Saving Money on Holidays

How to save money when you’re on holiday?

This is a list of our suggestions on saving money when you’re on vacation.

  • Learn the lingo, learn the lingo. In non-tourist locations you will even find just several words of the language. You will also get the bonus of cheaper prices and you will see more of the real place you visit.
  • When you have to exchange more money, check the exchange rates always.
  • Commission-free doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good deal.
  • Visit the tourist information centre for ideas. The staff can provide information on high-quality tours and free attractions.
  • Request the most affordable transportation at the tourist information. They should be able to provide information about every weekly travel ticket that saves you money.
  • Don’t have a rental car – get the bus or train.
  • They are often extremely cheap, reliable and air-conditioned abroad.
  • If it is costly, do not use your mobile phone. Don’t take it best of all! You will get a phone card and use payphone if you want to ring home.
  • Try restaurants away from sights. In general, places of tourism are more costly.
  • If you can take a borrowing from the library, you should not buy a guide book – but please make sure you return it to avoid fines and don’t lose it.
  • The beach is generally the cheapest way to spend the day, but you’ll probably be loved by sellers who take bottled water.
  • The closest shop to your rooms is the most expensive if you have self catering. Look for and take advantage of proper local shops.
  • Don’t buy people’s loads of tat – send them a postcard! Or take postcards back and pop with them to save more money!
  • Ask representatives if they know about event and entertainment discounts. You may have free event tickets!

Big ideas for saving a lot of money on holiday

Do some research on your goal. Find out how you have to plan your week in advance. If you are at a loose end, you will most probably blow cash on doing something.

See if galleries or museums can be visited freely because this can be great ways to discover more about the place and the people.

Please ask at the hotel. The personnel know the area so well and can point out good restaurants and cheap places.