Different types of Holidays

There are many different types of holidays.

You can categorise holidays by length, location or activities.

All the different types of holidays

  • Shortbreak – A short trip away
  • City break – trip to a city
  • Cottage holiday – Holiday in a cottage
  • Beach holiday – Based at a resort next to a beach, in a warm country
  • Cruise – On board a cruise ship visiting different destinations
  • Holiday park – UK & Europe based holidays on a site that has accommodation, entertainment and food
  • Villa holiday – Holiday based at a private residence, usually abroad
  • Adventure holiday – Doing some unusual activity that is exciting and dangerous
  • Ski holiday – Where you go to a ski resort and enjoy some skiing
  • Supported holiday – Assistance for disabled person
  • Boating holiday – Where you go on a boat along waterways. Often in UK, but also Europe
  • Walking holiday – Where you trek or walk as the main feature
  • Working Holiday – Where you go somewhere and work in a volunteer capacity. Run by National Trust, Organic Farms and other organisations.
  • Biking Holiday – Where cycling is the main feature
  • Safari – Seeing wildlife. usually in Africa
  • Spa – Where you stay at a spa and enjoy therapies
  • Package Holiday – Everything included when you book – travel, flights, hotel, trips
  • Family holiday – Where there is plenty to do for the whole family including the kids
  • Flydrive – When you book a car at the same time as your holiday so you can travel about when you get to your destination
  • Multicentre holiday – Where you go to two or more destinations on the same trip
  • Tours – Can be Coach Tours, Train Tours, Air Tours, Driving Tours, cycle tours, walking tours, guided tours
  • Disney holiday – Where you go to one of Disney’s wonderful resorts
  • Singles holiday – Where you travel alone, or go on specific holidays for people on their own
  • Honeymoon – A holiday for newly weds
  • Tailor made holidays – Where you pick and mix exactly what you want in your holiday
  • Expert led – Where you go on a tour with a knowledgeable guide. AKA Escorted tours
  • Luxury Break – aka Prestige holiday – where you have luxury travel and accommodation
  • Golf Holiday – Where golf is the main activity
  • Caribbean Holidays – A holiday where you visit the Caribbean region
  • Diving Holidays – Where diving is the main activity
  • Surfing Holidays – Where surfing is the main activity. Also snowboarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing, sea kayaking and other extreme sports
  • Cultural Holiday – Where you explore churches, museums and other culture in the area