Best Hostels In Amsterdam 2024: Cheap Amsterdam Hostels

Imagine finding a warm, comfy, yet boss-on-the-budget spot to crash during your expedition in the heart of Amsterdam. The struggle of searching for budget-friendly accommodation is now over.

Blink an eye, and you’ll be sailed through a host of the cheapest hostels Amsterdam 2024 has to offer. So pack your bags and ready your spirit for an adventure. Whether you’re a solo backpacker, a group of pals seeking the buzz of city life or a wanderer with a thirst for culture and canals, the right stay awaits you in this charming city. Enjoy your journey without busting your budget! How cool is that?

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Understanding What a Hostel Offers

Before delving into the world of cheap Amsterdam hostels, it’s essential to understand what a hostel truly offers.

Definition of a Hostel

A hostel, by definition, is a budget-friendly accommodation that promotes a shared social experience. Unlike hotels or motels typically offering private rooms, hostels provide shared sleeping quarters, often in the form of dormitory-style rooms with bunk beds. It’s a fantastic choice for budget-conscious, social, and young travellers who seek to explore a city while meeting new people.

Typical Amenities in Hostels

While amenities vary widely, they generally cater to the budget traveller’s needs. Most hostels offer free wifi, lockers or storage solutions, communal kitchen facilities, shared or private bathrooms, and social spaces. Some may provide additional bars, laundry facilities, or tour booking assistance.

Hostel vs. Hotel: The Major Differences

The primary difference between a hostel and a hotel lies within the structure of their accommodation and target demographic. Hotels typically offer private rooms with standard amenities targeting various demographics.

On the contrary, hostels are better suited for those looking for a more communal, cost-effective experience. However, it’s also wise to note that many modern hostels now offer private rooms in addition to dormitory beds, blurring the lines between the traditional definitions.

The Importance of Location in Amsterdam

Location can be a critical consideration when looking for a hostel in Amsterdam.

Access to Public Transportation

Being within close proximity to public transportation is essential. Amsterdam boasts an efficient and expansive public transportation network, and staying near a tram, bus, or metro station can significantly enhance your travel efficiency within the city.

Proximity to Major Tourist Attractions

It might also be beneficial to stay close to major tourist attractions. Being within walking distance of sites like the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, or the popular canal district can save on travel time and expenses.

Safety Considerations

Finally, always consider the neighbourhood’s safety. Generally speaking, Amsterdam is a safe city, even for solo travellers. However, staying in a well-lit, busy area can add an additional layer of security to your travels.

Top Rated Cheap Hostels in Amsterdam Center

The city centre of Amsterdam offers several highly rated yet affordable hostels.

Flying Pig Downtown

Flying Pig Downtown amsterdam hostel

This youthful, vibrant hostel is famous for its lively atmosphere and excellent location. It offers a range of dormitory and private rooms and boasts a busy on-site bar.

Hostel Van Gogh

Hostel Van Gogh amsterdam hostel

Situated next to the Van Gogh Museum and Vondelpark, this art-themed hostel provides clean, modern facilities with free wifi and breakfast included.

St. Christopher’s at the Winston

St Christophers at the Winston amsterdam hostel

St. Christopher’s is centrally located party hostel with an on-site nightclub and bar, offering a wide range of room options from mixed dorms to private ensuites.

Budget Friendly Hostels Near Amsterdam Train Station

You have some great budget-friendly options if you’re looking for hostels near the Amsterdam train station.

ClinkNOORD Hostel

ClinkNOORD Hostel amsterdam

Located across the river in Amsterdam Noord, this hostel is just a quick, free ferry ride from the train station. It offers sleek, modern facilities with an artistic, community-centred vibe.

a&o Amsterdam Zuidoost

a&o Amsterdam Zuidoost Hostel

Just a short metro ride from the train station, this spacious hostel offers both dormitory and private rooms, a guest kitchen, and a bustling common area.

Train Lodge Amsterdam

Train Lodge Amsterdam Hostel

A unique accommodation option located next to Sloterdijk train station, Train Lodge offers dormitory-style sleeping quarters in converted train carriages.

High-Quality Affordable Hostels in Amsterdam Red Light District

For those looking to stay in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, these hostels offer quality services at an affordable rate.

The Bulldog

The Bulldog is the first licensed coffee shop in Amsterdam and now offers comfortable hostel accommodation above their café. In addition to its notable history, guests appreciate its location, social atmosphere, and friendly staff.

Heart of Amsterdam

This cinema-themed hostel is situated right in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The hostel delivers various amenities such as free wifi, communal lounge areas, and plenty of dining options in the surrounding areas.

Durty Nellys Inn

Offering a fantastic location, Durty Nellys Inn provides comfortable recreational facilities coupled with clean, comfortable dorm or private rooms all within a budget-friendly price.

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Hostels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam also offers some excellent sustainable hostel options for the environmentally friendly traveller.


Ecomama prides itself on being a green and conscious hostel with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. They use a variety of sustainable practices, including natural stone heating and a water-saving system.

Conscious Hostel Vondelpark

To promote an eco-friendly stay, Conscious Hostel Vondelpark offers guests a sleek, modern design and serves organic food and drink options while ensuring the use of 100% renewable energy resources.


Cocomama hostel is a green choice where possible, a boutique-style hostel that offers a Dutch vintage interior and a cosy atmosphere. The hostel’s staff members are also eager to provide tips for sustainably exploring Amsterdam.

Booking Process for Amsterdam Hostels

The booking process for hostels in Amsterdam is straightforward.

Online Booking Sites

Many travellers find the easiest method of booking via online hostel-specific booking sites. These platforms provide detailed overviews of each hostel, including photos, guest reviews, price comparison, and facilities.

Direct Booking with the Hostel

Another option is to book directly with the hostel. This approach provides the opportunity to ask specific questions, request certain room types, and sometimes even negotiate prices for more extended stays.

Cancellation Policies and Fees

Regardless of how you choose to book, it’s crucial to fully understand the hostel’s cancellation policy and any associated fees before confirming your booking. Many hostels offer free cancellations up to a certain period before your stay, but do check before making your booking.

Cost Saving Tips When Booking Hostels in Amsterdam

Here are some ideas to help you save costs while booking hostels in Amsterdam.

Tip 1: Book in off-peak Season

Amsterdam’s hostels have peak and off-peak seasons like anywhere in the world. Prices rise significantly during the summer months, so consider booking your visit during the shoulder seasons (spring or fall) to save money.

Tip 2: Book in Bigger Dormitory Rooms

Typically, the more beds in a dorm room, the lower the cost per bed. If you’re comfortable sharing, consider larger dorm rooms to help stretch your budget.

Tip 3: Combine Booking with Other Services

Some hostels offer discounted or guided tours, bike rentals, or other services. Ask about any special packages or discounts when making your booking.

Additional Amenities to Look for in Cheap Amsterdam Hostels

Any additional amenities can further enhance your hostel experience in Amsterdam.

Free Wifi

Free wifi is a must in this digital age, and most hostels do offer this. It’s always worth checking to ensure you can stay connected during your stay.

Communal Kitchen Facilities

Access to a communal kitchen can save a lot of money by allowing you to cook meals and store groceries. Ensure your chosen hostel has this feature if you’re planning on self-catering.

Lockers and Storage Solutions

You’ll want your belongings to be safe, whether sightseeing or just out for a night. Check for hostels that offer lockers or storage solutions.

Understanding Hostel Etiquette in Amsterdam

Finally, it’s essential to understand the unwritten rules of staying in a hostel.

Respect for Shared Spaces

Keep shared spaces clean and tidy. Clean up after yourself in the communal kitchen and keep showers and bathrooms as clean as possible.

Noise Constraints

Remember, hostels typically have quiet hours, and it’s important to respect them. Also, consider any roommates you might have — keeping noise to a minimum in dorm rooms goes a long way in maintaining a peaceful environment.

Hostel Security Policies

Finally, always take note of and respect the hostel’s security policies. Ensure you have the necessary keys or access codes and lock doors behind you.

Final Word

Finding cheap Amsterdam hostels isn’t challenging, thanks to the city’s options catering to different needs. All it takes is some planning, a little research, and a spirit of adventure. Enjoy Amsterdam! Your perfect hostel experience awaits.