Cheap Hotels with Travelodge

Travelodge Hotels Limited is a private business that operates hotels and restaurants in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Spain. With over 570 properties throughout the United Kingdom, Travelodge is the UK’s biggest independent hotel brand.

Travelodge Hotels are located in the heart of major cities such as London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Manchester, with a total of 37,000 rooms. Hotels may also be found outside of the United Kingdom, in places such as Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, as well as Dublin and Belfast in Ireland.
Travelodge may be simply booked by establishing an account and entering in your desired trip information on their website. Children under the age of 16 may accompany you for free. Travelodge now provides meal packages, allowing you to make your hotel stay at the same time. Some hotels even offer all-you-can-eat deals in addition to making a reservation at the hotel’s bar or restaurant.

You may contact them through the contact information on their website if there is a problem with your booking reservation or if you have any questions. They offer you with a phone number to contact and an email address to send concerns to.