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Have you ever wondered how hotel and resort star ratings work?

In general, more facilities equate to a higher star rating, which, in turn, translates to a higher price tag. However, because there is no universally accepted worldwide rating system, star ratings are totally subjective.

Every tour operator, magazine, and organisation has its own star rating system for hotels and resorts, with elements such as facilities and activities accessible, water and electricity quality, size and comfort of your meals, service, and more determining the ranking.

The Star Rating variety

The evaluations also take into account the various living standards of the various countries in which the homes are located. To put it another way, a five-star resort in Cuba may only be three stars in the Turks and Caicos, while a two-star hotel in Dubai might easily be mistaken for a five-star in the United States.

User Reviews

When it comes to internet travel companies, their star ratings are now solely determined by customer feedback. Have ten individuals review a resort, half of them will give it five stars and the other half will give it four. The resort would thereafter be given a four-and-a-half star rating. Those reviews are, of course, entirely subjective.

Hotels that meet certain criteria

It’s worth mentioning that certain brands have a track record of reliability. Guests staying at Shangrila or Ibro Star Hotels and Resorts can expect world-class service at their five-star resorts regardless of which nation they are visiting.
On the other hand, just because a hotel or resort is rated two or three stars does not mean it is good. That isn’t to say it’s a terrible investment. It might just be aimed at budget tourists looking for a place to sleep for the night. To be honest, don’t be too concerned about star ratings.

Examine what you’re looking for in a hotel resort, as well as your budget, and narrow it down from there.