlife.

For those seeking a perfect family holiday, Marmaris is an ideal destination to plan an unforgettable trip for the whole family. If you are about to plan cheap holidays to Marmaris, and make the most of its breathtaking boat tours, read further. 


Amazing Boat Tours & What You Need To Know Before You Go

What Is Marmaris Famous For?

Marmaris offers one of the best views of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. With Sandy beaches, delicious cuisine, clearest blue waters, and stunning views of pine-clad hills, Marmaris can undoubtedly be declared a beach paradise with some of the best hotels and restaurants.

While most tourists head to Spain, Greece, and Italy for a luxurious beach and boat trip, not many realise that Turkey has even better, more tranquil beaches. And among such hidden gems, Marmaris offers the most stunning views of the turquoise coast and pine hills.

Other than its glamorous golden sand beaches, Marmaris is also recognised for its ancient ruins, night activities, water parks and their thrilling water slides, family-friendly water parks like the Atlantis Water Park, less-crowded beaches, the Ottoman Castle, the old town and the grand bazaar, boat rides, and the nearby attractive islands like the Sedir Island. 

Marmaris has average temperatures yearly, so tourists visit this exceptional resort town for the entire year. Although Marmaris Beach, Long Beach, and Daylan Iztuzu Beach are some of the popular attractions, they are not as crowded as the beaches you find on Spanish, Italian, or Greek Island. Most of the luxury resorts have their own private beach that is more tranquil. 

Your Marmaris holidays are incomplete without trying out the list of Turkish cuisine that Marmaris is famous for. You must try Lokma, Helva, Gevrek, Turkish Kebabs, Gozleme, Kuzu Güveç, köfte, Börek, Dolma, and many others. 

A Brief History Of This Resort Town

Marmaris, the most beautiful resort town in Turkey you can picture today, was a lot different in the past. Believed to have existed from 3400 BC, the habitation in Marmaris began with a tribe called Kar. During the 6th century B.C., Marmaris was part of the Carian Empire and remained the same until the capture of the Ottomans. 

It was in 1425 the Ottoman Empire took over the town. Thus, you see the ancient ruins of many Ottoman architectures, including the extravagant Ottoman Castle, recognised locally as Marmaris Castle, which is still maintained and is in a good state.

The Ottoman Castle was built in 1521 AD, and it was during that time Kanuni Sultan Suleyman named the town ‘Mimaras’, which later transformed into the present name, Marmaris. 

What Is So Special About Marmaris Boat Tours?

Marmaris boasts one of Turkey’s most beautiful turquoise coasts; hence, it is an ideal place to enjoy cheap boat tours with your family or special ones. Compared to boat tours on the Canary Islands or Santorini, Marmaris offers an equally enticing experience at a much lower budget.  

Marmaris’s boat trips include everything you seek in a perfect holiday. You can sail with your loved ones on a spacious boat and admire the beauty of the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea. You can swim at tranquil bays, discover untouched beaches and sunbathe, go scuba diving, or enjoy fishing. Boat tour tickets at Marmaris include the expenses of food and refreshments, sightseeing, and the water activities you wish to indulge in. 

For sun seekers or early birds, a bout tour can lead to more explorations and thrilling adventures. A luxury boat trip can lead you to the nearby islands quite popular among tourists and await many exciting activities. You can enjoy a day trip or even spend a night on the famous Sedir Island, Cleopatra Island, Greek Island, and Rhodes Island. These islands are home to some of the most luxurious properties with a private beach. 

You can also visit famous nearby attractions like Aquarium Bay, Kumlubuk, Jesus Beach, and Turtle Beach. These beaches and bays are recognised for their breathtaking landscapes and crystal clear waters.

Things To Know Before You Opt For Marmaris Boat Tours

Before you plan a luxurious boat tour in Marmaris, here are a few things you must know:

  • Language and Currency: The official language spoken in Marmaris is Turkish, and the currency you can use here is the Turkish Lira. Even if Turkish is the official language spoken in this resort town, English is widely understood and is used for communication, especially with tourists. 
  • Boat Tour Timings: The boat services begin in the early hours, start from 9:30 am, and last until 4:30 pm. 
  • Types Of Boats You Can Choose: Different options are available for boat rides you wish to enjoy. You can choose from sailboats, cruise rides, and luxury catamarans depending on your budget and the places you want to explore. 
  • Time Taken: The boat tours last up to 7 hours depending on the islands you are visiting and the water activities you wish to participate in. 
  • What To Carry: To enjoy a boat tour at the most, you can carry a few mandatory things that improve the experience. You must not forget to carry an extra pair of clothing (if about to engage in water activities), sunscreen because there will be a lot of beach visits and sun baths, a camera to capture the most beautiful moments, towels, and swimsuits. 
  • Things Provided Onboard: A ticket for your boat trip includes food and beverages so that you will be provided drinks, refreshments, snacks, and lunch. 
  • What Facilities Are Included In A Ticket: Other than food and refreshments, your ticket will include water activities, hotel pick-up and drop, and insurance. 
  • Activities You Can Enjoy: There are several water activities to enjoy during your Marmaris boat tour, but the most special ones include scuba diving, fishing, and snorkelling. 
  • Price Of Boat Tours: The ticket price varies based on the booking site or the agencies you use. On average, an all-inclusive adult ticket costs around 16 £ for children between 4 to 8 years; the price is between £4 to £8, and for infants, the tours are free. 

How To Reach Marmaris?

The most convenient and easiest way of reaching Marmaris is via Dalaman Airport. It is also one of the most common travel routes chosen by tourists. Another convenient route can be to fly to Bodrum Airport and opt for the local bus services or paid cabs. The distance from Bodrum Airport to Marmaris is almost 130 km. 

If your trip begins from the Greek Island of Rhodes, you can easily reach Marmaris through ferry rides. Another convenient way is to rely on bus routes from Istanbul and Antalya; the journey can take between 10 to 13 hours. 

Other Exciting Things To Do In Marmaris Other Than Boat Trips 

Other than experiencing a luxurious boat trip with your loved ones, Marmaris has many natural and man-made attractions that you cannot miss. Here are some attractions and activities that must be on your bucket list. 

Enjoy Thrilling Adventures With Your Whole Family At The Atlantis Water Park

The Atlantis Water Park is a lovely place to spend the most amazing time with your whole family, primarily to entertain your kids. With thrilling water slides, themed rides, a kids club, fun zones, wave pools, a bowling parlour, and a mini golf course, the Atlantis Water Park is a major attraction of Marmaris, and the most stunning part, this park has its private beach.

Your holidays to Marmaris are incomplete without visiting the fascinating Atlantis Water Park. 

Savour The Real Taste Of Turkish Delights 

Turkish cuisine needs no introduction; they are praised worldwide for their exquisite variety, fragrance, and flavours. Marmaris is home to the best hotels and restaurants that serve authentic Turkish food, so try some of the best cuisines.

Icmeler, Bar Street, Marmaris Marina, Uzunyali Beach, and inside the Marmaris Castle are some of the best places in the town to try out delicious cuisines. The local food you can taste here has Persian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Central Asian, Balkan, and Caucasian influences. 

Love Beaches And Blue Skies? Visit Marmaris Beach, Long Beach, Dalyan Iztuzu Beach, and the Siteler Area Beach 

Marmaris has some of the most pristine beaches to relax and enjoy laid-back days. Every beach in this town has a speciality; some are recognised for their clear blue waters, some for their live music and foam parties, and others for captivating views of pine hills and tranquil coasts. 

All Marmaris beaches are family-friendly; you can make everlasting memories with your whole family. The best beaches to include in your buck list are Marmaris Beach, Long Beach, Dalyan Iztuzu Beach, Turunc Beach, Siteler Area Beach, Kumlubuk Beach, and Amos Beach. 

Breathtaking Sunrise Awaits At The Icmeler Beach For Early Risers

The beauty of the rising sun and its soft rays reflecting on the crystal clear waters of the beach is a magical moment and a great way to begin a beautiful day. Icmeler Beach is recognised for its calm waters and surrounding hills, and this peaceful aura is perfect for witnessing the most beautiful sunrise of your life. 

Attend Laser And Foam Parties At The Bar Street

Bar Street is a gem of Marmaris for live music, dance clubs, foam parties, discos, and a lively atmosphere. This famous street witnesses a buzzing crowd even during the day but at night, the picture is different; the streets are more glamorous and host various activities.

Besides dancing your heart out to the live music and discos, you can try lip-smacking local food from food stalls and restaurants. Visit Bar Street with your partner at night to maximise the activities offered here. 

Explore The Picturesque Marmaris Old Town 

A must-visit to consider on your day trips, the Old Town of Marmaris offers picturesque views of the narrow streets, beautiful Ottoman-style houses, cafes and restaurants, cobblestone pathways, and so much more. Every narrow street you come across is picturesque, so begin walking in the early hours and choose a local restaurant for a sumptuous lunch. 

Go Scuba Diving In Turquoise Waters Of Marmaris Beach 

The Marmaris Beach hosts several exciting water activities. And if you wish to enjoy a thrilling underwater experience, you can go scuba diving. You can find experienced divers at Marmaris Beach who ensure you enjoy a safe and breathtaking experience. 

Take A Jeep Safari To Explore Magical Waterfalls

 Marmaris is blessed with magical waterfalls that are the town’s hidden gems. If you wish to travel off-beat, take a jeep safari to the Marmaris or Turgut Waterfall and swim in the coolest and cleanest water. 

Take A Stunning Cruise Ride To Dalyan River

A perfect day tour from Marmaris; if you are interested in fishing and wish to relax on a tranquil beach, the journey to the Dalyan River is fascinating. You can also admire the beauty of Dalyan Cliffs and discover the tombs inside them. The river is surrounded by natural beauty and awaits many adventure activities. 

Witness An Exotic Fauna Variety In Marmaris National Park

A great place to visit with your whole family, the Marmaris National Park is home to an exotic variety of fauna like never seen before. You can spot adorable red squirrels, hedgehogs, weasels, foxes, bears, jackals, and lynxes. 

Explore The Ancient Ruins Of Kedrai

A treasure for history buffs, the ancient ruins of Kedrai are a fantastic place to explore Turkish history. The ruins are situated on Sedir Island and give a hint that it was once a crowded, Hellenistic city. Nearby lies the calm Cleopatra Beach, pine forests, and olive groves. 

Love Castles And Fairy Tales? Visit The Marmaris Castle, A.K.A The Majestic Ottoman Castle 

The magnificent Ottoman Castle, popularly recognised as Marmaris Castle, is believed to have been constructed during 3000 BC and served great historical importance. In the early 15th century, the Ottoman captured Marmaris; this castle was rebuilt by Sultan Suleyman and served as his residence during his expedition to capture Rhodes, the Greek Island. 

Today, the castle has a beautiful indoor museum and some critical constructions. 

Make The Most Of Your Day Trip By Visiting The Cleopatra Island and Sedir Island 

Cleopatra Island and Sedir Island are closest to Marmaris and can be travelled by ferries, sailboats, or catamarans. The two islands are family-friendly and serve as an ideal day trip destination. 

Buy Some Souvenirs From The Buzzing Grand Bazaar 

The Grand Bazaar of Marmaris is a vibrant indoor market with over 1000 shops. You witness a variety of items in this market, including mosaic lanterns, hookah pipes, carpets and rugs, leather bags and shoes, Turkish clothing, jewellery, perfumes, and so much more. You can buy the best souvenirs to take home from this vibrant market which is also open to bargaining. 

Plan A Family Day Out At The Marmaris City Centre 

The Marmaris City Centre is another popular attraction where you can see the best hotels and restaurants. Closest to the port, you can do some window shopping, visit nearby Turkish gardens, try local cuisines from small cafes, and visit nearby museums and other attractions. 


If you love to spend your summer or winter holidays in the best beach destinations that offer a luxurious experience, Marmaris is an ideal choice. From breathtaking boat rides and night parties to luxury stays in hotels in Marmaris and trying out the most delicious cuisines, you can ditch every crowded and costly Spanish or Greek Island trip to plan cheap holidays in Marmaris that are budget-friendly and offer top-notch travel experiences.