Cheap Holidays In November 2023/2024: Autumn Festivals & Beaches

November holidays are a breath of fresh air that you need to refresh yourself after toiling hard for the entire year. Suppose you have zeroed in on the Iberian nations (Spain and Portugal) as your November holiday destination.

In that case, you must choose between the stunning beaches, the coastlines of the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria, and the autumn festivals in Andalusia.

Why The Warm Weather In November Is Worth It 

Andalusia is an autonomous community in the southernmost part of Spain. Andalusia is probably named based on the Iberian tribes, natives of this region. 

The end of November, the warm weather in autumn, and the soothing winter sunshine call for celebration in the Spanish community as it coincides with grave harvesting and wine production. If you plan to visit one of the popular city break destinations, you should start looking for November holiday deals. 

The glorious sunshine of the beautiful beaches, the Mediterranean’s turquoise waters, and the Duna De Bolonia sand dunes make Andalusia a perfect choice for the November holidays. Also, autumn is a great time to plan a budget-friendly trip as it does not coincide with school holidays, and Christmas break is far enough, so you get off-peak prices.

Cheap Holidays In November: Spain Beyond The Beaches

Autumn is the perfect time to head to the Spanish peninsula. You get the fantastic mix of moderate temperature, avoid hurricane season (in case you have been troubled by a Caribbean holiday in the past), and no flight disruptions-in short, the best weather for your annual escape.

Explore The Andalusian Festivals 

Chestnut Festival

Locals come together to the town square to celebrate and eat the dried chestnut. During the festivities, chestnuts are roasted on the hot coals of a bonfire. Eat roasted chestnuts, drink wine, and paint your face to feel the real taste of the Iberian peninsula (Southern Europe). 

If you have thoroughly enjoyed yourself in the festivals of Mexico or Caribbean carnivals, you are sure to have a great time at Chestnut Harvests.

Mycological Days In Seville

Mycological days involve collecting different mushrooms from the natural park. The tour is guided by experts who help you assess and pick the mushrooms. 

Countries on the US west coast and Lithuania in Europe are famous for mushroom-picking festivals. If you have any prior mushroom foraging experience, you know November is best for mushroom picking. You can head straight to the woods and harvest mushrooms that have reproduced in the previous months. Some mushrooms grow well all year round, but most prefer cold temperatures and early autumn or spring.

The Ham And Pork Fair

The regional fair in Aracena is a feast you can enjoy on a day trip in Andalusia. Local farmers sell their products at average high prices, but if you want the best meat cuts and participate in activities like ham cutting, this place is a must-visit.

Wine Festival At Atajate

The festival begins at the town square with the streets filled with shops that have freshly fermented ready to taste wine. If you love to explore, you can head to the inner city and enjoy the festival and the weather till late evening.

Feast Of Olives In Martos

A holiday in Spain is only complete if you have tasted the local olives. The festival begins in early December, and if you want to discover the little-known treasures of the Iberian peninsula, Martos is a must-visit destination. 

Olives are an integral part of Spanish cuisine, and if you wish to discover more about the local culture, look for package deals that include less explored destinations like Martos.

Quince Festival In Zagrilla

The village of Zagrilla, surrounded by olive and quince groves, is the perfect place to visit during your pre-Christmas break. In Zagrilla, you can take a short morning walk or a bike ride from your hotel to reach the quince festival. The mornings are not hot, and a comfortable stroll from your hotel will be smooth, even if you travel with kids.

The Day Of Raisins In El Borge

A trip to Andulaisis is incomplete if you do not enjoy the dried raisins at El Borge. The tiny, desolate town of El Borge has just a thousand inhabitants, so if you wish to include it as a travel destination, you have to look for deals that allow you to explore unconventional locations.

Day Of Perota Soup

The soup festival in Petora is relatively new, but its popularity has grown steadily over the past few years. If you are looking for an autumn escape in Andalusia and are ready to grab a cheat meal, visit Perota for some heavenly soup made of asparagus, tomatoes, and garlic.

November Holidays: Planning The Best Autumn Trip Of Your Life

If you have spent all your life amidst the madding crowd and towering skyscrapers in California, a visit to the casinos of Las Vegas may be your annual escape. However, if you want to ditch popular tourist destinations like the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Paris, Italy, and Hong Kong, Andalusia is the place to be. 

Visiting a carnival or festival or engaging in simple tasks like grape picking and wine making are simple ways to make your November special. Here are some tips to remember for the most incredible travel experience in the lesser-known towns and cities of Andalusia.

Go For The Local Cuisine

November is a great time to visit the Iberian peninsula, but your trip will be incomplete if you miss the local delicacies. So forget about your diet chart and relish delicacies like Paella and Migas to your heart’s content.

Look For Weather Updates

The soft sunshine, the beginnings of winter, and the soothing temperatures make November the best month to travel. However, pay heed to the weather forecast if you want to be happy with booking the wrong flights or venturing out of the hotel when the sun is right overhead.

Look For Pocket-Friendly November Holiday Deals

Travel agents offer all-inclusive package deals that include cheap hotel/ motel stays, affordable train tickets, etc. Look for good discounts but make sure you buy a package from a package that is ATOL protected so that your money remains safe.  

Bottom Line: Andalusia Is Worth Giving Canary Islands A Miss

Sun-kissed beaches, the golden sands of Costa Blanca, and Spanish architectural marvels with Portuguese influences have been an all-time favourite for popular tourist destinations. But if you want to break the mould and have an out-of-the-box travelling experience, visit the best destinations in the Spanish southern peninsula.