Cheap Holidays In March 2024

Do you wish to go hiking? Scottish Highlands is one of the fantastic destinations to be at! The Scottish Highlands is located in the heart of Scotland, i.e., the capital city of Edinburgh.

These highlands are a tribute to the pristine beauty, fantastic coastline, and intriguing landscapes that have long fascinated explorers and nature enthusiasts. They are well-known for their spectacular greenery, foggy glens, and soothing environment. Additionally, you will always find inexpensive tour packages of flight-inclusive holidays to this destination.


This provides an ideal catch for adventurers seeking excitement and tranquillity.

If you are looking for hiking in this area, March is the ideal time to visit. Not only is the weather manageable, but your entire trip will also be economical this month. In short, it is one of the best hiking destinations in Europe for cheap holidays in March. There are other ways of getting a cheaper holiday in March that you can browse through.

Look at the best options below, where you can go hiking with your friends and family in the Scottish Highlands. Explore as much as possible to get the best deals on flights and hotels!

10 Best Hiking Trails in the Scottish Highlands

#1 Holidays in Ben Nevis, Scotland: Discover Adventure and Natural Beauty

One of the most visited and famous hiking areas is the Ben Nevis. Also known as the gem of Scottish trekking, this spectacular mountain offers mesmerising views. There are various hiking paths on this peak where explorers can test their ability levels. For a reason, it is the highest peak in the United Kingdom!

The snow-capped summit provides a fascinating challenge while staying accessible during the March holidays. The ascent may be difficult, but the panoramic vistas of Loch Linnhe and Glen Nevis are well worth the effort.

#2 Holidays On The West Highland Route: Journey Through Scotland’s Scenic Beauty

The West Highland Way is a 96-mile route made available for trekking. It begins at Milngavie and ends at Fort William. The middle long-distance path is full of serenity and spectacular nature and is one of the best destinations for hiking in Scotland. However, the trekking roads are worn out, which is fascinating for hikers as they can walk through diverse landscapes.

This path allows budget-watchers to enjoy the Highland beauty making March holiday stunning without stressing their pockets. You will get good inclusive deals in March; check accordingly and decide.

#3 Holidays in Cairngorms National Park: Experience Serenity in Scotland’s Wilderness

Cairngorms National Park is another breathtaking landscape with a unique ecosystem and offers a plethora of hiking paths for inclusive holidays to suit all budgets. The park’s peaks, glens, and vast woods await exploration, with various trails catering to varying ability levels.

The park becomes quite pleasant in March as the new season arrives. The March weather adds a touch of freshness to the atmosphere and a sense of peace which is ideal for hikers and a great holiday.

#4 Magical Holidays in the Mystical Surroundings of Loch Ness, Scotland

While Loch Ness is renowned for its mysterious monster, it has beautiful hiking routes. It allows one to discover the mysteries of this place. For instance, this place offers various serene panoramas and peaceful walks.

Visiting in March is a one-of-a-kind experience, as the loch’s foggy air and sprouting foliage create an almost supernatural atmosphere. Additionally, you can enjoy the truly stunning beaches nearby this spot.

#5 Holidays in the Serene Glen Coe, Scotland: Embrace the Great Outdoors

Do you wish to hike while exploring history? If yes, Glen Coe is a must to visit! This place is famous for its historical significance and dramatic beauty. 

In March, the valley blooms with blossoming vegetation and flowing waterfalls, strikingly contrasting the mountainous environment with beautiful sunshine. Additionally, the valley provides several hiking options that have challenging climbs. Your holiday in March will be superb when you visit this spot.

#6 Holidays in Ben Lomond: Scale the Heights of Scotland

Ben Lomond is an affordable spot for those looking for cheap holidays in March. Out of all March holiday deals, we bet you will love this one the most. This place provides a superb trekking experience and an adrenaline rush of hiking in the snow.

Yes, you will witness the arrival of snow in the March holiday, which adds a dimension of enhancement to the walk. The panoramic views of the neighbouring hills, beaches, and lochs must be addressed.

#7 Holidays on the Isle of Skye: Journey to the Spectacular Quiraing

The Quiraing’s undulating topography is adorned with frost in the March holidays, making it an ideal destination for anyone looking for a stunning mid-winter adventure. The Quiraing embodies the Isle of Skye’s reputation for natural beauty and attractions.

It is tricky to trek in this area. However, this also rewards hikers with breathtaking views of the Trotternish Ridge and the surrounding area. Look for March holiday deals in this spot, as it is worth the challenge.

#8 Holidays on The Great Glen Way: Explore Scotland’s Scenic Heartland

The route of Great Glen Way connects Fort William to Inverness. March provides a calmer atmosphere and the opportunity to experience nature’s reawakening after the winter season.

This spot is another beautiful choice for budget tourists seeking rewarding deals for trekking adventures. The cherry on the cake is that this route is full of woodlands and lochs you can view while waiting at the famous Caledonian Canal.

#9 Holidays in Off-the-Beaten-Path Glen Affric

Glen Affric is one of Scotland’s most picturesque glens. It has tranquil locks, breathtaking panoramas, and old Caledonian pinewoods. In short, it offers a beautiful retreat, especially in March! 

March is the best time to visit here since this forest area awakens fresh from winter hibernation. You get a good hiking experience and the beauty of doing a sport in a calming weather and fresh spot.

#10 Holidays in Glen Affric: Discover Scotland’s Hidden Gem

Fairy Pools is a part of the Isle of Skye that you can discover during your March trekking trip. The holiday in March to this place is much calmer. It shall enable you to immerse in its enchantment completely.

This easy-to-moderate holiday journey will take you through magnificent afield landscapes with crystal-clear lakes, soothing sun, and flowing waterfalls. You can even have a mini tenting experience at this spot where you can chill and grill. However, don’t stay during the night!

What Makes Hiking In The Scottish Highlands So Special?

The Scottish Highlands are a popular hiking destination due to its unrivalled combination of rugged scenery, rich culture, and diverse pathways. The streets of Scotland are also lovely to explore. Hikers enjoy a unique connection to nature along with a stunning season. The area’s ancient landmarks, cultural roots, and unique coast add to the whole hiking and holiday experience. 

Also, there is a Law in Scotland which grants individuals the right to roam and access to extensive private territories. This gives a sense of wildness and isolation, which you may otherwise not find anywhere in Europe. The Highlands appeal to a wide range of tastes! So, whether you are looking for soothing peaks or serene lochs – this spot is the best for holidays! 

Essentials To Take Care Of When Hiking In Scottish Highlands

Holidays and hiking in the Scottish Highlands is a thrilling and unforgettable experience! Above all, you must be well-prepared to guarantee your safety and enjoyment on such holidays. These To Do’s before you go on your trekking to the Scottish Highlands is a must:

  • Plan and research the weather conditions in March, the length of the route you are pursuing, and the difficulty level on the road.
  • Wearing hiking boots is essential for excellent ankle support. So, don’t forget to carry them.
  • Dress in layers, as you never know what the situation may demand.
  • Carrying a map or GPS device is necessary to avoid losing the way.
  • Keep a fully charged mobile phone with emergency contacts of the city at the front.
  • Carry enough water so that you don’t get dehydrated.
  • High-energy snacks are mandated to get some extra energy.
  • For emergencies, carry a small first-aid box with a bandaid, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers.
  • Consider hiring a guide, as they are familiar with the hiking areas in the city and can keep you safe.

Bargain Holiday For Each Month Of The Year


The Scottish Highlands is full of exciting hiking paths. It allows budget tourists to enjoy these long-haul destinations without incurring extravagant deals. Holidays in March to Scotland cannot get better than this!

Each course offers a distinct experience with amazing vistas, guaranteed sunshine, and calming weather worth visiting. So lace up your hiking boots, book this city, pack your belongings, and prepare for an exciting trek across some of the most fantastic hiking destinations in the Scottish Highlands. Apart from hiking, explore the boat tour, golden beaches, museums, and the entire town during your holidays in March.


What are some popular destinations in Europe for inexpensive holidays in March?

1. Prague, Czech Republic
2. Budapest, Hungary
3. Krakow, Poland
4. Lisbon, Portugal
5. Athens, Greece

Are flights cheaper in March for European destinations?

Generally, flights to Europe tend to be cheaper during the off-peak season, including March. However, prices may vary depending on factors such as demand and specific destinations.

When should I book my flights and accommodation for March holidays in Europe?

It’s advisable to book flights and accommodation in advance to secure the best rates. Ideally, aim to book around 2-3 months before your planned departure date.

What are some budget-friendly activities to do in European cities during March?

1. Exploring the city’s historical sites and landmarks
2. Visiting museums and galleries with discounted or free admission
3. Enjoying local street food and affordable restaurants
4. Exploring local parks and gardens
5. Participating in free walking tours

How can I save money on transportation within Europe during March?

Consider using public transportation like buses and trams, which are often cheaper than taxis.
Look for travel passes or tourist cards that offer discounts on multiple modes of transport or attractions.
Consider walking or cycling for shorter distances.

What should I pack for a March holiday in Europe?

It’s recommended to pack layers, as March weather can be changeable. Bring warm clothes such as sweaters, jackets, and scarves, as well as comfortable walking shoes for city exploration.

Are there any events or festivals in Europe during March?

Yes, there are several events and festivals happening across Europe in March, such as St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, Carnival in Venice, and the Holi Festival in various European cities.

Is it cheaper to book package deals or plan a DIY trip for March holidays in Europe?

It depends on various factors such as your travel preferences, budget, and the availability of deals. Booking a package deal can sometimes offer more savings, but planning a DIY trip allows for more flexibility and customization.