9 Best Hostels In Lisbon 2024

Stepping into the vibrant city of Lisbon, you’ll find yourself greeted by an array of exceptional hostels. Renowned for having a vast collection of over 70 top-rated hostels, Lisbon boasts accommodation options that offer much more than a comfortable place to rest your head.

Imagine mingling in a lively, social atmosphere, indulging in complimentary food and drinks, and unwinding in spotlessly clean settings. Treat yourself to cost-saving perks like free walking tours, engaging activities, and complimentary meals. Need help figuring out where to start your search? This guide will spotlight several top-ranking hostels, including Goodnight Hostel for budget travellers, We Love F. Tourists for couples or families, Good Morning Lisbon Hostel for solo female travellers, Home Lisbon Hostel for digital nomads, Lookout! Lisbon Hostel for party seekers and more.

Whether you’re seeking modern facilities, a party atmosphere, or a co-working space, the perfect hostel awaits in Lisbon.

1. Goodnight Hostel

Goodnight Hostel Lisbon

Overview of Goodnight Hostel

The Goodnight Hostel stands out in Lisbon’s diverse array of over 70 top-rated hostels for its warm social atmosphere dedicated to budget travellers. Offering sparkling cleanliness, free food and alcohol, and comfortable beds, Goodnight Hostel reveals a layer of Lisbon that avid explorers seldom see.

Location and Accessibility

Goodnight Hostel boasts a conveniently accessible location. For the explorers at heart, it’s situated close to numerous attractions. Its central location allows easy access to public transport, perfect for those days you’d like to venture further.

Amenities and Perks

Goodnight Hostel houses an array of perks from free sangria to 10 £/€ dinners, and the hostel checks all the boxes for budget travellers. The hostel ensures its guests never miss out on the Lisbon nightlife with regular organised walking tours exploring the city’s treasures.

Why it’s the choice for Budget Travelers

For an intimate experience that doesn’t break the bank, Goodnight Hostel’s personalised service, small-group activities, and cost-saving perks make it a clear choice among budget travellers.

2. We Love F. Tourists

We Love F Tourists Hostel Lisbon

Introduction to We Love F. Tourists

We Love F. Tourists greet you with an experience that resonates with the name. The hostel is close to Baixa and offers an unforgettable journey for couples and families with their loving staff, spacious private rooms, and a perfectly accessible location.

Location in Baixa

Nestled in the vibrant neighbourhood of Baixa, the hostel provides an advantage of ease of motion. A short walk can lead you to lovely cafes, boutiques, and sights that emote the local spirit synonymous with Lisbon.

Special Amenities and Services

The hostel doesn’t shy away from providing a wholesome experience for its guests. From comfortable and spacious rooms to thoughtful services catering to couples and families, We Love F. Tourists make everyone feel welcome.

Why it’s best for Couples and Families

A peaceful atmosphere and a deep sense of belonging make it a perfect spot for couples and families seeking comfort and a local touch in their accommodation.

3. Good Morning Lisbon Hostel

Good Morning Lisbon Hostel

Highlights of Good Morning Lisbon Hostel

Good Morning Lisbon Hostel is like a sanctuary for solo female travelers. A perfect mix of free perks, organized activities, and an ideal location near Restauradores Square contributes to its popularity.

Location Details

Situated near Restauradores Square, the hostel is a stone’s throw away from the heart of Lisbon’s cosmopolitan culture. Its central location guarantees easy access to public transport.

Facilities and Freebies

The hostel stands out with its array of freebies and organized activities. Breakfast is served for free, and the hostel is adept at creating a serene and safe atmosphere where female travelers can feel comfortable.

Why it’s preferred by Solo Female Travelers

With a dedicated focus on the safety and comfort of its inhabitants, the hostel’s atmosphere empowers solo female travelers to explore the city with confidence and ease.

4. Home Lisbon Hostel

Home Lisbon Hostel

Overview of Home Lisbon Hostel

The name Home Lisbon Hostel is reflective of its vibe. Providing a mix of warm hospitality, regular tours, a co-working space, and a central location it’s a place where digital nomads can feel like they’re at home while away from home.

Centrality of Location

Centrally located, Home Lisbon Hostel offers quick and convenient access to Lisbon’s best spots, reducing the need for lengthy commutes.

Unique Amenities and Tours

The hostel provides unique amenities like a co-working space along with regular tours making it an ideal place for digital nomads. The hostel also organizes social activities, encouraging interaction among guests.

Why it’s perfect for Digital Nomads

With a strong internet connection, quiet spaces to work and regular social activities, the hostel creates a perfect environment for digital nomads who want to work and explore simultaneously.

5. Lookout! Lisbon Hostel

Lookout Lisbon Hostel

Characteristics of Lookout! Lisbon Hostel

Vivid, youthful, and energetic would be the best way to define Lookout! Lisbon Hostel. Known for its organized activities, free perks, and location near various amenities, it’s a haven for those ready to embrace Lisbon’s partying scene.

Location and Nearby Amenities

Ideally located, Lookout! Lisbon Hostel is near a myriad of amenities including bars, cafes, and shops. With public transport links nearby, the city’s famous nightlife is easily accessible.

Offered Activities and Perks

Organized activities form a core part of the Lookout! Lisbon Hostel experience. Regular pub crawls, city walks, and social events keep guests entertained, while free walking tours provide an economical way to explore the city.

Why it’s ideal for Partying

With numerous activities, a great location near vibrant nightlife spots, and an energetic atmosphere, Lookout! Lisbon Hostel is the ideal spot for party animals.

6. Lisboa Central Hostel

Lisboa Central Hostel

Brief about Lisboa Central Hostel

Lisboa Central Hostel provides a familial vibe that sends off a comforting aura. This family-run Lisbon marvel dispenses delightful free food, great staff, and engaging social activities.

Location and Accessibility

Centered at the heart of Lisbon, Lisboa Central Hostel offers easy accessibility to Lisbon’s major attractions. This hostel makes commuting hassle-free and is well within the city’s bus and metro networks.

Amenities and Social Activities

Attention to amenities and social activities has earned Lisboa Central Hostel rave reviews. Expect free food, friendly staff, and a gamut of fun-filled activities that brings guests together, creating a homely atmosphere.

How it offers a Family-like Atmosphere

Lisboa Central Hostel builds a family-like space by fostering a pleasant and comforting atmosphere. Their exciting social activities and personal touch make it seem like a home away from home.

7. Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Yes Lisbon Hostel

Introduction to Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Yes! Lisbon Hostel cleverly combines modern facilities, communal dinners, and a vibrant party atmosphere, giving guests a taste of the Lisbon lifestyle.

Location Details

Located in the heart of the city, Yes! Lisbon Hostel offers easy access to attractions, eateries, and nightlife destinations, providing guests an authentic experience of Lisbon’s buzz and charm.

Modern Facilities and Communal Dinners

Yes! Lisbon Hostel boasts modern facilities, ensuring guests’ comfort. Communal dinners happen regularly, creating an opportunity for guests to mingle and strengthen bonds.

Why it’s known for its Party Atmosphere

With its vibrant atmosphere and thriving social scene, Yes! Lisbon Hostel is renowned amongst travellers as a party haven.

8. Lost Inn Lisbon

Lost Inn Lisbon

Details of Lost Inn Lisbon

Lost Inn Lisbon is housed in an 18th-century palace. The hostel is packed with free perks, themed dinners, and stands apart with its historical backdrop.

Location in an 18th-century Palace

Located in an 18th-century palace, Lost Inn Lisbon provides a unique experience that combines history with modern hospitality in an unforgettable way.

Free Perks and Themed Dinners

Lost Inn Lisbon offers several free perks to guests, including themed dinners, allowing guests to explore a different side of Lisbon’s culture.

Why it’s considered Unique

Lost Inn Lisbon is truly extraordinary, blending historic charm with modern luxury. Its unique setting and cultural experiences make it a one-of-a-kind place to stay.

9. Living Lounge Hostel

Living Lounge Hostel Lisbon

Overview of Living Lounge Hostel

Living Lounge Hostel is quite distinct, offering an artistically themed boutique experience with a fabulous location, complimentary breakfast, and group dinners.

Great Location and Free Breakfast

The centrally located Living Lounge Hostel not only offers ease of travel but also treats its guests to a complimentary morning meal, kick-starting their day.

Themed Interiors and Group Dinners

The hostel’s embrace of art permeates its interiors, providing a vibrant backdrop for your stay. Organized group dinners provide a communal dining experience that creates lasting memories.

Why it’s a Boutique and Artistically Themed Hostel

Living Lounge Hostel stands out with its unique artistic theme and boutique environment, creating an experience that is as eclectic as the city of Lisbon itself.

Advice for Budget Travellers in Lisbon

Finding Cheap and Quality Accommodation

Lisbon hosts an array of quality hostels to choose from, providing budget-friendly options that don’t compromise on quality or comfort. Research and reviews are vital to score the best deal.

Cost-saving Activities in Lisbon

Many hostels provide free walking tours, meals, and other activities, which can be a great way to save funds. Exploring the city on foot can also be a cost-efficient way to immerse in Lisbon’s rich culture.

Ensuring Safety and Comfort

Choose a stay that guarantees the safety and comfort of their guests. Especially for female solo travelers and families, look for places known for their safe environments and considerate amenities.

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Winner 🏆 Goodnight Hostel Is Our Favorite!

Among the vast plethora of hostel options, Goodnight Hostel wins the crown, and rightly so. Its budget-friendly pricing, friendly and intimate atmosphere, essential perks such as free sangria and economical meals, and the bonus of planned city tours have led to this well-deserved recognition.