When you arrive at your holiday park

Each vacation park has its own set of rules for checking in.

When we arrived at our Haven vacation park, we discovered that the map we had received had made it quite easy to find. You should be able to arrive as quickly as following directions using a satnav.

Arriving at Holiday Park

We arrived just after the start of the check-in time limit and found the reception parking lot to be rather crowded, but we got a spot and proceeded through to reception.

You’ll discover slightly varied check-in procedures depending on whatever park you’re visiting. Give the front desk your booking reference and they’ll take care of getting you a key, a wallet with information, and a map to assist you locate your caravan or chalet.

If you need to pick up bedding, now is an excellent time to do it. You may be requested to pay a modest deposit on the sheets, or you may have previously paid this as part of your vacation booking cost, in which case the beds will be made up. It’s not difficult or time consuming to make a couple beds, but it’s always great to have them done for you.

We got back in the vehicle and drove carefully, keeping in mind the park’s speed restriction – I believe it was 5 mph in our park – which is slow but reasonable when there are so many people with children around.

When we arrived at the caravan, we unlocked the doors and everyone had a tour of the bedrooms. The kitchen was well-equipped, and we’d brought milk in the cool bag with us, so we were able to brew a cup of tea right away!
We unloaded the towels and beach gear, put some food we’d purchased with us in the fridge, emptied the car of luggage, and headed off to explore the beach.

We’d spent a few hours on the beach before tea and then returned for a snack to our caravan, which was only a short distance away. The beach is only over the dunes at Haven’s Holiday Park in Greenacres, making it ideal for a beach vacation.

It was simple to figure out how to use the gas fire; don’t forget to contact reception if you have any difficulties with the caravan or can’t get something to function; they’ll be able to send someone out to you immediately to resolve your issue.

When you arrive at your holiday park what should you do first?

You might not know what to anticipate while visiting one of the the best holiday parks in Europe for the first time. Examine the booklet, and you’ll see that it has all of the information you want.

What should you bring with you?

Take the essentials for cooking, such as oil, salt, and pepper, which you’ll only need a little of and so shouldn’t buy while you’re away.

Before filling the car with food, figure out how much it weighs. Put a few items in for the first day or two, then go to the supermarket or site store whenever you like. Bread and butter, as well as other salad dishes, are ideal starting points.

Parking area for your vehicle

Various holiday parks have different parking restrictions; if you’re not sure if you’re permitted to park near to your vacation home, inquire since you might get in trouble. Some parks have a designated parking area where you must leave your vehicle.