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Often recognised as a fairytale town, Rothenburg, locally known as Rothenburg ob der Tauber, is a historic town in Germany famous for its ancient squares, churches, buzzing markets, picturesque cobblestone streets, and the romantic river views of the Tauber River. Summers are vibrant in Rothenburg, but when it comes to winters, this beautiful town turns into a magical paradise for winter lovers. 

The beautiful town of Rothenburg is believed to be “frozen in time” for it clings to medieval lifestyle, age-old traditions, and its ever-loving gesture towards anyone who plans to visit this historic town. If you are about to plan cheap holidays in January to make your upcoming winter most memorable, there cannot be a better destination than Rothenburg. 

An all-inclusive itinerary is just what you need to plan the best-ever January holiday trip. Inclusive holiday deals help in making your romantic or family trip much cheaper. 


A Winter Travel Guide To The Fairytale Town Of Rothenburg, Germany

Rothenburg, A Winter Paradise

January holidays are incomplete without the brightest winter sun, buzzing markets, thrilling activities, snow-capped mountain views, glistening streets, and smoking hot, lip-smacking street food. Your Christmas holiday can get much more enjoyable this year if you plan a romantic escape to spend the most amazing yet cheap holiday with your dearest ones in Rothenburg, the fairytale town and, indeed, a winter paradise. 

From staying in the most luxurious centuries-old hotels built at the heart of the town, savouring the most authentic German cuisines in classy restaurants to soaking in Vitamin D on the bright sunny days, relaxing on the riverside (giving you a beach-like feel) to make the most of winter sunshine, there is so much to explore in vibrant winters of Rothenburg. The charm of this fairytale town can effortlessly chase away your January blues and make your new year celebrations more fulfilling. 

Even if Rothenburg is one of those charming travel destinations all year, there is something more magical about the winter months. The “Winter Magic” (sparkling markets) you can witness during Christmas is unique. This is one of the major reasons why tourists worldwide love to spend their new year. 

What Is So Special In Winters?

While most tourists rush to crowded destinations like Mexico, Spain, or the Canary Islands to enjoy a perfect beach holiday and stay in hotels with sea views, only a few tourists realise that Rothenburg has the brightest sunshine, similar to lovely beaches during winter.

A winter trip to Rothenburg can make you forget about the extravagant and expensive Spain, Canary Islands, Santa Maria, Cape Verde, and Mexico holidays and make your January holidays more memorable. 

Rothenburg is loved by tourists for its freezing temperatures, winter sun, and everlasting festive mood all year long. From the wine festival to the magical celebrations of Christmas and New Year, during winter, people enjoy the cold and the variety of occasions that become a part of the winter celebrations. 

The Hustle Of Rothenburg Christmas Markets

Often recognised as a joyous “Christmas Town” during the festive season, the magical Christmas markets are the show stealers of the winter celebrations. From the last week of November to mid-January, the markets unwind with the beauty of local handicrafts, street food, diverse clothing collections, and so much more.

The town transforms into a winter fairytale, primarily because of the gorgeous shops that suit the best at the famous Market Square. 

Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas Store: The Best In The Town 

The town of Rothenburg is a fantastic destination for the Christmas holidays as it is home to one of the best Christmas stores, and the Kathe Wohlfahrt is a major attraction for its large window display and varied collections of toys, decors, and souvenirs like never seen before!

Prayers Of The Church Of Saint James

The holy Church of Saint James is a treasure of the medieval town. Standing tall among the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, situated in mainland Spain, this historic church is believed to have been built from 1311 to 1484.

During the winter season, the glory of this historic church is at its best. From peaceful prayers to mesmerising choirs, your December and January holiday itinerary is incomplete without visiting this beautiful church. 

Eye-Catching Christmas Decors Of The Plönlein Or The Postcard Square 

The Plönlein, or the Postcard Square has a captivating name for a reason; this square is exceptionally picturesque, has vibrant buildings and architecture, and narrow cobblestone pathways that seem straight out of a Holywood movie. 

During winter, this square glistens with white snow and sparkling Christmas lights, making it look more dreamy. You can take numerous Instagram-worthy pictures here for sure! 

Exciting Things To Do On January Holidays

Winter is the perfect time to plan an unforgettable trip to Rothenburg, explore medieval architecture and streets, relax on beautiful river banks, go hiking, and get soaked in the winter sun. Besides exploring top winter attractions in Rothenburg, you must take advantage of these exciting activities and create everlasting memories. 

Visit the Crime Museum

The Crime Museum is a treat to the eyes of lovers of crime thrillers. A great place to visit any time of the year, this museum is over 1000 years old and transports you to medieval punishments and law practices that were terrifying. 

Take the Night Watchman Tour

The Night Watchman tour is something to take advantage of when visiting Rothenburg. This 45-minute tour offers a fun experience of learning and laughing. An excellent experience for children to enjoy, this tour explores the town’s history and incidents of importance and indulges in a lot of hearty laughs. 

Explore the Beauty of Medieval Architecture Through the City Wall Walking Tour

Another walking tour that deserves mention if you wish to witness the beauty of the town, its lifestyle, architecture, and monuments in a single day, become a part of the City Wall Walking Tour and thank yourself later. This grand tour lasts two to three hours, takes you through the most stunning views. 

Eat At One Of The Most Famous Restaurants of Rothenburg, ‘To Hell Tavern’ 

If you wish to dine at the finest restaurants of Rothenburg with a medieval ambience, To Hell Tavern is the best one, undoubtedly. This restaurant is loved by tourists from around the world for its authentic Franconian and Bavarian menu and peaceful ambience. 

Admire the Panoramic View of Rothenburg By Climbing Town Hall Tower

If you have got nervous, climbing up the Town Hall Tower offers you the most beautiful and thrilling experience. You can admire the beauty of Rothenburg in winter from this high tower and enjoy a top-of-the-world kind of experience. 

Enjoy A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience In A Hot Air Balloon 

We bet you never knew you could take thrilling hot air balloon rides in Rothenburg; this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you must take advantage of. 

Before You Leave This Magical Town

Rothenburg is one of those cheap holiday destinations, and planning a trip from London is the easiest. There are several ways to reach Rothenburg from London, including bus routes, train, and flight routes.

Rothenburg is a great place to visit with family, friends, and loved ones, especially during winter when the temperature is cold, but there is enough sunshine to warm your hearts. 

Amongst thousands of holiday destinations, Rothenburg deserves a special place for its rich history, enticing culture, and an all-year festive vibe that can easily scare away your January blues. 

It is wise to pre-book your itineraries as January holiday deals often get costlier during peak seasons. Start booking your January getaway as early as August to book cheaper holidays and grab the best deals. 

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Will holidays be cheaper in January?

During January, there tend to be fewer tourists, resulting in lower demand for accommodations, flights, and attractions. As a result, prices for hotels, flights, and other travel expenses may be more affordable

Where is good for a beach holiday in January?

If you’re looking for warm and sunny weather at a beach holiday in January, popular choices include the Maldives, Thailand, the Canary Islands, Spain, the Caribbean, and Australia.

What is the cheapest January holiday?

Several budget-friendly January holiday destinations include Costa Rica, Rome in Italy, Portugal and Croatia.